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Amazing Japanese Precision

Amazing Japanese Precision

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Art Project – Cultural Institute The Art Project is a unique collaboration with some of the world’s most acclaimed art institutions to enable people to discover and view artworks online in extraordinary detail. Working with over 250 institutions, we have put tens of thousands of works of art from more than 6,000 artists online. This involved taking a selection of super high resolution images of famous artworks, as well as collating more than thirty thousand other images into one place. It also included building 360 degree tours of individual galleries using Street View ‘indoor’ technology.

Skin Cancer Symptom And Treatment ~ Get Physical Instruction Skin cancer is often misunderstood. It impacts the skin and is not a deep in the consistence, a lot of people erroneously trust, it's not dangerous because extra cases of cancer. Function of my duty as chairman of the American college of Mohs operation to serve civilize people and build them careful that cancer of the skin, in the absence of treatment, can be destructive. Skin cancers, including malignant melanoma and basal cell carcinoma of the skin and cancroids frequently begin for varieties on your skin. Could be new tumors or tumor varieties that is not cancer, just may go cancer extra time. And would put some 40-50% with fair-skinned dwell who live to 65 at the minimum single skin cancer.

Bridges over the Chicago River GIF Bridges over the Chicago River By Slim Jones 27,671 Total Views Moonbase Alpha on Steam About This Game NASA has once again landed on the lunar surface with the goal of colonization, research, and further exploration. Shortly after the return to the Moon, NASA has established a small outpost on the south pole of the moon called Moonbase Alpha. Utilizing solar energy and regolith processing, the moonbase has become self-sufficient and plans for further expansion are underway. In Moonbase Alpha, you assume the exciting role of an astronaut working to further human expansion and research. Returning from a research expedition, you witness a meteorite impact that cripples the life support capability of the settlement.

Breastfeeding Mom To Museum A pulpit for Pisa Cathedral by Italian sculptor Giovanni Pisano, showing a woman breastfeeding, was on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London in October 2016. This weekend, a breastfeeding museum visitor says she was told to cover up, which the museum says violates its own policies. Waring Abbott/Getty Images hide caption toggle caption Waring Abbott/Getty Images 6 Ways to Earn Cash Off a Spare Car Got an extra car laying around in your garage? Well, why not earn some money off of it. The Internet has given rise to a ton of new startups that are changing the way we think about our homes, cars and gadgets. For example, if you haven’t heard of Airbnb, it’s a direct way to rent out your apartment or home to anyone in the world. So why not rent out your car too? I personally have two cars sitting in my garage that never get used because we have two little kids and always end up driving the minivan.

Russia Wants Bulgarians to Stop Painting Soviet Monuments To Look Like American Superheroes Russia Wants Bulgarians to Stop Painting Soviet Monuments To Look Like American Superheroes According to a report by the Moscow Times, pranksters in Bulgaria are repainting Soviet-era monuments so that Soviet military heroes look like American Superheroes. Needless to say, the Russians are not too happy about it:

How To Install SopCast On Ubuntu 14.04 Here is a guide to install SopCast on Ubuntu 14.04 SopCast is a simple, free way to broadcast video and audio or watch the video and listen to radio on the Internet. Adopting P2P(Peer-to-Peer) technology, It is very efficient and easy to use. Let anyone become a broadcaster without the costs of a powerful server and vast bandwidth. Visit the SopCast Homepage. First download and install the sp-auth package for your system (32bit or 64bit).Download sp-auth for 32 bit systemsDownload sp-auth for 64 bit systems When the sp-auth package is downloaded you can install the package (and fix the dependencies) using the terminal window.

Photoshop Troll "Fixes" People's Photos by Taking Their Requests Literally Photoshop is a powerful tool with infinite possibilities for folks with creative minds. And if they have an expert-level understanding of the program, these photo manipulation masters can make anything happen. Digital artist James Fridman, a funny Photoshop troll, does just this; he takes user requests to “fix” their pictures, then interprets their directions literally. Romanian NGO on Their Way to Guinness Book for Building the Largest Plastic Bottles Bridge in... Photo by EyeInTheSky, used with author’s permission PET = Polyethylene terephthalate, a thermoplastic polymer resin of the polyester family, used in beverage, food and other liquid containers. It is a different version of Bridge Over Troubled Waters, as the trouble here is the plastic waste. Using 104402 recycled plastic bottles, the Romanians from have build the world’s largest plastic bottles construction, which will be featured in Guinness Book: a bridge that connects the two banks of Bega River, which crosses the Romanian town of Timisoara. “PETs place is not in the water,” says Radu Rusu, the project initiator. And there is no smarter and more humorous way to make this ecological statement but by building a floating bridge out of non-biodegradable junk.

Japanese Food Stylist Eiko Mori Creates Toast Art Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day—no one more so than Japanese food artist Eiko Mori, who uses toast as her canvas. Mori began making toast art just earlier this year, and has since fallen in love with the process. Using a toothpick, a spoon, and a miniature piping bag made from parchment paper as her tools, she creates charming patterned motifs on shoku-pan, a Japanese-style milk bread. Her patterned designs include fruit, sushi, and even tennis rackets made from Japanese ingredients such as black sesame and mango paste. The vibrant elements pop against a spread of homemade sour cream. Each design can be time consuming and fiddly; some were made by placing individual sesame seeds one at a time with a pair of tweezers.