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Unity Course Syllabus On completion of the course (above) you will receive an ‘Official’ Walker Boys Studio Certification for Unity 3D Game Development (Three Certificate Styles available). With this Certificate you will have something new to hang on your wall and show off to friends. :) Along with that, this Certificate ‘proves’ that you showed commitment to learning, self-motivation to working hard, and a desire to grow your passion as a game developer. --Questions-- Does the certificate mean anything? To us, yes. Do you have different Certificate Templates to choose from? We’re glad you asked. You’re really going to mail me a copy of the certificate? Yes. Will the rest of the world care about the certificate? We’re not sure, it hasn’t been done yet. So, we will see. :)

18 Reason Tutorials That Cover All the Bases Reason is both a sequencer for creating music, and a sound source that can be rewired to other DAWs. Last week’s article explored Logic's history and features. This week, we will learn how to use it. Because there are several ways of using the program, there are an abundance of tutorials available on the Internet, including sites dedicated to Reason tutorials (for example, and Some deal with using Reason as a MIDI sequencer, others with programming Reason's synthesizers, and still others with using the various sound source ReFills. Here is a balance of tutorials covering the different aspects of Reason from Youtube and Audiotuts+. 1. "This is part one of my tutorial on how to use Reason to quickly create a full song in under 20 minutes. 2. "This is part two of the Reason song tutorial where I show you how to make a track in less than 20 minutes." 3. "Reason Tutorial by Freakwncy from" 4. 5. "This a tutorial about vocoders." 6. 7. 8. 9.

How to use OSC in Unity3D First you have to add the Ventuz.OSC.dll to your project. It allows you to create an OSC server within Unity3D. Then you have to create a Unity3D Script that imports Ventuz.OSC and creates a new UdpReader object. There should be only one UdpReader object and only one update function that retrieves data from the reader. In the update function, retrieve all messages using the Recieve method of UdpReader, until it returns null. while (true) { OscMessage message = oscReader.Receive(); if (message == null) break; OscBundle bundle = message as OscBundle; if (bundle == null) break; // handle message} The bundle contains the timestamp of the tracking date. Then enumerate over all elements of the bundle and check if the path matches the object path of the OSC element. IEnumerator e = bundle.Elements.GetEnumerator(); while (e.MoveNext()) { OscElement el = e.Current as OscElement; if (el.Match("/path/to/node")) { // Do something with bundle.DateTime and el.Args } } Simple Example

Discover Propellerhead’s Reason Reason is a software synth, a great source of samples, and a mature MIDI sequencer—but it cannot (yet) record audio. Because of its versatility—and despite its huge disability—it remains an incredibly useful and popular program. This article was previously published on the AudioJungle blog, which has moved on to a new format in 2010. We'll be bringing you an article from the AudioJungle archives each week. Reason is used in two different ways: It is used as a sound source for playing live, using in sequencers, or recording by another DAW. This makes Reason different: it is commonly used by those who have chosen different software as their preferred DAW. Reason is currently at version 4, and costs around $380—or around $570 for the Premium edition, which includes all four hypersampled ReFills: Reason Drum Kits, Reason Pianos, Abbey Road Keyboards and Reason Electric Bass. This is our sixth article in the series “Exploring Digital Audio Workstations”. Now let's have a look at Reason. 1. 2.