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European Union Information Website (EU and Europe)

European Union Information Website (EU and Europe)
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Eurozine - Headlines Global Europe — News & Views Book - The Trouble With Europe By Roger Bootle | Capital Economics ‘The EU is the most important thing that stands between Europe and success.’ Six decades ago Europe’s leaders had a noble dream: to prevent another terrible war, and to act as a beacon of co-operation rather than conflict. The European Economic Community eventually became the European Union, and so began a seemingly inevitable march towards a federal super-state, culminating in the creation of the totemic single currency: the Euro. The European Union is now at a crossroads. Its original objectives, the logic of existing relationships and monetary union, are pushing it towards full political union – some sort of United States of Europe, at least of the Eurozone. The EU needs fundamental reform, Roger Bootle argues. Furthermore, the EU has a profound identity crisis, Bootle says. The EU has ineffective and often undemocratic institutions. We can – and should – attempt to reform the EU. Without fundamental reform, some countries may withdraw – or the EU may even break up.

Ideas on Europe | A multi-blog platform for comment and debate World News The Trouble with Europe: Why the EU isn't Working, How it Can be Reformed, What Could Take Its Place: Roger Bootle: 9781857886306: Books Review I recommend our diplomats and ministers read this book: it will provide them with an intellectual backbone. This will be the essential vade mecum if and when a referendum campaign takes place. The part of Bootle's book in which he analyses the pros and cons of British exit from the EU will be the most influential. (Dominic Lawson The Sunday Times) An outstanding, grown-up account of the failures of the European Union. Bootle writes with energetic prose and makes some good points. Bootle is right on every count. Roger Bootle perceptively analyses what is wrong with the European Union as presently constituted, both politically and economically; what reforms are needed to make it wise for the UK to remain a member; and how we can most sensibly conduct ourselves outside the EU, should those reforms not be undertaken. As I have come to expect from Roger Bootle, he gets to the heart of the matter with crystal-clear analysis and punchy comment. Brilliant, albeit radical solutions.