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Faites de l'apprentissage une aventure!

Faites de l'apprentissage une aventure!

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20 Google tools teachers should try (and how to use them in classrooms) There’s a reason teachers like Google tools. They’re free, easy to use, and you already have an account on basically all of them. Add in the fact that Google is making a huge push into the world of teacher tools and you quickly realize it’s a good time to be a teacher. How to Create a Claymation or Stop-motion Video Claymation is an animation technique used with clay figures. Basically, each movement is a new “shot” and the “shots” are connected together at the end to make a movie. Famous claymation cartoons like Gumby and Wallace and Gromit have made the artistic form popular. Top 25 Best Examples of Gamification in Business Gamification is used by brands to motivate employees, create healthy competition among teams, generate buzz or social proof, and encourage customer loyalty, among other benefits. With a variety of techniques – some easy to implement, some requiring advanced planning, coding, or technical expertise – any business can use gamification to get better results, no matter what your goals. These 25 examples of gamification in business run the gamut for potential uses, but brands are coming up with innovative ways to incorporate game-like features into ordinary activities every day. Listed in no particular order of importance, these 25 stellar uses of gamification are sure to spark some creativity and get your competitive gears turning for ways to put the fun back in business. 1.

10 Reasons Why OneNote is the Ultimate Note Taking Tool for Schools It may just be the best thing you have never heard of, but if you take the time to learn how to use it, Microsoft’s free, multi-platform note taking tool will surprise you with how powerful it really is. So, here’s why OneNote is great for the classroom and beyond. (Note: Not all features are available on all platforms, or in the free apps, but all are available in the Office 2013 desktop version) 1. Availability: OneNote is a free download for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Phone, Mac, iPads, iPhones and Android devices. You can even use the online web app, and of course it comes with all paid Office subscriptions. We Need More Kids Apps Like 'Robot Factory' Raul Gutierrez, the founder of the Brooklyn-based kids app company Tinybop, worries about the effect brands are having on the way kids play. Here’s how he sees it: Today’s kids movies and TV shows are great, but as their stories seep into more and more toys, the possibilities for the imagination are constricted as a result. Whether or not you agree with that diagnosis, it spawned a tremendously cool kids app. The Robot Factory, available for iOS devices for $3, is the first in a series Tinybop is calling “Digital Toys.”

The Top Ten Gamified Productivity Apps One of the most practical uses of gamification is in helping people boost their productivity and manageably transform their challenging goals into reality. Success of course, does not come from mere inspiration. It is the result of consistently achieving small goals. This is no easy feat as we often develop enormous amounts of inner resistance to these seemingly small tasks. Tech Tools by Subject and Skills Every year, so many new technology tools for teachers are launched into the market that it can be nearly impossible to keep up with them all. In order to keep you up-to-date with the latest and greatest educational tech tools, our team of edtech specialists has put together this list of the best edtech resources and technology tools for teachers. Clicking on the links below will take you to hundreds of apps, websites, extensions, and more.

App Uses Kids' Obsession With Phones to Teach Them Coding When Raul Gutierrez’s son was younger, he came up with a great name for his father’s smartphone. “He’d call it the everything machine,” says Gutierrez, founder of childrens’ app company Tinybop. “Because to him it could do everything.” The kid was onto something.

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