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Headphone audio

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Used hifi equipment , Used Audiophile Speakers, Amplifiers more. Buy Sell Trade. Quality Sound For Home Audio and Home Theater. Audio Classics - New and Vintage McIntosh Marantz Bowers & Wilkins JBL Krell VPI Klipsch stereo equipment. Sony High-Resolution Audio. HD Music Download Sites (a list) High Definition music downloads are part of the next big wave in the evolution/revolution that is computer audio.

HD Music Download Sites (a list)

As with most things computer audio, there’s some confusion, disagreement and dissension regarding exactly what a High Definition audio file is. Should we restrict the use of this term to only those records that were originally recorded using high definition equipment at greater than CD-quality resolution? Or is a FLAC download of a file that’s been re-mastered and in the process re-sampled to 24/96 worthy of inclusion? It’s no surprise that the people most closely involved with this issue, recording engineers and producers, have strong and differing opinions. For the purposes of this overview we've included all websites that offer downloads of higher than CD-quality music regardless of the original recorded resolution.

[Updated: 9.17.2013] Acousence Website: www.acousence.deDescription: Jazz and Classical Recordings. Acoustic Sounds Analekta Records Artist Connex ATMA Classique. High Res Music Download Sites. 500GB High Resolution DSD Audio Music Player System - HAPS1/ Review. Grado Headphones Shirt Shop. AEDLE - High-end Audio Accessories. U-Turn Audio. Forza AudioWorks. Google Translate. Pelican MicroCases from The Micro Case Series is a range of cases to protect your valuable small items.

Pelican MicroCases from

They have the same look as larger Pelican, plus they combine an attractive style, and offer the legendary strength of Pelican Protector Cases. With the Micro Cases you will be able to protect your cell phone, photographic camera, Personal Digital Assistants (PDA), electronic games, pager, radio, and other valuable small items. Micro Cases will totally protect your valuables, as they are watertight, crushproof and have an automatic pressure purge valve. Every Micro Case is available in solid color or clear with matching liner and speed lock. They include a clip for easy attachment/detachment.

Micro Cases are excellent for trips or outdoor activities when you need to protect your valuables from water, falls, knocks, sun, atmospheric changes, etc. and they are small enough to fit into luggage, bags, glove compartments, other Pelican Protector Cases. And remember, smaller does not mean less strong. High Definition Tape Transfers. Red Wine Audio – battery powered purist hi-fi. B>RFI/EMI Protection Caps</b> Paradox Audio - Home. MS-AK100 [Engine by] DIY Audio Electronics from The Kobiconn Connector for Balanced Portable Amplifiers. BTG-Audio. Mad Dog Headphone Store. Double Helix Cables, Custom OCC Copper Cables for every audio system...

New cable orders ship in 8 weeks.

Double Helix Cables, Custom OCC Copper Cables for every audio system...

Extreme demand & our expanding dealer network means slightly longer wait times, we will be caught up soon. DHC will be providing international product guides: คู่มือสินค้า Double Helix Cables ประจำปี 2014 Complement2, Metagenome2 and more under review by Mike Mercer at Audio360! PFO review with Mike Mercer also coming soon! InnerFidelity. GRADO ONYX MANTA. V-MODA VAMP makes the case for audiophiles with money to burn. Audiophiles who are less than thrilled with the sound that they get from their iPhone 4 or 4S now have a new companion accessory that is bound to make a difference in the quality of their listening experience.

V-MODA VAMP makes the case for audiophiles with money to burn

The US$650 V-MODA VAMP, available today from and, is a rather different iPhone 4/4S case that packs a lot of power and sophistication in to a solid metal casing. This isn't just a battery case, although it packs a 2200 mAh battery. It uses an audiophile-grade digital-to-analog converter (DAC) to extract the digital audio signal of the iPhone, and then runs it through a two-channel 150 mW amplifier (five times more powerful than that built into the iPhone) to bump up the signal. The VAMP has two audio processing modes built-in: the PURE mode processes audio to provide the truest sounding audio playback, while a VQ mode adds a "slight spatial 3D soundstage, tightened bass, and increased treble attack" to punch up the sound. Conclusion: Vampeo. Thunderpants Headphones. CEntrance -> Home. - Home - Grado and Alessandro Upgrades. Schiit Audio — Headphone amps and DACs, made in USA. 睿志音响. ALO audio. News - Ray Samuels Audio. Audeze. Headfonia: Dynamics, Orthodynamics, Electrostatics, and In-Ears Headphone Comparisons and Reviews. Ohrenholz. - Headphone forums and reviews for audiophiles. Woo Audio High-End Tube Amplifiers - The Sound of Excellence.