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Posted by: otilrotcod on Sep 16, 2011 Tagged in: Untagged STEP 1 (SOAKING OF PAPER) Soak paper in a DEEP CONTAINER. Make sure that the paper is fully soaked for quick pulping. STEP 2 (PULPING OF PAPER) There are 2 ways to PULP paper- By OSTERIZER or By HAND(Manually) Once you achieved its claylike pulpiness make sure that any traces of its original form(paper) is gone and that pulped paper was formed. STEP 3 PREPARE A PLYWOOD AS BASE FOR YOUR CREATION. STEP 4 (DRYING AND SMOOTHING) Just let your pulped creation dry under the sun. STEP 5 (BASE PAINTING) After your design has been smoothen. STEP 6 (PAINTING AND EMBELLISHING) Paint your design. STEP 7 (FRAMING) This would depend whether you wish to frame your work of art. Related:  Paperinteresting things

Card-making with easy to follow projects, and video tutorials. 40 Inventive Fantasy Art Tutorials Using Photoshop Photo Montage technique always need to share with others, so we are sharing some beautiful imaginations about fantasy art using Adobe Photoshop, As designers, of course, we are exceptional with large amounts of imagination that helps us create cool and exclusive images. We tend to formulate a meaningful image that expresses cognizant and sub-conscious desires. Whatever the ingredients of the fantasy scene are, the results are always the same, beautiful, mysterious and thought provoking. The real beauty is that it could be anything that your imagination can gather. Read through these cool fantasy art tutorials and learn new techniques of photo manipulations, creating awesome effects and many others with Adobe Photoshop, hope you will like all of these listed tutorials and also can share in your comments you own fantasy inspirations for others. Create an Out of Bounds Fantasy Illustration Fantasy Landscape Photo Manipulation Making of a Forest Magical Scene Fantasy Style Castle Scene

Iris Folding @ Learn a New Card Making Technique What Is Iris Folding? Iris folding is a fun and easy paper folding technique that can be used to make greeting cards, on scrapbook pages, or designs can be framed and hung on a wall. The texture and depth that you feel when handling an iris folded greeting card or scrapbook page is the best part. The online photos can't possibly duplicate this. Iris folding is very versatile in that any type of easy to fold paper can be used. I've taught the technique to children using regular contruction paper(can be left unfolded). Iris folding reminds me a lot of paint-by-number, except that you are using folded strips of paper instead of paint. The lines on the pattern indicate where to place your strips of paper, the numbers indicate the order that the strips are placed, and the pattern instructions tell you where to place each different colored paper, such as Pattern/Color A: 1,5,9,13,17...

16 tips to improve as a graphic designer Graphic design is a field that is quickly changing, both creatively and technically, and while it is easy to get caught up in learning new technical skills, it is just as important to focus improving and pushing the limits of our creativity. While in design school, it was easy to surround myself with inspiration and engage in activities that helped my understanding of effective design. Once I graduated I feared losing it, since I was no longer surrounded by a learning environment. I made it a point to continue educating myself as much as possible and become more active in the field of design. I was determined not to let my designs grow stagnant, but rather transgress and improve with time. Become a collector Each time you see a design that inspires you, collect it, bring it home and file it away. Buy books Having an extensive book collection is always essential to learning. Read design-related blogs Start a design blog Join and be active in the design community Take lots of photos Travel

Card Inspirations an introduction to iris folding Home - Techniques - Iris folding An introduction to iris folding A simple paper folding technique is combined with aperture cards to give stunning results. Square, round or die cut apertures are decorated with folded strips of different coloured papers arranged in a spiral. From left to right: folded strips of coloured paper; Iris folding pattern; finished card. The Iris folding pattern used in this demonstration is from the book Iris Folding for Christmas by Maruscha Gaasenbeek and Tine Beauveser and used by kind permission of the publishers Forte Uitgevers. Method In this demonstration we are using an Iris folding card fronts Christmas Tree Straight Edge. The design is placed on a layout pattern showing the position of the folded strips of paper. Select three different coloured or patterned papers that harmonise together. Cut your paper into strips 20 mm wide. Fold each strip in half along its length with the patterned side out. Lay your Iris folding pattern on your work surface.

Fractal World Gallery Thumbnails : cosmic recursive fractal flames or flame fractals Fractal World Gallery contains a collection of Pure flame fractals, fractal flame composites, fractals, etc: established 1998 Flame Fractals date from 1998 to the Present. by Cory Ench © 2007 Images from this gallery may only be used with artist's permission Fractal software includes Frax Flame and Apophysis for cosmic recursive fractal flames. FAQ I CONTACT I DONATE More artwork by Cory Ench at 120 images in room 1 click on the thumbnails for larger image size 168 images in room 7 120 images in room 6 120 images in room 5 120 images in room 4 120 images in room 3 132 images in room 2 120 images in room 1 Other non fractal art by Cory Ench at home Thanks for viewing the Fractal World Gallery.

