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These collections and sites are for fellow educators who enjoy the challenge of developing themselves and keeping up-to-date with the latest trends in education.

Design thinking for educators

Try different learning theories and models. Know what your students need and want. Motivate your learners. Experiment with technology-enhanced learning (TEL) Design relevant and useful assessments. Pinterest: 21st century educators. Pinterest: Emerging trends in education. Pinterest: Inspiration for Educators. Can a Truly Student-Centered Education Be Available to All? Unschooling is a hotly debated topic on MindShift.

Can a Truly Student-Centered Education Be Available to All?

This subset of home schooling, which doesn’t use any set curriculum and is instead directed by the child’s interests, is vastly different from traditional public and private schools. While the freedom inherent in the model excites some readers, others question whether young people educated this way will learn the important information and skills they need to become productive adults in our society. How Can We Harness the Power of Learning Beyond the School Day? Harnessing the Incredible Learning Potential of the Adolescent Brain. Research-based Strategies to Help Children Develop Self-Control. It all started when psychology professor Walter Mischel was watching his four closely-spaced daughters growing up.

Research-based Strategies to Help Children Develop Self-Control

He realized he had no idea what was going on in their brains that made it possible for a child who at one moment had no impulse control and just a few months later could inhibit her emotions, wait for things and have conversations. He became curious about how children develop these skills, which led to the famous marshmallow experiment conducted at the Bing Nursery School on Stanford’s campus, where Mischel was a professor. That study has become famous over the last 50 years, leading to many hilarious YouTube videos (none of which are the original test subjects) and a lifetime’s work examining how various strategies can help both adults and children learn to delay gratification.

In the original marshmallow study, researchers spent time building up trust and rapport with their 4-year-old subjects before starting the experiment. Education Research Highlights From 2015. What Do Students Think Of Your Class? Bring TeachThought Professional Development to your School!

What Do Students Think Of Your Class?

What Do Students Think Of Your Class? By Terry Heick Google is the company that has become its own verb. Google it. They’re also challenging Apple with their Android mobile operating system (though to be fair, they’re unlikely to catch them anytime soon), not to mention their aggressive entry into new digital markets, from Google Fiber to the Chromebook. They make more money than they could ever spend, and can seemingly do what they please from their Mountain View, California headquarters, where billion dollar patent lawsuits barely cause a ripple.

Who Controls The Flow Of Information In Your Classroom? - Who Controls The Flow Of Information In Your Classroom?

Who Controls The Flow Of Information In Your Classroom? -

Flow As A Litmus Test For Quality Teaching. Fixated on Leadership: Why Learning How to Follow is Crucial for Success. Leadership ability, it would seem, is the essential ingredient of success.

Fixated on Leadership: Why Learning How to Follow is Crucial for Success

But is it? Academies and institutes, high schools and colleges, MBA programs and charter schools all promote their ability to train 21st century leaders. High school seniors applying for college using the Common Application are instructed to include details about the “position/leadership” they hold as a part of their extracurricular activities. 10 Ways to Teach Innovation. Getty By Thom Markham One overriding challenge is now coming to the fore in public consciousness: We need to reinvent just about everything.

10 Ways to Teach Innovation

Whether scientific advances, technology breakthroughs, new political and economic structures, environmental solutions, or an updated code of ethics for 21st century life, everything is in flux—and everything demands innovative, out of the box thinking. At the Movies: Films Focused on Education Reform. Beyond Measure (2015) Beyond Measure follows three different sets of teachers and students as they grapple with the realities of public education and try to enact meaningful change in their own education communities.

At the Movies: Films Focused on Education Reform

As in her previous film, the popular documentary Race to Nowhere, director Vicki Abeles focuses on the stress caused by high-stakes testing and how alternative teaching methods, such as project-based learning, can alleviate that stress. (Source: Beyond Measure website) Find more information about the film and screenings in your area on the film's website. Previously Featured Films. What Is Genius Hour? - What Is Genius Hour?

What Is Genius Hour? -

By TeachThought Staff Genius hour is an approach to learning where students are guided by their own interests, background knowledge, and curiosity to learn. From the outside looking in, it is less organized, less formal, and less standardized than traditional learning. Genius hour is truly “open-ended” learning characterized by student self-direction, passion-based learning, inquiry, and autonomy. In public education, genius hour can be thought of as a response to rigid, test-driven, and “achievement-focused” climate that testing-based model of school improvement has encouraged in schools over the two or three decades.

It has several unique characteristics that separate it from other approaches to education. The RSA on YouTube. The Difference Between Pedagogy, Andragogy, And Heutagogy. The Difference Between Pedagogy, Andragogy, And Heutagogy.

The Difference Between Pedagogy, Andragogy, And Heutagogy

197 Educational YouTube Channels You Should Know About. 197 Educational YouTube Channels You Should Know About If you don’t have a YouTube channel as an education provider, there’s a good chance you’re behind the times.

197 Educational YouTube Channels You Should Know About

Nearly every major educational institution in the world now hosts its own collection of videos featuring news, lectures, tutorials, and open courseware. Don't forget, the science of memory is key to helping students learn. 11 Habits of an Effective Teacher. Carrie Lam , Academic Director, Teacher & Workshop Leader, Canada Posted 07/05/2014 10:12AM | Last Commented 08/12/2016 7:57AM I really appreciate teachers who are truly passionate about teaching. The teacher who wants to be an inspiration to others. The teacher who is happy with his/her job at all times. The teacher that every other child in the school would love to have. 12 Must Watch TED Talks for Teachers. January 11, 2015 TED is another wonderful source of educational and inspirational videos to use in your class and for your professional development. A few days ago TED released its annual list of the most popular talks of the year featuring a number of interesting presentations covering different topics (e.g ).

However, the list we have curated for you below goes beyond’s TED official collection to embed some wonderful talks directly relevant for us in education. Some Excellent TED Talks and Books on Forming Better Habits. January 7, 2015 Setting up new goals and resolutions have become a common thing with the start of each new year.

The 10 Skills Modern Teachers Must Have. There’s been a lot of talk recently about what it means to be a learner in the 21st Century. 8 Characteristics Of A Great Teacher. Beliefs. 4 Essential Rules Of 21st Century Learning. 4 Essential Rules Of 21st Century Learning. 21 Things That Will Be Obsolete by 2020. These Are The 4 Concepts Shaping 21st Century Learning.

Dated Thinking: 3 Crucial Ideas That Schools Continue To Struggle With - Now over a decade into the 21st century, there is tremendous pressure for education to "globalize. " An Unlikely Group Forms Unified Vision for the Future of Education. Is 2016 The Year That Progressive Education Returns? - Internet Of Things 101: Inside The Latest Trend In Higher Education. 30 Great Books for Teachers and Educators. 7 of The Best Books on How to Improve Your Presentation Skills. How I Took Control Over My Own Professional Development - When One Career Path Isn’t Enough.

Earn MicroCredentials. Connecting the Education Community with Research on Learning – Digital Promise. Tools and Practices for Autonomous Teacher Development.