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Global Luxury Brands Are Hard Hit By Coronavirus Fallout. How The Fashion Industry Is Reacting To The Covid-19 Pandemic. Despite the extensive impact Covid-19 is predicted to have on the global luxury goods market, fashion houses are stepping up to donate in this time of crisis. 'During this global health crisis, we must all be responsive to the urgent needs of our global communities,' the Chairman and President of the Tiffany & Co.

How The Fashion Industry Is Reacting To The Covid-19 Pandemic

Birmingham City University - Sign In. Fashion industry faces up to Covid-19 disaster. Key takeaways: The luxury sector is facing a catastrophic first half of 2020 — likely the worst in modern history, according to investment firm Bernstein.Companies are seeking safety nets to weather the ongoing crisis, ranging from emergency government support to the option of going private.Italian luxury manufacturing has been ordered by the government to shut down, with some factories still working to produce face masks.

Fashion industry faces up to Covid-19 disaster

Brands, retailers and manufacturers worldwide have shifted from damage control to a fight to stay afloat as the likelihood of an imminent return to business as usual recedes. American retailers watched in frustration on 22 March as the US Senate failed to pass a $1.8 trillion relief package for the US economy, which is expected to be harshly hit by the fast-moving coronavirus pandemic. Any optimism about consumer spending in China and other Asia-Pacific nations remains limited and provisional.

Luxury Should Use The COVID-19 Crisis To Accelerate Change. Economic uncertainty runs high these days as the COVID-19 pandemic wreaks havoc on lives, livelihoods and businesses.

Luxury Should Use The COVID-19 Crisis To Accelerate Change

However, for some industries it offers considerable scope for innovation, acceleration and competitive gain. Coronavirus Impact: How the Epidemic Has Impacted the Fashion Industry. The global spread of the is continuously impacting the fashion industry.

Coronavirus Impact: How the Epidemic Has Impacted the Fashion Industry

Keep checking this article for updates on how brands are responding to the virus. As the coronavirus pandemic spreads, so does its impact. COVID-19 has steadily spread across the world since it originated in Wuhan City in the Hubei Province of China, with roughly 4.7 million cases and over 300,000 deaths globally as of May 18. The U.S. now has the highest number of cases worldwide with over 1.4 million cases. Many European nations including France, Spain, Germany and Italy are on partial or total lockdown in an effort to contain the virus. The virus is increasingly having a negative impact on the fashion industry specifically, having escalated in the midst of the fall 2020 fashion month season, causing brands and design houses to shutter their doors and postpone upcoming runway shows. What Netflix's "Sex Education" gets right about sex and relationships. Sex can be a lot of fun.

What Netflix's "Sex Education" gets right about sex and relationships

It can also be weird—confusing, disappointing, embarrassing, or emotionally fraught. Most adults are aware of these variables. And yet movies and TV shows often depict sex in simplistic terms, particularly when it comes to stories about teenagers. Some focus on transcendently romantic young love (Endless Love, Twilight, Say Anything). Sex Education: a teen classic that’s both horny and morally good. 'Big Mouth' Is A Voice For What Feels 'Indescribable When You're 13,' Co-Creator Says. Want to listen to the full episode on this topic?

'Big Mouth' Is A Voice For What Feels 'Indescribable When You're 13,' Co-Creator Says

Click here. Meet the "hormone monsters. " They are the hairy, scary beasts of the Netflix animated series "Big Mouth" who torment the minds and bodies of middle-schoolers in the throes of puberty. Everything is monstrously confusing, a little out of control and a very big deal. Why You Should Let Your Teens Watch 'Big Mouth' Season three of the raunchy animated series Big Mouth premieres soon and we think you should be watching this with your kids.

Why You Should Let Your Teens Watch 'Big Mouth'

Big Mouth season 3 trailer Okay, hear me out—I’m not saying let your five-year-old watch a show where a giant hairy monster fucks a severed head. But I am saying you should let your adolescent kid watch a show that normalizes things like choosing birth control, menstruation, random erections and other pubescent discomforts. You get the picture. Why I Talk About Taboo Topics - B I N K Y. When I first started YouTube, I was doing so for no reason other than trying to satisfy my boredom.

Why I Talk About Taboo Topics - B I N K Y

I had many months of nothing ahead of me and I needed a creative outlet to keep me occupied. Why women are talking about sex... at last - YOU Magazine. What took us so long, asks Elizabeth Day.

