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Malibu Times > Archives > Life & Arts > Myths Abound in 'The New World' It's been a week now, since the great conflagration gobbled up my canyon and hillsides. Every day I discover more things that survived, or didn't. Not a single tree on all four sides of the house is unscathed. Billy the Exterminator Season 6 : Episode 1 Monster in the Gulf Premiere Date: Oct 06 2012 TVPG Chivalry is not dead as a damsel in distress pulls over her ant-infested car and enlists Billy s help with this invasive crawling menace. Next, Billy gets a call from good buddy Gator Gary who needs help with a monster Gator that has been reported by the Coast Guard swimming in open water.

Lost From J.J. Abrams, the creator of Alias, comes the action-packed adventure that became a worldwide television event. Stranded on an island that holds many secrets, 48 plane crash survivors must band together if they hope to get home alive. The survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 discover that the island holds many secrets, including a mysterious smoke monster, polar bears, housing and hatches with electricity and hot & cold running water, a group of island residents known as "The Others," and a mysterious man named Jacob. Susan Wojcicki Wants to Sell You YouTube Video Subscriptions YouTube is in the early stages of exploring new subscription services, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki told Re/code’s Peter Kafka and Liz Gannes at today’s Code/Mobile conference. Wojcicki wouldn’t offer specifics, but suggested that one option could be an ad-free service. “YouTube right now is ad-supported, which is great because it has enabled us to scale to a billion users; but there are going to be cases where people are going to say, `I don’t want to see the ads, or I want to have a different experience’,” Wojcicki said in an onstage interview.

Powhatan People's Version Note: Many Pocahontas descendents have sent us inquiries regarding membership. Please see our frequently asked questions for information regarding Pocahontas' descendents and Powhatan membership. In 1995, Roy Disney decided to release an animated movie about a Powhatan woman known as "Pocahontas". In answer to a complaint by the Powhatan Nation, he claims the film is "responsible, accurate, and respectful." We of the Powhatan Nation disagree.

Dog the Bounty Hunter Season 8 : Episode 1 And Baby Makes Three Premiere Date: Jan 04 2012 TVPG L Leland has to attend a Lamaze class before he can join the hunt--another Chapman is on the way! But when Dog starts to go after this accused jewelry thief without his fastest son, he learns that this fugitive puts the "R" in runner. Fullscreen is coming to the big screen Fullscreen has made its business as one of the earliest and most successful incubators of YouTube talent. Now, it is ready to take on the big screen. The company announced on Friday that it launched Fullscreen Films to create feature-length movies that will star its Internet-native talent. Fullscreen has an initial slate of films in development, including Lazer Team, which follows a group of small-town residents that find a crashed alien spaceship; it's from Rooster Teeth, the production company that made sci-fi web series Red vs. Blue.

Puritanism — Articles, Video, Pictures and Facts The roots of Puritanism are to be found in the beginnings of the English Reformation. The name “Puritans” (they were sometimes called “precisionists”) was a term of contempt assigned to the movement by its enemies. Although the epithet first emerged in the 1560s, the process through which Puritanism developed had been initiated in the 1530s, when King Henry VIII repudiated papal authority and transformed the Church of Rome into a state Church of England. But the Church of England retained much of the liturgy and ritual of Roman Catholicism and seemed, to many dissenters, to be insufficiently reformed.

Food Network Food Network Magazine Blog Social Fullscreen Sells to Chernin, AT&T: YouTube Network Market Suddenly Scant Fullscreen, which stood for months as the last major independent general-interest YouTube multichannel network, has sold a majority stake to Otter Media, the joint venture between the Chernin Group and AT&T. And with that, there's precious little inventory left in the white-hot multichannel network (MCN) industry. The Chernin Group, an early investor and longtime advisor to Fullscreen, and AT&T announced the deal Monday. For content-hungry companies that have not yet been able to strike a deal in the YouTube space — and many have tried — that leaves only a few boutique and genre-focused MCNs out there, chief among them Machinima, the gaming-video giant that recently took on an investment from Warner Bros. The acquisition values Fullscreen at between $200 million and $300 million, according to Re/code, which first reported the deal. Fullscreen follows in the footsteps of Maker Studios

Did Pocahontas Save Captain John Smith? by Stan Birchfield Did Pocahontas actually save Captain John Smith, or did Smith make up the story in order to gain popularity? Professor J. A. Leo Lemay of the University of Delaware has recently written a book on the subject in which he argues convincingly that the story is true.

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