Paper Mache Projects Paper Mache Supplies - Paper Mache Animals - Paper Mache Masks - Paper Mache Recipes and techniques Make the Witch King Helmet This is an easy paper mache or plaster cloth project. And I give you the template. Now you can be the witch king. If being the bad guy is what you want! Make the Iron Man Helmet This is a nice paper mache project that comes out great. Make a Dragon Priest Mask from Skyrim This is an easy paper mache project and I have a template that you can download and print out. Make the Skyrim Iron Helmet Nice tutorial on how to make the Iron helmet out of cereal box cardboard and paper mache. Make a Paper Mache Animal Pinata This is a neat tutorial where I show you how to make just about any kind of animal pinata. Make a Magneto Helmet out of paper mache Fun and easy paper mache project. Make a Spartan Shield This is a great looking shield that is creative and easy to make. Make a Spartan Chestplate Make 300 Spartan Greaves(leg-guards) Make 300 Spartan Vambraces (armguards)

How Would Major Cities Look Like With Lights Off? Most likely we will never be able to see city skies entirely free from artificial light and atmosphere pollution. Not anymore. That is history. New York and Brooklyn bridge. Photo by: Thierry Cohen Photographer brought peace to the ever buzzing cities by digitally mixing two worlds into one. Darkened Los Angeles under a blanket of stars and milky way. The clouds of the Milky Way hover above the Paris skyline. The Luxor Obelisk stands starkly in an empty Parisian square under a bowl of stars captured in Malt, Mont, Paris. This star scape over Rio de Janeiro famous beach Copacabana. The Milky Way and California’s San Francisco to Oakland Bay Bridge stand out prominently in this cityscape. This composite photo of the sky over the Sao Paulo in Brazil shows what the darkened sky could look like over the city in the Southern Hemisphere. By combining a photos photographer creates a scientifically accurate view of what the city of Hong Kong could be like without lights.

Paper University - Art Class Papier Mâché The term papier mâché (pronounced póp-ee-ay mash-áy) comes from the French phrase meaning "chewed paper." You can use papier mâché to make piñatas, masks, jewelry, and lots of other crafts. Use these instructions to make your own papier mâché: Alert! The basic method for making papier mâché objects is layering. What you'll need: large bowl plastic cup newspapers white household glue water objects to use as a mold (suggestions: paper or plastic bowl, balloon, shoe box, toilet paper and paper towel rolls, plastic eggs, paper cups, foam balls, empty plastic bottles, etc.) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

THE ALHAMBRA in Granad, Spain LAST ISLAMIC KINGDOM in SPAIN After the downfall of the Spanish Umayyad Dynasty in the 11th century, Islamic strength in the Iberian Peninsula gradually declined and Christian Reconquest proceeded. The last Islamic kingdom was the Nasrid Dynasty, which is also referred to as the Kingdom of Granada taking the name of its capital. Despite being a small kingdom it kept its independency by dexterous diplomatic capability ranking with Christian countries and its aid to the arts and learning encouraged the last Islamic culture in Europe to bloom splendidly. The Citadel looking down the city of Granada On Albaycin hill in Granada a large citadel had been constructed around the 10th century, which was referred to as eQalfat al-Hamraf (the Red Fort) , which got its name from the color of the red soil of the hill and bricks burnt of that soil. Plan of the Palace quarter of the Alhambra ( from Henri Stierlin, "Architecture de l'Islam," 1979) A ecitadelf is a town surrounded with defense walls.

Paper Piecing Paper Piecing This technique started gaining popularity about a year ago although it has been around longer than that. (See Character pages) Commercial patterns are available or you can make your own from coloring books or just about ANY picture or graphic that you want. Windows of Time has several books out on paper piecing and has been the primary company responsible for the explosive growth of paper piecing over the last year. This photo is intentionally blurred to protect Windows Of Time's Copyrighted image Click to see a larger image. Remember whether you are using a paper piecing pattern, a coloring book, stationary or some other source, that the original pattern can be enlarged or reduced using a copying machine or your scanner and a graphics program. Click on any image to see the full size image. Classic Pooh How To Do It Yourself Step by step instructions for making Pooh with the Thinking Cap 2) I printed them out on paper in the size that I wanted for my 12 x 12 page.