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ElectroCity - Game. Tynker. 28 Tools to Learn Computer Programming From edshelf. By edshelf: A discovery engine of websites, mobile apps, desktop programs, and electronic products for teaching and learning.

28 Tools to Learn Computer Programming From edshelf.

Teaching primary and secondary students how to program has become a hot topic lately. Even people like United States President Barack Obama to actress Angela Bassett to music artist Shakira have spoken about the value of computer programming in an initiative called Hour of Code. With good reason too. Technology is a major part of our lives. Pencil Code. SQLZOO. Ruby for kids. Bento - Learn to code. Online Web Tutorials. Curso de Java, Scrum, Ruby on Rails, Web. Lightbot. Coding for kids. TouchLogo. KineScript Lite : Visual Programming. Snap! Programmering.docx. Juegos de Blockly. Proofs Without Words - GeoGebraBook. Game creator social and mobile gaming.

Flixel a flash game library and coding community - Homepage. Gamestar Mechanic. Creative Computing. This guide was developed by members of the ScratchEd research team at the Harvard Graduate School of Education: Christan Balch, Michelle Chung, and Karen Brennan.

Creative Computing

We encourage you to use as much or as little of the guide as you like, to design new activities, and to remix the included activities. No matter your prior experience or expertise, we think of every educator as a co-designer of the Creative Computing experience. We would love to learn about what you’re doing, so we encourage you to document and share your experiences with us and with other educators via the ScratchEd community at We are releasing this guide under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license, which means that you are completely free to use, change, and share this work, as long as you provide appropriate attribution and give others access to any derivative works. The original guide, for educators 154 pages of plans, activities, and strategies for introducing Creative Computing in your learning environment.

Languages - Translated support materials for Scratch 1.4. Codebox - Powerful, Collaborative Online/Offline Cloud IDE. Kodable. Android School. Bento. Code & Conquer. Most Important: Have Fun.

Code & Conquer

And earn some badges. See how your strategy works out in different scenarios, challenge other players, receive points, earn badges and climb your way to the top of the leaderboard. Boost your coding skills. Do it playing. GirlDevelopIt. The game machine. W2L Info Published on December 1st, 2013 | by What2Learn Are you looking to make your own study game?

The game machine

At What2Learn you can quickly and easily create an incredibly wide range of interactive learning activities including hangman games, quizzes, interactive word searches, extended writing activities and much more. No technical skills or programming knowledge is required to make these fun and effective study games – simply fill in the blanks with your own questions and answers and your flash-based game is instantly created and available for your students to play online. - Free JavaScripts, Tutorials, Example Code, Reference, Resources, And Help. Le CSS - Tutoriel HTML & CSS. La syntaxe.

Le CSS - Tutoriel HTML & CSS

CSS débutant : Feuille de style - Cours CSS - Cascading Style Sheets. Juegos de Blockly. Daisy the Dinosaur. Icebreakers: free instructions to the best games and activities. 15 no-prep games with just little scraps of paper. One of the most flexible and useful resources in the classroom are bits of scrap paper.

15 no-prep games with just little scraps of paper

Create your own Interactive Fiction. What is Interactive Fiction?

Create your own Interactive Fiction

Interactive Fiction (formerly referred to as Text Adventures) are a cross between reading a book and playing a game, where you control the main character. Rather than reading the story from start to finish, you interact with everything by typing commands at a prompt, discovering things as you go along. Well written games give you, the player, the impression that anything you type is understood by giving a sensible and meaningful response. - Create and play text adventure games. 3. Programming unplugged: learning programming without computers.

An inspiring unplugged session on teaching computing for teachers.

3. Programming unplugged: learning programming without computers

Overview It’s easy to assume that programming is something you have to learn at a computer but if you want your students to deeply understand programming concepts, rather than blindly getting programs to work then unplugged techniques can work really well to get students started. We will see how to program a robot face that is made of students, look at a simple way to give a deep understanding of how variables work by making them physical, and see how to compile programs onto your class instead of onto a computer. Adventure Time Game Wizard. Starter-kit.pdf. MINDSTROMS Descargas - Instrucciones de construcción - EV3RSTORM.

