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tree.pdf (application/pdf Object) 19 Outstanding Words You Should Be Working Into Conversation There are some of our favorite words that appeared in mental_floss stories in 2011. Some are foreign words. Others come from medical dictionaries. And there's a surprising amount of hobo slang. Have fun working these into conversation this holiday season! Gene Lee / 1. 2. 3. 4. milliHelen: The quantity of beauty required to launch just one ship. 5. 6. 7. 8. © Joe Giron/Corbis 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. Thanks to Stacy Conradt, Adrienne Crezo, Bill DeMain, Haley Sweetland Edwards, Jamie Spatola, Ethan Trex and a reader named John .

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo The sentence's meaning becomes clearer when it's understood that it uses three meanings of the word buffalo: the city of Buffalo, New York, the somewhat uncommon verb "to buffalo" (meaning "to bully or intimidate"), as well as the animal buffalo. When the punctuation and grammar are expanded, the sentence could read as follows: "Buffalo buffalo that Buffalo buffalo buffalo, buffalo Buffalo buffalo." The meaning becomes even clearer when synonyms are used: "Buffalo bison that other Buffalo bison bully, themselves bully Buffalo bison." Sentence construction Bison engaged in a contest of dominance. A comic explaining the concept The sentence is unpunctuated and uses three different readings of the word "buffalo". Marking each "buffalo" with its use as shown above gives: Buffaloa buffalon Buffaloa buffalon buffalov buffalov Buffaloa buffalon. "New York bison New York bison bully, bully New York bison", or:"New York bison whom other New York bison bully, themselves bully New York bison". Usage

AfriGadget 6 Insane Discoveries That Science Can't Explain We like to feel superior to the people who lived centuries ago, what with their shitty mud huts and curing colds by drilling a hole in their skulls. But we have to give them credit: They left behind some artifacts that have left the smartest of modern scientists scratching their heads. For instance, you have the following enigmas that we believe were created for no other purpose than to fuck with future generations. The Voynich Manuscript The Mystery: The Voynich manuscript is an ancient book that has thwarted all attempts at deciphering its contents. It appears to be a real language--just one that nobody has seen before. Translation: "...and when you get her to put the tennis racket in her mouth, have her stand in a fountain for a while. There is not even a consensus on who wrote it, or even when it was written. Why Can't They Solve It? Could you? Don't even try. As you can imagine, proposed solutions have been all over the board, from reasonable to completely clownshit. Our Guess:

Muriel Siebert // Muriel Siebert passed away at the age of 80 on August 24, 2013. Prior to her passing, she spoke with MAKERS about her groundbreaking career as a true trailblazer on Wall Street. Cause of Choice: Personal Finance Program at the Muriel Siebert Foundation. First job: Accountant in Cleveland. Proudest moment: Becoming the first woman to buy a seat on the New York Stock Exchange. Advice for young women: “If you find that you don't like what you're doing you can change it. Muriel Siebert was the founder and president of the nationally renowned stock brokerage firm Muriel Siebert & Co. Siebert—known as “Mickie” to her friends and family—was born in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1932.

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14 Dangerous Ways to be More Productive at Work What extremes do you go to in your workplace to be more productive? Do you bend the rules? Maybe break them every once in a while? Sometimes you have to go against the grain. Sometimes you have to take risks. Sometimes you need to be a little… dangerous. A Little Bit Dangerous Recently, while talking with a small group of corporate workers, I heard their stories of how they sometimes take it to the extreme to get their work done. They talked about the distractions, the red tape, and the politics of their workplace that kept them from getting their work done. Consider your company’s workplace. Or does it present conditions, noise, rules, politics, and more, that actually hinder your workers productivity? This results in workers trying to get around the system. They develop alternate ways to work. And they feel like they are being dangerous. After all, what would happen if management knew what they were doing? Use at Your Own Risk You may need to go to extremes to get your work done. So…Be brave.

Six Ideas That Will Change the World The Next Plastic Plastic has changed little since its heyday in the 1960s. It's still ubiquitous, oil based, and dirty as hell for the environment. Makes you wonder what we've been doing all these years. For one thing, not listening enough to chemist Geoffrey Coates. The key is limonene, a citrusy-smelling chemical compound made from orange rinds that when oxidized and mixed with carbon dioxide and a catalyst can be turned into a solid plastic. Since 1999, when Coates and his colleagues first began experimenting with limonene, they've discovered a number of other natural materials, such as pine trees and soybeans, that can be manipulated into biodegradable polymers as well. While Coates's natural polymers are more expensive to produce than most current plastics, he stresses that this isn't just another radical innovation that will never make it out of the lab. --Doug Cantor

marta writes: s'more brownies / just in time for july my friend laney cooked up these killer s'more brownies for bookclub the other night and all the ladies went back for more. i had to hurry and make them again, for the fetus' sake. simple to make, ooey and gooey and delicsh. benji pounded a piece during a glowstick enhanced past-bedtime soccer game. these are getting me in the mood to sleep under the stars at the big family camp-out next week. can you believe the fourth of july is right around the corner?! happy weekending. S'more Browniesoriginal recipe from allrecipes 1 (21.5 ounce) package brownie mix6 graham crackers2 cups miniature marshmallows8 (1.5 ounce) milk chocolate bars, coarsely choppedPreheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). | Listen to a Wall of Music © 2021 - Privacy - Terms HassleMe