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15: Kumihimo Disks – 52LASERS. DroneX Pro® Picsima3d. Silicone (SIL) 3D Printer Material - Carbon. 3D Printing Materials. Documentation - FAQ. Farm shop. Christchurch South Fruit and Vegetable Collective (Inc) Projects to Print. This project makes a real working Low Temperature Difference (LTD) Stirling Engine.

Projects to Print

For its energy source, use iced water in the upper blue tray and sit the engine on a bowl of near boiling water. Epiphany onE Puck by Epiphany Labs. Stirling. The Snow Machine. An internal project for Weapon7's agency Christmas card 2012, The Snow Machine was an experiential event in Covent garden.

The Snow Machine

It featured a Twitter powered snow machine, an eight-ton Mercedes-Benz Unimog and copious amounts of fake snow. Passersby were invited to Tweet #snow to @thesnowmachine Twitter account, which would then cause ten seconds of snow flurry from the snow machine. How to Control Practically Anything Using Twitter and an Arduino. Unto this Last: Final Product. Stealth Lamp. How to use a multi layered stencil. Stencil overlays. Michael Jackson multi layered stencil from The Stencil Studio. Stenciling Tutorials. Single layer stencils will give great results and are very easy to use, simply position the stencil, paint it and then remove it.

How to use a multi layered stencil. Stencil overlays. Michael Jackson multi layered stencil from The Stencil Studio. Stenciling Tutorials

Multi layered stencils or stencil overlays can be used to paint one colour on top of another with even greater results. Electronic Night Light. The "Electronic" part of this night light derives from the so-called "Joule Thief" which is the real secret of its performance.

Electronic Night Light

The Joule Thief circuit drains practically all the usable energy out of the battery. The circuit also has a feature that turns it off in daylight to further conserve its battery. The Joule Thief is by now a well-known type of circuit for driving an LED from a single cell battery. The circuit boosts the battery voltage to the 3.5 volts or so that a white LED needs, and continues working until the battery has been drained down to around 0.5V. This is the voltage at which the single transistor in the circuit can no longer function, so everything stops. Brewie. 33 Most Wanted Free Japanese and Chinese Style Fonts. What is: Monozukuri. Monozukuri: Literally mono= 'thing' and zukuri (tsukuru) 'process of making'; -> the process of making or creating things.

What is: Monozukuri

But the literal translation does not convey the real connotation of monozukuri. The word has an more intense meaning; monozukuri is about having a state of mind, the spirit to produce not only excellent products but also have the the ability to constantly improve the production system and its processes. Read more: Professor Takahiro Fujimoto (Manufacturing Management Research Center, University of Tokyo) has defined monozukuri as.

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FaBrickation: 3D Printing + Lego for Fast Prototyping. Time saved by using the faBrickator software vs. 3D printing the entire part. 3D printing is slow compared to other types of rapid prototyping, such as laser cutting or CNC machining, especially when many iterations are required.

faBrickation: 3D Printing + Lego for Fast Prototyping

The faBrickation project proposes a simple, soon-to-be open source solution to this problem by enabling designers to turn their 3D models into a combination of Lego bricks and key 3D printed parts that can be quickly printed, assembled and modified. I caught up with Stefanie Mueller, the project lead, and asked her about merits and applications of faBrickation.- Anna Kaziunas France Can you explain what faBrickation is and how it works? FaBrickation is a new approach to speed up 3D printed rapid prototyping. FaBrickating a Head-Mounted Display Converting the 3D model to Lego. Marking up a lens mount as "high resolution“ for 3D printing. 3D print the only the key parts. Screenprinting Tests with Luma Studio using Bare Paint - Technology Will Save Us - Technology Will Save Us.

We have been wanting to play around more with Bare paint for a while and when we met the good folks at Studio Luma last month at one of our Rough Trade workshops it seemed like the perfect opportunity to start a nice potential collaboration. Yesterday morning Andrew and I went over to their Studio to do the first round of initial tests and see how the paint printed and worked with different materials. We tested 4 circuits in the end, a couple of variable resistors to hook up with our DIY Synth and a couple of simple circuits on around 9 different materials including Glass, paper, Card, wood, material, tissue to name a few.


» Project: Conductive Ink Jordan Bunker. Conductive inks have a myriad of different interesting applications.

» Project: Conductive Ink Jordan Bunker

As a quick, additive construction method for electronic circuits, they are especially intriguing. Liverpool John Moores University - Homepage. Flat pack designs. Flat-Pack Magic: Ten Amazing Folding Chairs. Folding, flat-pack chairs make sense in our carbon-conscious age.

Flat-Pack Magic: Ten Amazing Folding Chairs

They require relatively few materials to make, and they're far more fuel-efficient to ship. Here are seven takes on the theme: The Flux, which debuted this year at a Dutch furniture fair, is easily the best-looking of the lot. Made from a sheet of plastic, it folds up so that you can carry it like an over-sized briefcase: One classic assignment for student industrial-designers is to make a chair out of cardboard. Going With the Grain Challenge. DESIGN 21: Social Design Network recently announced the winner of the Going With the Grain Challenge: Swedish furniture designer Charlie Davidson has won for his Uni Table design.

Going With the Grain Challenge

Flatpack Smackdown: KitKat Vs. D. E. Sellers. JWT New Zealand.

Flatpack Smackdown: KitKat Vs. D. E. Sellers

Urbio - Get Started. 15 (More!) Flat-Pack Furniture Designs & Ideas. CNC Panel Joinery Notebook. Digital Wood Joints. Wood Joints are fascinating! 15 (More!) Flat-Pack Furniture Designs & Ideas. Filson and Rohrbacher. SketchChair. 10 Air Purifying Plants For Homes & Offices. Even in huge, busy cities, outdoor air is cleaner and preferable to indoor air. Why is that? One reason is that trees and plants are constantly cleaning the air outside. RA-FA rack&sofa fabricacion. Unto This Last. House of furniture parts by Studio Makkink & Bey. Architecture, furniture and storage all in one.