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YouTube Statistics, Twitch Statistics, Instagram Statistics - Compare YouTube Stats with Another YouTuber ( By Social Blade) Tsū. Fullscreen Sells to Chernin, AT&T: YouTube Network Market Suddenly Scant. Fullscreen, which stood for months as the last major independent general-interest YouTube multichannel network, has sold a majority stake to Otter Media, the joint venture between the Chernin Group and AT&T.

Fullscreen Sells to Chernin, AT&T: YouTube Network Market Suddenly Scant

And with that, there's precious little inventory left in the white-hot multichannel network (MCN) industry. The Chernin Group, an early investor and longtime advisor to Fullscreen, and AT&T announced the deal Monday. For content-hungry companies that have not yet been able to strike a deal in the YouTube space — and many have tried — that leaves only a few boutique and genre-focused MCNs out there, chief among them Machinima, the gaming-video giant that recently took on an investment from Warner Bros. The acquisition values Fullscreen at between $200 million and $300 million, according to Re/code, which first reported the deal. Fullscreen follows in the footsteps of Maker Studios Fullscreen and Maker are just two of the most high profile deals for MCNs. Josh L. Mashable. Fullscreen is coming to the big screen. Fullscreen has made its business as one of the earliest and most successful incubators of YouTube talent.

Fullscreen is coming to the big screen

Now, it is ready to take on the big screen. The company announced on Friday that it launched Fullscreen Films to create feature-length movies that will star its Internet-native talent. Fullscreen has an initial slate of films in development, including Lazer Team, which follows a group of small-town residents that find a crashed alien spaceship; it's from Rooster Teeth, the production company that made sci-fi web series Red vs. Blue. There's also #O2LForever, a documentary about the vloggers that previously made up Our 2nd Life, and The Outfield, a drama starring social media stars Nash Grief and Cameron Dallas. The three films will feature personalities and creators that have typically worked on much shorter pieces. "Our first three projects signify our commitment to produce movies at the highest quality bar.

Fullscreen is an MCN, or multichannel network. Freedom! - YouTube Partnership Network. Susan Wojcicki Wants to Sell You YouTube Video Subscriptions. YouTube is in the early stages of exploring new subscription services, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki told Re/code’s Peter Kafka and Liz Gannes at today’s Code/Mobile conference.

Susan Wojcicki Wants to Sell You YouTube Video Subscriptions

Wojcicki wouldn’t offer specifics, but suggested that one option could be an ad-free service. “YouTube right now is ad-supported, which is great because it has enabled us to scale to a billion users; but there are going to be cases where people are going to say, `I don’t want to see the ads, or I want to have a different experience’,” Wojcicki said in an onstage interview. She compared the idea to apps where users can “either choose ads, or pay a fee, which is an interesting model. … We’re thinking about how to give users options.” In 2013, YouTube let individual content owners sell subscriptions to their stuff, but it has done little to promote that option since then. Wojcicki said she was interested in pursuing other subscription models as well. “Really, having the ad sales has been one benefit,” she said.


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