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Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 3 Important Tools for Paperless Classrooms. January 25, 2017 Technology has become an essential part of our teaching, or at least here in the north American context.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 3 Important Tools for Paperless Classrooms

Paperless classrooms are no longer a novelty and several teachers have fully incorporated the ethos of digitality into their instruction. There are now a gamut of excellent educational web tools and mobile apps that help teachers effectively manage their classrooms and ultimately enhance their teaching. From creating and collecting assignments paperlessly to communicating with parents and school community, technology did prove and continue to prove that it can make our teaching much more easier and efficacious. In today’s post, we highlight three important platforms (sort of learning management systems (LMS) ) that have gained so much popularity within the education community given their relative young age compared with tools such as Moodle.

Inbyggd OCR-funktion i Google Docs - få inskannade bildfiler upplästa. Det finns en gratis inbyggd ocr-funktion i Google Docs som du kan använda på inskannade textfiler eller foton på text som du tagit med din mobil.

Inbyggd OCR-funktion i Google Docs - få inskannade bildfiler upplästa

Denna text kan du sedan markera och få uppläst med en talsyntes, t.ex. Oribi Speak. Gör så här 1. 6 Reading Comprehension Problems & What To Do About It. High school history has a tremendous obstacle to learning — getting students enthusiastic about reading difficult texts.

6 Reading Comprehension Problems & What To Do About It

When I teach World History to my 9th graders, I have come up with a list of 6 common challenges I face when trying teach reading comprehension. Here’s a glimpse into how I meet these 6 challenges and help my students win! Note from Vicki Davis: When I find great products, I see if there is a fantastic teacher who is using the product every day to write the post. Actively Learn has a free version anyone can use. This is a sponsored post by Actively Learn and authored by MJ Linane, 9th grade World History teacher in Mattapoisett, MA.

The Paperless School of the Future Is Here Now! Computer networks and Internet resources are helping teachers cut down on paper use.

The Paperless School of the Future Is Here Now!

Teachers can keep grades and attendance online and use texts that are available at no cost. How are these experiments going? Is the "paperless classroom" just around the corner? Included: Education World writer Ryan Francis's look at three classrooms that are trying to go paperless! In a classroom in rural Kentucky, students can no longer use the excuse "My dog ate my homework. " Sorrell's classes have served as guinea pigs. In Henry County, Kentucky, a part of the country where agriculture still dominates, farmers use migrant workers to harvest their crops. "These PDAs do a lot more than we thought," she said, noting that all students in the class, not just the migrant ones, received PDAs.

Sorrell figures that, on average, she used to pass out two sheets of paper per day, per student. "Think about the money schools could save," Sorrell said. Another concern is repairing and replacing the PDAs. Paperless Interactive Reading Response Journals. My Students Each year I begin with a fresh crop of children with a wide range of abilities and opinions when it comes to reading.

Paperless Interactive Reading Response Journals

This year I'm trying something new in an effort to get my students excited to share about the books they have read, and also make strides toward a paperless classroom. My students love the opportunity to use and experiment with technology. Therefore, I am always looking for new ways to integrate technology into my lessons to increase student interest. Going Paperless, Part 1: Google Classroom. By Jianna Taylor At the end of last year, we found out that our district, West Bloomfield, would be going 1:1 in grades 5-12, with all students having the option to use a district-issued Chromebook, buy their own Chromebook at a discounted price, or use some other device.

Going Paperless, Part 1: Google Classroom

From "Paperless Classroom" to "Deep Reading": Five Stages in Internet Pedagogy. Note: This article was originally published in The Technology Source ( as: Grover C.

From "Paperless Classroom" to "Deep Reading": Five Stages in Internet Pedagogy

Furr III "From "Paperless Classroom" to "Deep Reading": Five Stages in Internet Pedagogy" The Technology Source, September/October 2003. Available online at The article is reprinted here with permission of the publisher. Whooo's Reading. Mateo, Grade 711,000 Coins Izzy, Grade 28,000 Coins Liam, Grade K9,000 Coins.

Whooo's Reading

Reading. Writing. Thinking. Sharing. If you’ve been following my paperless journey, this is the third post of my Notability blogging mini-series!

Reading. Writing. Thinking. Sharing.

Over the past few months, I’ve received some wonderful feedback (thank you!) , including a bunch of emails from readers asking about how I use Notability as a teacher. Sharing My Paperless Classroom. Today the Buffalo News published an article about my paperless classroom and the benefits I am seeing (click here for the article).

