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Music Licensing Opportunities Television, Movies, Radio, Labels

Music Licensing Opportunities Television, Movies, Radio, Labels

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Mixing Multitracked Drums Technique : Recording / Mixing With drum machines and samplers becoming increasingly prominent in music production, mixing real drums is becoming something of a lost art. Paul White explains the basics of this important mixing skill, and shares some secrets on how to get the best drum sound. In the world of synths and samplers, we take acoustic separation for granted, but when it comes to mixing acoustic drums, things are very different because of the usual way in which a drum kit is miked up. Normally pop productions use close mics for each drum, a pair of overheads to capture the overall kit sound and room ambience in stereo, and often a separate hi-hat mic.

Writers' Guidelines for Coffee Break for Writers Thank you for your interest in writing for Coffee Break for Writers. We provide content for new and experienced writers around the globe. Before sending your ideas or submissions, we ask that you read and follow our writers' guidelines, as well as study the current content on our website. If you do that, it will increase your chances of acceptance. We're seeking unique articles (500-1,000 words) about the writing or publishing industry. Topics we're currently in need of and will be more likely to accept are:

FINDING OPPORTUNITIES I got a call yesterday from someone who wanted to license two of my instrumental tracks for a video project he was working on. OK, that’s not really true. He actually called me LAST WEEK!…and I didn’t bother to check my messages until yesterday when I called him back. I’m TERRIBLE! Press kit Uses Press kits are commonly used for: Product launchesNew company launchMergers and acquisitionsNews conferencesLarge events / Industry trade shows Common components WiiMote and GlovePie is MIDI Prerequisites (what you need to get it working): Hardware ComputerBluetooth adapter (an adapter for using an open wireless protocol for exchanging data over short distances). Wii Remote (also known as a wiimote, the primary controller for Nintendo's Wii console)Software GlovePie(is a free Programmable Input Emulator, originally for the Essential Reality P5 Virtual Reality Glove, which now supports a huge range of input devices, especially the Nintendo Wii Remote (Wiimote))MIDI Yoke (allows you to connect the MIDI output from one program to the MIDI input of a different program)MIDI-OX (is a 32 bit multi-purpose tool: it is both a diagnostic tool and a System Exclusive librarian. It can perform filtering and mapping of MIDI data streams. Let's get going:

The Petting Zu: Your First Three Leaves Once you've graduated from the Petting Zu, you'll get some nice perks. The biggest perk is that all of your outgoing links will become dofollow links. If your account is in the Petting Zu, that means all of your links are nofollow links. What on Earth does that mean? Those familiar with SEO (search engine optimization) might be familiar with dofollow and nofollow links. When a link is "nofollow," it means a "nofollow" attribute has been added to the link, therefore passing less link authority. Freelanced North Haledon School District - North Haledon, NJ - , illustrators, and scientists through fine assembly programs. Students have performed on stage, conducted research, solved complex mathematical problems, studied a variety of topics, and discovered the joy of reading and writing. They have learned the importance of assisting others through food drives and holiday gift service projects. Students learn about the character trait of the month such as honesty, kindness, and responsibility through literature, song, and projects. All of these experiences enrich... academic, social, and emotional needs of each child. Teachers strive to build on successful experiences for every child on a daily basis.

Filming Flexibility in Sustainability LEC presently uses a combination of high efficiency natural gas boilers, ground source heat pumps, heat recovery from building cooling, and solar thermal panels to heat hot water. Depending on the temperature of returning water, LEC natural gas boilers have a nominal efficiency between 87% and 98%, a rate that exceeds stand-alone boilers typically installed in multi-unit residential buildings. Heat from natural gas boilers is supplemented with energy from a number of alternative energy projects, including heat pumps that pull heat from the ground, heat pumps that use the heat rejected from cooling buildings, and solar thermal panels installed on the City Library.