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Library Activities & Ideas

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A Simple Trick for Success with One-Pagers. How to use a Raspberry Pi ft. Dr Sally Le Page. Sandbox - Breakout EDU Digital. Movement and Mindfulness for Kids. Looking for Media Literacy Lessons? Check Out These Resources. #BookSnaps with Google Slides – Be REAL. #BookSnaps are digital, visual representations of learning that showcase student voice and choice.

#BookSnaps with Google Slides – Be REAL

#BookSnaps can be used at any grade level and for any subject. With that in mind, I would like to introduce a collaborative way to share and curate #BookSnaps using Google Slides. #BookSnaps in Google Slides When creating #BookSnaps in Google Slides, students can pull images from the web, create their own pictures via selfies, add text and annotation, think bubbles, Bitmojis, emojis, and they can collaborate with others. Bookflix and Chill.

Earlier this week I stumbled upon a video which was doing the rounds on EduTwitter. A school library, inspired by a number of other schools with Netflix displays, had created a visual for their school library. Mystery Animal: a Voice Experiment. Book Covers. School Family Nights - PTO Today. Wall Murals & Mural Wallpaper Art. Access the Applied Digital Skills Curriculum – Google Applied Digital Skills. Let's Make This Year Awesome Flipgrid With Kid President & Our Students!

Teaching21st - Collection of Free Online Resources for Teachers and Parents. Battle of the Book. Goodwinnovate - Tech tips, green screen, iPads and more. Come check out how I infuse technology into my classroom. Website Evaluation - Information Literacy - LibGuides at NYC DOE Office of Library Services. Shared Refugee Breakout - Google Slides. Crash Course Navigating Digital Information Preview. Sign in to your account. 14 Resources for Citing Sources. Have you ever heard the saying that there is my truth, your truth, and somewhere in the middle, the real truth? Lens into the Library – Ideas, inspirations, and reflections on a middle school library. Tech Tools - AASL Standards for the Learner (PETE&C 2018) All About Explorers. Library/Media Center / 7th Grade SS Fake News. Day 6: Library Jenga – Lens into the Library.

Ok… I needed a way to spruce up Library Orientation…and fast.

Day 6: Library Jenga – Lens into the Library

After reflecting on my practice the last few years I knew that the students needed to be instructed on how to use the catalog, but I needed to make it fun and interactive. Library Jenga was a HIT! First, I took five classic Jenga sets and attached numbered stickers to roughly half of the blocks in each set (around 25 each). Then, I made a Google Form that allowed students to select numbers from a drop down menu. Each number represented a book. The books I chose were the top 50 books from the previous year as well as our state student choice award nominees (Golden Sowers), and some great nonfiction books that I thought deserved some air time. I then divided the students into five different colored groups (one Jenga game per group). Students, using the catalog, searched for the book. Let's All Share What We Do As Future Ready Librarians In Each One Of The FRL Wedges!

I had such a wonderful time with our team as we worked with administrators, technology directors, principals, coaches and of course, lots of very special Future Ready Librarians.

Let's All Share What We Do As Future Ready Librarians In Each One Of The FRL Wedges!

On the second day, as we examined, dissected and shared ways Future Ready Librarians lead, teach and serve within our libraries, schools and communities, one of my new friends, Becky Ackermann, came up to me with an idea from the collaborating they were doing at their table. Even though we took the FRL Framework apart on the first day together by breaking into 10 groups and... Explore Smithsonian: What can we Learn from Lion Poop? GooseChase Game - Library Orientation Master copy. Fake News Resources for Teachers - Julie Smith. Resources to Help You Get Started: Super fun to have everyone jumping on the “fake news” bandwagon – we media literacy folks have been barking about this for YEARS!

Fake News Resources for Teachers - Julie Smith

Welcome! =) In no particular order, here are some resources on fake news, fake news creation and how to identify it. Astronauts Are Reading Children’s Books in Space to Encourage a Love of STEM. Be Internet Awesome - About. Screencast-O-Matic. STEM Read – Discover the Science Behind the Fiction. Team-Building Games and Activities for the Classroom. Team-building games and activities are a great tool for helping students learn to work together, listen carefully, communicate clearly, and think creatively.

Team-Building Games and Activities for the Classroom

They also give your students the chance to get to know each other, build trust as a community and, best of all, have some fun! Here are 33 team-building activities that will teach your students these skills and more. Watch the video below to see three of our favorite team-building games in action, then read on for more ideas. [embedyt] 1. This activity requires strong verbal communication and cooperation. 2. Tie a string between two stacks of chairs to create an “electric fence wire” that comes to about the average waist height on your students. 3. This game is a quick way to take note of your students’ interests. 4. This is a fun activity to get kids lined up. 5. This fun outdoor activity is double the fun of traditional tug of war. 6. You’ll need some running around space for this activity. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17.