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sookooroo EmbedPlus - Video editing, chopping, looping, annotations, slow motion, and chapters tool for YouTube embeds and WordPress video plugins Organiser une randonnée, ça s'apprend ! Tout pour préparer vos plus belles balades A Cleaner Internet - Browser Extensions and Add-ons for Amazon, YouTube and more Edmodo I originally wrote this post in September 2012. With a new school year beginning in Australia and plans to ramp up blogging and Edmodo at our school this year, I have updated this post to use with my staff with more screenshots, new ideas and some additional references to the iPad use of these tools with dedicated apps. For those who have seen it before, you may like to revisit. When introducing transformative teaching practices involving technology, you have to be careful not to overload the senses of the tech novices on your staff. The Grade 6s have taken to blogging this term, although more as private digital portfolios rather than true blogging with a global audience. In a nutshell, I see Edmodo as an all encompassing classroom management/teaching and learning/collaboration system. EDMODOGroups – My favorite feature of Edmodo and a big difference between itself and blogging. Collaborative Discussion – the simplicity of the Edmodo discussion wins me over compared to blogging.

Free Website Builder | Create a Free Flash Website at Fully Raw, an American organic produce co-operative, is the brainchild of raw food expert and enthusiast Kristina Carrrillo-Bucaram. The website offers everything you may want to know about the raw food diet, complete with recipes, a full 21-day raw diet, videos and more. It is friendly and easy to navigate. In text rich pages, like recipes and the raw food 21-day challenge, Kristina has cleverly kept a visual hierarchy that makes it easy on visitors to engage with the text – fonts in different colors, correct spacing, bold fonts where necessary and so on.

Le travail en équipe, tout un contrat! La plupart des étudiants sont appelés à réaliser des travaux en équipe durant leurs études universitaires. Or, les étudiants savent-ils bien démarrer un projet d’équipe, se répartir les tâches de façon équitable, tenir des réunions efficaces et résoudre des conflits entre coéquipiers? Le vidéo « Le travail en équipe, tout un contrat » traite de ces points à l’aide de deux vidéos. La première vidéo intitulée « Partie fiction » (durée 13 min.) propose quatre volets scénarisés portant sur les différents aspects d’un travail réalisé en équipe. La deuxième vidéo intitulée « Partie documentaire » (durée 8 min. 38 sec.), présente différents témoignages de professeurs et d’étudiants qui portent sur les exigences du travail en équipe ainsi que sur les bénéfices que l’on peut en tirer.

Wikis for Everyone - Wikispaces Creating Animations in PowerPoint to Support Student Learning an Key Takeaways Judicious use of animation can support teaching goals and further engage students in classroom presentations. PowerPoint, although one of the most frequently used presentation programs around, is rarely used to its full advantage by faculty. Multimedia software has become an essential part of today's teaching and learning process. Figure 1. Animations Can Engage Student Interest The use of animations is becoming increasingly widespread in many educational presentations. Lowe5 proposed potential advantages of animated graphics over static graphics with regard to the cognitive aspects of learning. More informative Closer to the characteristics of the subject matter More explicit More explanatory Clearer Lowe also warned, however, that animated graphics are not intrinsically superior to static graphics. Creating Effective Animations for Teaching However, PowerPoint is only a tool. Target audience: Define the audience. These tips and more are available at the following websites:

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