Why women are talking about sex... at last - YOU Magazine

Oloni: ‘Men don’t like the fact I’m helping women wise up’ - BBC Three. Dami Olonisakin. 'It answered my weird questions': what do teens really think of Netflix's Sex Education? On-screen sex ed is booming, with pop culture stepping in to teach the birds, the bees and, well, blue waffle.

'It answered my weird questions': what do teens really think of Netflix's Sex Education?

Besides Netflix’s Big Mouth, a cartoon series about how puberty upends the lives of a bunch of 13-year-olds, the biggest hit is the appropriately named Sex Education, the warm, ribald and hugely entertaining drama about a teenage boy giving sex therapy to his classmates which tackles the (t)horny issues schools are failing to teach. Given that a 2017 report by the Terrence Higgins Trust found half of young people rated their schools’ relationships and sex education (RSE) as either poor or terrible, the popularity of these shows is hardly surprising. But what do teens really think of them? Is TV providing better advice than most schools? Curriculum. 11 Women On The Taboo Things About Puberty That They Weren’t Allowed To Talk About.

Regardless of your gender, puberty isn't easy. Voices changes, bodies start growing hair in different places, and suddenly innocent crushes can turn into sexual urges. And masturbation? I mean, talk about a puberty-related taboo — especially for girls. - The Washington Post. These platforms are giving us the sex ed we should have had.

When it comes to sex, the war between white-haired puritans and vocal progressives is never-ending. 2018, though, seems to have marked a particularly depressing turn in events. Legislation such as SESTA/FOSTA (Stop Enabling Sex-Trafficking Act/Fight Online Sex-Trafficking Act) and the proposed porn site age verification might make sense on the tin, but pry further and it becomes clear that these measures reveal the ill-informed and archaic principles of those in power. Sexplain. Sexpression:UK - Free Relationships & Sex Education. Let’s Talk About the Taboo of Sex. Introduction: Sex Education in the Digital Era. Abstract Young people all over the world are keen to learn about sex and relationships but are not finding the information they seek in their immediate environment. The internet provides them with a welcome alternative. In response to the rapid increased connectivity of young people, international organisations that work on comprehensive sex education for young people have moved online. While there are new opportunities to reach young people in these digital spaces, sex educators also encounter restrictions. Netflix’s ‘Sex Education’ Is a Delight. About — Good Trouble. GOOD TROUBLE is a digital and print magazine looking through the lens of arts and culture at protest and activism around the world. Mission - I Weigh. Founded in March, 2018, I Weigh is a community allyship platform built to share ideas and stories that ultimately mobilize activism.

Growing beyond our original Instagram community, we now offer a place for original content that explores social issues that stem from mental health to climate change to the representation of marginalized groups. Love for Life - Independent Christian Charity for Young People in Northern Ireland. Feminism 101: What are the Waves of Feminism? – FEM Newsmagazine. Design by Soli Rachwal. The waves of feminism, and why people keep fighting over them, explained.

If one thing’s for sure, it’s that the second-wave feminists are at war with the third-wave feminists. Everything you wanted to know about fourth wave feminism—but were afraid to ask. Surfing the fourth wave: One of the posters created for the women’s march in January. Photo: Shepard Fairey via Jen Gunter: Why can't we talk about periods? Pat Mitchell: Dangerous times call for dangerous women. 7 surprising and outrageous stats about gender inequality. Feminist Statistics: Why We Still Need Feminism - VERVE: She Said - Medium. Women and non-binary people have come a long way since the term ‘Feminism’ came about in the late 1880s. The taboo around menstruation and menopause doesn't only hurt women. Meet the brave girls and women taking on taboos around the world. Period taboo 'endangering women's health', finds study. NPR Choice page. What Are The Taboos Concerning Female Sexuality?

Gynaecological health should not be taboo. Why the menopause should no longer be a taboo subject in the workplace. Talent isn't keeping women away from science. Sexism, stereotypes and bad science are. Former NHS trust manager awarded £1m for race discrimination. ‘They looked at my face and put me on a male ward’: LGBT+ women tell of NHS discrimination. Brexit: Ethnic minorities are in more danger than ever. How ethnic minorities are still discriminated against in the UK job market.

Minority ethnic Britons face 'shocking' job discrimination. NHS accused of racial discrimination on pay for senior doctors. 'People like you' still uttered: BAME armed forces personnel on racism in services. The beauty industry is still failing black women.