Sharing My Paperless Classroom

I am sharing this not to brag, but to show other educators that there are truly SO many benefits for students! Some of the many benefits are: Accessibility – Resources, assignments, discussions, etc. are available anytime, anywhere from any device. Students who are absent will not miss as much, for everything is available online. CHALK TALK: Reading and Writing in a Paperless Classroom - The Hour. By Roz McCarthyChalk Talk Published 8:30 am, Saturday, January 2, 2016. Ultimate Guide to the Paperless Classroom. Many top educators and administrators view the idea of a paperless classroom as an inevitability in education. In today’s digital age, these educators believe that a paperless classroom promotes a more efficient and organized classroom while preparing students for the practical world outside classroom walls.

In other words, if every facet of life is becoming increasingly reliant on technology, then why not equip students accordingly? “We need technology in every classroom and in every student’s and teacher’s hand, because it is the pen and paper of our time,” said esteemed author and educator David Warlick. “It is the lens through which we experience much of our world.” This sentiment is shared by many educators, administrators, and parents in the educational community, and for good reason. Creating a Paperless Classroom. Simpsons Paperless Classroom HD. The best tools for your paperless classroom. Whether you’ve had a paperless classroom for awhile, have tried to go paperless but have made it only halfway there, or if you’re just taking your first baby steps into emptying your classroom of its paper piles, selecting tools that will take the place of your papers. If you’ve already gone paperless (or partly paperless), you’ve likely already tried out a few tools or more, to varying degrees of ease and success.

Part of the issue may be offerings – there are about a bajillion (yes, that’s a real number, and it is a really really big number). How do you decide which of these tools, nearly all of which are marketed as a ‘must’ and the ‘best’ for your classroom, will work well and be worth your time and effort? You have other people try out the apps for you, and recommend the best ones. If you have a favorite that we haven’t included here, we’d love for you to share it with the Daily Genius community!

1:1 i klassrummet – analyser av en pedagogisk praktik i förändring. Nyheter detalj - Tillämpad informationsteknologi, Göteborgs universitet. Det papperslösa klassrummet. Tanken att arbeta digitalt utan papper är något som jag funderat på en tid. Möjligheterna har funnits länge då eleverna har haft Chromebooks sedan en tid tillbaka. Skolverkets seminarium: "Svensk forskning om 1-1", 1 oktober 2012 (with images, tweets) · marielinder.

Voki Home. Extending Digital Portfolios Beyond High School and How to Forward a Domain. Two iPad Teachers - i-magine P-lan a-dapt d-iscover. How to Manage Classroom Digital Portfolios by Using Page-level Permissions in Google Sites. Ly for Education. My Study Life - A Student Planner On the Web and Windows 8. There are plenty of online, Android, and iOS planners for students. So far there aren't many that have been built with Windows 8 in mind.

My Study Life is an exception to that pattern. Create, deliver and share great-looking digital lesson plans. 10 Good Ways to Integrate Mobile Phones in Class. Creaza AS. Learn It In 5 - Home. 81 Dash - A Nice Backchannel Tool for the Classroom. 81 Dash is a nice backchannel platform that I learned about today during the "Smackdown" at Hack Ed 2014. 81 Dash provides a place for teachers to create chat rooms to use with students to host conversations and share files.

Once you are registered you can begin creating rooms. In your chat room you can exchange messages and files. As the owner of a room you can delete messages written by your students. Students join your 81 Dash room by going to the URL that is assigned to your room. When they arrive at your room for the first time they will be asked to register. A Web Whiteboard. Chalkup - Distribute & Grade Assignments in Google Drive Without Using Scripts.

Welcome to the School of You. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Teacher's Guide to Using Padlet in Class. July12, 2014 Padlet is a great platform for bookmarking and sharing digital content. Since in its launch a few years ago, Padlet (formerly Wallwisher) has undergone several great updates that make it an ideal tool to use with students in class. Before we see some of the ways to use this platform with students, let us have a look at some of its features . Padlet features : Padlet is very easy to use and has a user friendly interfacePadlet is web based and does not require any software installationIt allows you to easily add notes, text, images, videos, and drawings to your wallYou can also add word documents from computer to your Padlet wallPadlet provides a wide variety of layouts to choose fromPadlet works across multiple devices including mobile phonesAny Padlet wall you create can be embedded into your blog or website.It enhances collaborative work.

The Paperless Classroom with Google Docs - Google Dokument#heading=h.ntg1ff7d51mq. Show My Homework. Josmith's Classroom. Guides. Teachers - Start.