Welcome. The World's Leading Augmented Reality Platform. Introduce Parameters - North, South, East and West for Children. KodTipset. Programmeringstips. Introductory Electronics for Kids - Intro. Portable Pi Power: Raspberry Pi to Go. Raspberry Pi computer powered by 18-volt rechargeable drill battery.

Portable Pi Power: Raspberry Pi to Go

The versatile system-on-a-chip Raspberry Pi board seems to have something for everyone: plenty of ports for display, sound, and USB peripherals; a pin header for relaying inputs and outputs from the physical world; and space for a dedicated camera module, which makes it great platform for all sorts of video experiments. Still, there’s one thing the Raspberry Pi doesn’t come with: a good battery power supply.

Powering the board from a wall wart is fine when there’s AC power handy — but a long-lasting and reliable battery source is essential to getting the Pi away from the desk and out in the world, where it belongs. You can buy compact Pi battery packs, like the Smart Power Base (Maker Shed #MKMTS01 at, but I decided to build a big one — and in this project I’ll show you how you can too. Godot Engine – Features. Use Your Eyes: Work inside a simple, yet flexible and feature rich editor, with tools popping up to aid you when needed.

Godot Engine – Features

Uncluttered UI, where most tools are context-sensitive.Huge amount of tools to aid you and your team in content creation.Editor designed not only for programmers, but for artists,animators, level designers, graphic designers, game designers, etc.Built-In documentation browser and code editor to avoid distractions. Multi-Platform Editor: Gamestar Mechanic. Game creator social and mobile gaming. Teacher's Guide to Kinect: How to Program for Kinect and Gesture-Based Learning. Stencyl. Build Worlds If you're used to graphics editors like Photoshop, you'll feel right at home in the Scene Designer. Familiar features, such as a selection tool, zooming, grid-snapping and flood fill, will help you quickly craft complex worlds out of Actors, Tiles and Terrain. Create Actors Drop in graphics from your computer to create Actors on the fly. Then use Stencyl's Actor Editor to tweak your Actors' appearances, behaviors and physical properties, and to get them ready for showtime.

Logo Software. Greenfoot. ZetCode, tutorials for programmers. Basi di dati - Introduzione. Fcamuso. Vuoi diventare uno sviluppatore di software ma non sai da cosa cominciare. 3 Websites To Get Started With Learning C++ Programming Language. Learning to program can be difficult for many, even with relatively easy programming languages. While Java is easier to get started with (where we have numerous articles here at MakeUseOf for Java as well as Internet scripting languages and deciding which one to learn), C++ may not be. However, those with some programming experience will find learning C++ less difficult than beginners, although there are plenty of good websites to teach yourself with.

Why Learn C++? Why would you care to learn C++? It is a very powerful programming language which basically has a “trust the programmer” motto. Due to this, most programs are at least partially written in this language or its cousin, C. Happy Nerds - Programming Links for Kids. 7 Apps for Teaching Children Coding Skills. It's hard to imagine a single career that doesn't have a need for someone who can code.

Everything that "just works" has some type of code that makes it run. Coding (a.k.a. programming) is all around us. That's why all the cool kids are coding . . . or should be. Programming is not just the province of pale twenty-somethings in skinny jeans, hunched over three monitors, swigging Red Bull. 12 free coding tools and apps. Des livres de programmation pour enfants chez Eyrolles. Khan Academy Hour of Code. Top Tens. Here’s a brief description of ten Halloween themed dress up/ monster creator games and a few suggestions on how to use them. All these games were chosen to tie in with the Halloween theme of trick or treat and dressing up in costumes.

