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Math Activities for Kids : Exploring Volume. Fine Motor Activities : Matches and Straws. Number Activities for kids : Number Tunnel. Fine Motor Activities : Learning with Licorice. Math Activities for Kids : 3 leaf activities for number recognition. Math Activity : Play dough fingers for toddlers. This toddler learning math activity combines music, play dough and math.

Math Activity : Play dough fingers for toddlers

My toddler is trying *really* hard to keep with her pre school age sister. I mean she loves to bring me books and have me read them to her, she loves to learn and all, but..the thought stops there. It is just the idea of learning like her sister which entices her not the actual sit down and focus learning. Of course she can’t, she is 2! To feed her interests we are coming up with cool ways to ensure her need for learning is satisfied while having fun. You will need 2 things. This is what we did. First we both made play dough fingers. Which song? Here are the lyrics to the song. Thumbkin is finger number one, number one, number one Thumbkin is finger number one, but where is finger number two?

Pointer is finger number two, number two, number two Pointer is finger number two, but where is finger number three? Math and Science Activity. Math Activities. Math based turkey craft. Math activities: Addition with picture books. Math games with egg cartons. Math activity for preschoolers. This fun math activity will be better suited for preschoolers and above.

Math activity for preschoolers

Big A’s school has been doing some addition and she is psyched enough to transfer her knowledge to her baby sister. “2 lions plus 2 tigers equals . (thinks for a while…) 4 animals [ Got the unit right].. As an indoor activity, I put together a simple math activity with some foam sheets, markers and glass gems (incentive) Things we used Apple and pumpkin shaped foam sheetsMarkersGlass gems The sheets are not in a great condition because my younger one simply had to write on those foam sheets and smudge them before her older sister came over to play. I set the sheets out and invited Big A with a riveting statement “ Hey, did you know apples plus apples equals pumpkins” She walked over to check out what on earth I was talking about.

This pre schooler math activity is pretty straight forward. I had 2 sets of apple foam sheets (green and red) with numbers 1 through 5 written out. methods 1. Number Turkey Thanks for reading. ABCs of Math Activities : A-E. Learn math with a safety pin. With just a safety pin or a cardboard arrow and a number wheel, we pulled a “Wheel of Fortune” while learning math.

Learn math with a safety pin

The safety pin and pencil trick was something I always did as kid. The game was ever so popular in our school – just flick the pin and keep scores. ABC's of Math Activities. Bloggers are going to post exhaustively about their chosen and we all sure have tons of reading to do.

ABC's of Math Activities

All the posts will have numerous ideas, activities and thoughts to read, explore, absorb and of course pin and share. Here at Blog Me Mom, you will see A-Z of Math Activities where we cover topics ranging from books, games, concepts, hands on fun to mathematical art for toddlers. The series will follow an alphabetical order and will be showcased on 5 days. Can’t wait for the series to begin!

Click here to go to the first part of the series. Click here to go to the second part of the series .F-J Click here to go to the third part of the series: K-O Click here to go to the fourth part of the series : P-T Click here to go the final part of the series :U-Z Here are a list of bloggers who are participating in the series. Books for Preschoolers from Mommy and Me Book ClubBuilding a Home Library from Ready Set Read!

Fine Motor Math Play. Math Activities. January 8, 2013 This is day 2 of our ABC’s of Math Activities series. Click here to read about the series . Click here to read our first installment {*style:<b> Pin It </b>*} . This time we are using a popular play material : play dough to teach fractions. We started off with a box of play dough and a plastic knife. Using that as a starting point we explored the following: 2 halves make a whole Recognize fractions. Math Activities. ABC's of Math Activities: P-T. To read the first three parts of this series visit the following links.

ABC's of Math Activities: P-T

Part 1, part 2 and part 3. We see patterns all around us. Patterns to a preschooler is something that’s repetitive and is in an order. It’s a basic concept that is the foundation for life-long mathematical skills. Identifying patterns around us: Flowers, animals, clothes, jewelery, shoes, floor tiles and many more. We have done an interesting activity about patterns from Animals we know. The simplest exercise to introduce and teach patters are using colors and shapes. Using colored beads Expand the play with three or more colors and different order. Using colored shapes blocks Expand the activity with three or more shapes and different order. Here are some more fun ways from your favorite bloggers: What is quantity? How much of…? To elaborate: make two sets of objects and have them judge which has more items and which has fewer.