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Statistics - Themes Go directly to Navigation, Catalogues, Themes, Main content, Footer section This site is part of EUROPA All EU publications YOU are looking for! Jueves 24 de junio de 2010 Se declara perseguida política por los hechos en Atenco El canciller Nicolás Maduro ofrece consultar el caso a la brevedad Ya no quiero más estar escondida y acosada, manifesta la joven Trini, su madre, llama al presidente Chávez a no desatender la petición Luego de una reunión de 20 minutos con Stanley McChrystal, comandante de las fuerzas estadunidenses y de la OTAN en Afganistán, el presidente aceptó la renuncia del militar y nombró al general David Petraeus (a su espalda) en su remplazo.

Book - The Trouble With Europe By Roger Bootle ‘The EU is the most important thing that stands between Europe and success.’ Six decades ago Europe’s leaders had a noble dream: to prevent another terrible war, and to act as a beacon of co-operation rather than conflict. The European Economic Community eventually became the European Union, and so began a seemingly inevitable march towards a federal super-state, culminating in the creation of the totemic single currency: the Euro. The European Union is now at a crossroads. Its original objectives, the logic of existing relationships and monetary union, are pushing it towards full political union – some sort of United States of Europe, at least of the Eurozone.

News Front Page BBC News Home Top Stories Trump to drop Iran deal, Macron says France's leader admits he may have failed to persuade his US counterpart to stick to the 2015 accord. The Trouble with Europe: Why the EU isn't Working, How it Can be Reformed, What Could Take Its Place: Roger Bootle: 9781857886306: Books Review I recommend our diplomats and ministers read this book: it will provide them with an intellectual backbone. This will be the essential vade mecum if and when a referendum campaign takes place. The part of Bootle's book in which he analyses the pros and cons of British exit from the EU will be the most influential. (Dominic Lawson The Sunday Times) An outstanding, grown-up account of the failures of the European Union.

Die Euros Am 18. November 2012 wurde zum 12. Mal der Siebenpfeiffer-Preis verliehen – und Die Euros haben von der Jury eine lobende Anerkennung erhalten. In der Begründung der Jury heißt es dazu: Roger Bootle - Capital Economics Roger Bootle is one of the City of London’s best-known economists. As well as running Capital Economics, which he founded in 1999, Roger is also a Specialist Adviser to the House of Commons Treasury Committee and an Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries. He was formerly Group Chief Economist of HSBC and, under the previous Conservative government, he was appointed one of the Chancellor’s panel of Independent Economic Advisers, the so-called ‘Wise Men’. In 2012, Roger and a team from Capital Economics won the Wolfson Prize, the second biggest prize in Economics after the Nobel. Roger Bootle studied at Oxford University and then became a Lecturer in Economics at St Anne’s College, Oxford. Most of his subsequent career has been spent in the City of London.

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