You can access them by either following the links or clicking on the image. 1 Make Your Monster In a computer room get young learners (7 – 9 yrs) to make their own monsters and write the description for their monster. e.g. Linux-HA. The project's main software product is Heartbeat, a GPL-licensed portable cluster management program for high-availability clustering. Its most important features are: no fixed maximum number of nodes - Heartbeat can be used to build large clusters as well as very simple onesresource monitoring: resources can be automatically restarted or moved to another node on failurefencing mechanism to remove failed nodes from the clustersophisticated policy-based resource management, resource inter-dependencies and constraintstime-based rules allow for different policies depending on timeseveral resource scripts (for Apache, DB2, Oracle, PostgreSQL etc.) includedGUI for configuring, controlling and monitoring resources and nodes History[edit] The project originated from a mailing list started in November 1997.

Eventually Harald Milz wrote an odd sort of Linux-HA HOWTO. Mit App Inventor ITA# Tutorial 31 Sincronizzazione tinyWebDB. Como se programan apps moviles con MIT App Inventor (bloques lógicos) « Soloelectronicos. App inventor es un framework creado inicialmente por el MIT (Instituto tecnológico de Massachusetts) siendo adoptado por google, para que cualquier persona con interés pueda crearse su propia aplicación movil, ya sea para su empresa, para su casa o por otros interéses. Para crear una aplicación con app inventor hay que realizar tres pasos: El diseño “estetico ” de la aplicación , en la que se seleccionan los componentes para su aplicación( botones,cajas de texto,imágenes,etc).El editor de bloques , donde se escogen los bloques lógico que sean necesarios según la aplicación que tenga pensada de hacer.Desplegar la app para su prueba en el terminal o en el emulador Gracias al framework App inventor, se pueden crea app moviles sin conocimientos de programación esplicitos pues este hace la programación móvil sencilla y al alcance de cualquiera.

Online Logo. Kids must code on iPads. An important 21st Century skill This post is about a topic and app close to my heart. Computer programming is the engine of modern life and dream maker for tens of thousands. 12 free coding tools and apps. Snap! (Build Your Own Blocks) 4.0. - Welcome to, the new way to learn programming. Augmented Reality. Bento - Learn to code. 5 Tools to Introduce Programming to Kids. Digital Tools Arduino. Classcraft. Computer Programming. ClassBadges.

28 Tools to Learn Computer Programming From edshelf. Educational Games. Game-based Learning Tools a... May 9, 2014 Immersive environments can be good learning vehicles if constructed and used correctly. Here are a set of virtual worlds that use the latest in game mechanics to deliver instruction in fun and interactive ways. DragonBox - Discover the game of Math.

Classroom Games - Microsoft Office Games PowerPoint Games. Clay Animator How To Site: Free Stop Motion Animator Program. Crunchzilla. Sortie d'un cahier d'activités Python pour coder un jeu vidéo. Les éditions Eyrolles viennent de sortir un cahier d’activités à destinations des enfants et ados pour se familiariser avec le langage informatique Python. Non, rassure-toi, un gros serpent ne se cache pas dans ce livre.

Le Python est aussi un langage de programmation très utilisé à travers le monde et ce cahier d’activité « Python pour les kids » va te permettre d’apprendre à coder ton propre jeu vidéo en utilisant ce langage ! Pour commencer, il n’est pas nécessaire que tu aies une quelconque connaissance en programmation. Tu peux être un parfait débutant et réussir à créer ton jeu vidéo, et même à cacher tes propres codes de triche pour le personnaliser ! Le cahier est constitué de six chapitres à la difficulté croissante et qui sont accompagnés d’un site internet sur ( Toutes les étapes pour créer ton jeu sont expliquées dans le cahier et le site permet de mettre en exécution ce que tu as lu pour découvrir tout de suite le résultat.

MIT. Handcraft. CodinGame. Blockly. FREE App Creator. Create Apps for Android. No Coding Required. Free Tools For Teachers : Small Basic. Help your students start writing their first programs quickly and easily. Top 8 Free Online Coding Schools. UNITY 3D - Game Programming Introduction. Introduction It has been a while since my last article, but coming back I have decided to write an article, or a series of articles, about a game engine called UNITY 3D which happens to be one of the most popular in the industry as of today. 5 Games That Teach You How to Code. By Jacob Gube.