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AngularJS — Superheroic JavaScript MVW Framework. The blog and podcast for a very different kind of Linux magazine. Mapping application. Why I Recommend Against Hackety Hack. Disclosure: I sell a couple books that teach programming to kids (and are free to download).

Why I Recommend Against Hackety Hack

I don’t personally view them as being in competition with Hackety Hack, but someone else might. Hackety Hack was a project originally started by _why the lucky stiff to teach kids programming in Ruby. It often comes up in “I want to teach my kid programming” forum threads. So I downloaded Hackety Hack and decided to give it a try. I found Hackety Hack to be frustrating and was very unimpressed with it, and do not recommend it as a way to teach programming to a beginner. It’s kind of crap. Its main flaws are: It has little actual content. There’s a few other minor gripes I have with it: The upload feature doesn’t work at all (even though you’ll get a “Uploaded!” In the file editor, if you don’t save your program before running it, clicking Run simply does nothing (there’s no, “You need to save first.” message).

RepRapWiki. Google Search 3T. Broadband. Thank You for Registering. OpenText Content Day London, See What You Missed. With each successive EIM Day, we're aware that we have an increasing number of solutions for your content needs.

OpenText Content Day London, See What You Missed

As a result the agenda grows year on year, yet the hours in the day to demonstrate the technology remain finite. It is now possible to double the amount of sessions that you can see at EIM Days. We have picked the twelve most popular sessions to run as webinars over the next six months until December 2013. Whether you missed sessions, double booked, had travel commitments or were unable to attend the event, now you don't have to miss a thing. You can register for these online sessions in advance and we will even send you an automatic notification closer to the date of the webinar as a reminder. If a session you couldn't see, but were keen to see is not on our webinar schedule, we would love to hear from you.

Now you can make every day a EIM day with the EIM Day London Webinar Series! Please email if you have any questions regarding these webinars.


Asus Transformer. NAS shoot-out: 5 storage servers battle for business. The entry-level NAS market is red hot.

NAS shoot-out: 5 storage servers battle for business

With prices dipping below $2,000 for a versatile storage server packing 10TB of disk, there's no wonder this market segment is witnessing extremely fast growth. Unfortunately for the business customer, it's also experiencing a lot of confusion. The reasons for both the success and the confusion are easy to see. There are at least three different user bases for these products and a seemingly endless number of use cases. A larger business might use a low-cost NAS box to offload stagnant, rarely used data from more expensive, high-performance storage.

. [ Also on InfoWorld: Take a visual tour of Windows 8's mobile-inspired Metro user interface. | Discover the 10 best new features of Windows Server 8 Stay abreast of key Microsoft technologies in our Technology: Microsoft newsletter. ] With so many use cases and potential buyers, the vendors too often try to be everything to everyone.

Online Store. Stream hit movies, catch up on TV shows, stay connected to your social network, enjoy on-demand access to your favorite music. Don't settle for online entertainment on your small computer screen. With the WD TV Live streaming media player, you can enjoy it all on your HDTV. Check out the complete lineup of online services. formats. Get the freedom to enjoy your media now, in virtually any file format. Ready, set, stream. So easy to set up, you'll be up and running in minutes. Raspberry Pi. Linux. A better way to learn Unix. April 22, 2012, 11:35 AM — Having used Unix for nearly 30 years and taught it for more than 10, I am all too familiar with the glaze that comes over new users' eyes when they are introduced to the all-powerful Unix command line.

A better way to learn Unix

Many, in fact, find it quite difficult to understand why the command line is needed at all on modern operating systems. Others take weeks to appreciate concepts like pipes and redirection. And still others, who manage to get past these two learning obstacles, have trouble distinguishing commands that work with file descriptions (i.e., metadata) from those that work with file content. It's as if they've entered a new world in which all of the rules are new and nothing that they've done before is of any use in navigating this new OS terrain. The problem with most introductions to Unix is that they cover too much too quickly. The Linux Command Line: A Complete Introduction is the better way. Enter now! Ubuntu. IBMi. 5 Tips for Using Facebook on Firefox. 64GB Mushkin UHS-1 SDXC Flash Card - Aria Technology.