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Hillary Clinton

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Inside Hillary Clinton’s Surreal Post-Election Life. When I walk into the Chappaqua dining room in which Hillary Clinton is spending her days working on her new book, I am greeted by a vision from the past.

Inside Hillary Clinton’s Surreal Post-Election Life

Wearing no makeup and giant Coke-bottle glasses, dressed in a gray mock-turtleneck and black zip sweatshirt, Hillary looks less Clinton and more Rodham than I have ever seen her outside of college photographs. It’s the glasses, probably, that work to make her face look rounder, or maybe just the bareness of her skin. She looks not like the woman who’s familiar from television, from newspapers, from America of the past 25 years, but like the 69-year-old version of the young woman who came to the national stage with a wackadoodle Wellesley commencement speech in 1969. With no more races to run and no more voters to woo with fancy hair, Clinton appears now as she might have if she’d aged in nature and not in the crucible of American politics. Still, this is not Hillary of the woods. Besides, she argues, “what I was doing was working. Watch FRONTLINE'S 10 Most-Streamed Documentaries of 2016.

From investigating the complicated fight against ISIS, to examining Donald Trump’s evolution from businessman to reality-TV star to politician, FRONTLINE’s 2016 documentaries explored a wide range of stories about our country and our world.

Watch FRONTLINE'S 10 Most-Streamed Documentaries of 2016

As the year draws to a close, we’re counting down the 10 FRONTLINE documentaries that earned the most digital streams over the past 12 months — and collecting them all in one place, for easy (and, as always, free) viewing. Every day from now through Dec. 24, we’ll reveal a different documentary on the list — starting with No. 10, and ending with No. 1. We’ll also share related reporting on each topic as we go. We hope you’ll bookmark this link and check back daily as the countdown unfolds. #1 – The Choice 2016 About the documentary: Since 1988, FRONTLINE’s acclaimed election-year series, The Choice, has brought viewers in-depth, interwoven biographies of the two major-party U.S. presidential candidates. . #2 – Saudi Arabia Uncovered #4 – Chasing Heroin. Shattered dreams in Clintonworld. Hillary Clinton won New York, but her image is underwater. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton addressed New York voters after winning the state's primary election.

Hillary Clinton won New York, but her image is underwater

(AP) Hillary Clinton got what she needed in New York, a solid victory that stopped Bernie Sanders’s weeks-long winning streak. But any cause for celebration among her supporters probably will be tempered by the reality that her unexpectedly difficult nomination battle has taken a significant toll on her candidacy. By the end of next week’s contests in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Delaware, her lead in pledged delegates in all likelihood will be insurmountable. For Sanders, there seemingly will be no path to the nomination other than the unlikely strategy of trying to persuade superdelegates to go against the will of Democratic voters.

By the beginning of May, Clinton will be at liberty to turn her attention to the general election. Vermont Sen. Clinton’s image is at or near record lows among major demographic groups. Local Politics Alerts. Black Lives Matter protesters confront Clinton at a fundraiser. "We want you to apologize for mass incarceration," Ashley Williams said at the Charleston, South Carolina, event.

Black Lives Matter protesters confront Clinton at a fundraiser

"I'm not a 'super predator,' Hillary Clinton. " Williams was referring to statements Clinton made in New Hampshire during her husband's 1996 presidential re-election campaign, defending then-President Bill Clinton's 1994 crime bill. The bill advocated for tougher policing of gang members. "We need to take these people on. They are often connected to big drug cartels. Williams, holding a banner that said, "We have to bring them to heel. Members of the crowd then began to boo Williams, with some shouting, "You're being rude," "This is not appropriate" and "You're trespassing. " Black Lives Matter protesters confront Clinton at a fundraiser.