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Automata | PaperCraft Papercraft Automata | Just another Papercraft site DrukkChubby August 3, 2012 by admin Direct Download : drukk_drukkchubby (ZIP)Drukk is a simple papertoy (easy to build) with moving parts (you could call it a paper automata). Street Dancer August 3, 2012 by admin Download Street Dancer (RAR) Paper Mario Automata August 3, 2012 by admin Direct Download : mario_automata (ZIP)When you rotate the lever, Mario will jump up and a coin will come out of the box! Awesome! The craft might look complicated with all that mechanisms, but it shouldn’t give you any big problems Walking Mech Warrior August 3, 2012 by admin Direct Download : Mech Walker (PDF) Clown in a Barrel August 3, 2012 by admin Link : Click Here (Canon Creative Park)A circus is a special place where dreams become real. Everyone can enjoy a circus, young or old. Link Click Here (Canon Creative Park)Push the bottom of the base upwards with your hand, or push the base down onto a desk or the floor, and watch as the pink poodle topples over.

Disaster Diorami] All your favorite disasters.... now in smaller paper form! Welcome to Disaster Dioramas (brought to you by Office Warrior - the first in your cubicle fun needs). Spitefuls is proud to soon present the first of hopefully many dioramas to spiffy up your cubicle and help alleviate work boredom through a fun activity using common office supplies! Perfect for your cubicle, office, or desk... it's sure to bring lots of hours of conversation and quizzical looks from fellow coworkers. And who doesn't want quizzical looks from their coworkers. Available now: Download all six pages | .zip (2.8MB) Download all eight pages | .zip (3.6MB) Download all six pages | .zip (3MB) Download all three pages | .zip (2MB) Download all five pages | .zip (3MB) Download all four pages | .zip (2.3MB) Download all five pages | .zip (3.53MB) Stay tuned for: The Alamo! Now the fun almost legally fine print sorta part.

Paper Free Paper Models Anime Paper Toys Ultimate Papercraft paperanimations Motor Sports World: Racing - Spettacolo | Yamaha Motor Co., LTD. The underlying ideal for Yamaha Motor's motorcycle development is achieving rider-machine unity in which the machine responds just the way the rider expects it to. Is it possible to recreate in papercraft the world of racing in its entirety instead of just a machine, where the ultimate unity between the rider and the machine is achieved? We offer you a model kit that embodies the idea of Mr. Mukouyama, a papercraft designer who has been in charge of producing papercraft models offered at the Yamaha Motor website. The general world of racing is created in papercraft on an unprecedented scale as our own "Motorsports World," with the YZR-M1 (2013 model) at the center, representing the powerful excitement of racing and the ambience of a racing circuit as its stage. The motif used is a top MotoGP rider Valentino Rossi's legendary run at Laguna Seca in 2008. So how about recreating the world of racing yourself?

Build 3D Paper Letters From A Nifty Font Speaking of Fontstruct, I found something cool over there. Punched Out is a free font that allows you to type letters, print, cut, fold, and glue to make 3D forms. Created by Tobias Sommer, it's available for download at Dafont or Fontstruct. I gave it a try while watching TV. It's a little tedious, but the result is fun! I printed the letters in gray, scored along the center of the dashed lines, and folded so that the printing ended up on the inside of each letter. Halloween Special - Darc Mansion - by Ray O'Bannon - Raven`s Blight This gloomy old mansion was built in 1817 by Gideon Darc, a man with a most unpleasant reputation. In fact, the entire Darc family was always feared and shunned by the local villagers. Of course, the last known members of the Darc family passed away over a hundred years ago. Esta antiga e sombria mansão foi construído em 1817 por Gideon Darc, um homem com uma reputação, como podemos dizer, não das mais agradáveis .'Bannon.Raven`s.Blight More Halloween related posts: Halloween Special - Evil Dead Diorama - by Oh-Sheet Paper Toys Halloween Special - Halloween Night Diorama - by Canon Halloween Special - Haunted House - by Angels & Ghosts.Com

OBJECTIVE: 4 Kidz | Kidz Crafts Parents & Teachers: Lambuel crafts are a great activity to help keep children busy learning about Jesus. Use them as opportunities for discussing issues and teaching values. Adult supervision required for crafts involving scissors or knives. Learn To Draw Lambuel! Lambuel Coloring Tracts! Print them out and have your kids color them in! Jesus O'Lantern! Lambuel Fun Time Mask! Silly Moustache! Neat Paper Models! Great fun to build and even more fun to play with! Our paper models were designed for us by Mr. Lambuel Action Figure: Ruby Action Figure: Mr. Habu Action Figure: Jesus Action Figure: Pteva Flying Automata: Professor Giraffenstein's Clockwork Creation Science Factoidamajig: Crucifixion Nail: (* Adult supervision required when using a hobby knife.)

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Haunted Paper Toys Welcome to the toy shop! Here you'll find a variety of rather unusual paper toys, all free for you to print out and enjoy. The toys include a hearse playset, coffin gift boxes (with occupants), a little cemetery, a few dark gloomy haunted houses, several unusual board games, some horrifying monsters, and quite a few other dark delights. So pick out some toys, print out the pattern pages, and with a few common supplies like scissors and glue you're ready to create all these strange little curiosities. I hope you'll enjoy them all. I recommend printing these toys on HEAVY CARD STOCK. THE GHOST SHIP If you've often considered building a model ship, but find yourself hesitant to assemble the eighty or ninety quadrillion pieces they usually involve, then you might enjoy building this trusty old vessel. Click here to build yours! THE DARK PROMISE Here's a replica of the ship that sent fear into the hearts of pirates the world over. Click here to build yours! Click here to build yours!