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May 11 2013 Pharaoh's Descent WorldWorksGames delves into the world of crumbling tombs and occult mystery with Pharaoh's Descent! Explore twisting passages of forgotten crypts, ruined temples, mighty mastabas and even build towering pyramids of any size! From fantasy necropolises to pulp adventures to ancient alien landing sites, there's something in Pharaoh's Descent for you! Dec 26 2012 Post Apocalypse MEGA Sale! Climb out of the bunker (or order from within your bunker) and join us for our after Christmas, Post Apocalypse, mega sale!!! Dec 24 2012 Deadfall: Building Essentials Updated A roofing part in Deadfall: Building Essentials was missing. Note: Don't worry about the download counter. Happy holidays to everyone! Nov 18 2012 Sector Sigma Released! WorldWorksGames returns to the emergency tape covered rustscapes of the industrial underworld with SECTOR SIGMA! Grab it here! Oct 29 2012 Halloween MegaSale!!!

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Inked Adventures Blocks, photos and diagrams Posted By Billiam Babble on October 17, 2014 The Inked Adventures Blocks printable PDF Inked Adventures Blocks now available Posted By Billiam Babble on October 16, 2014 The Inked Adventures Blocks PDF is now available in the Inked Adventures store pages on the OBS sites.

Ron and Bones - TALE of WAR miniatures Welcomes to the world of the miniatures of TaleOfWar. Exigency, quality and originality. These are the words that have guided our work in the design and production of our miniatures from our birth in the dawn of 2007. During these years we have not stopped to work and to improve trying to show a new vision, that is nowhere in the saturated world of the miniatures of game and collection.

Bederken dungeon - free printable tiles Here is a quick present to all you old school fans. A free printable dungeon floor plan tile set! Unlike most sets which are based around 1 inch scale, this set uses a more sensible 30mm scale squares- which means dynamically posed miniatures have more room to breathe and you can use modern 30mm lipped based miniatures on it. So less mini contact. Images are printable at A4 size. Printable Heroes Human Sorceress Continuing on with this set, here’s a warforged fighter. Hey. obviously you work really hard, and I love this blog and all oft the art on it. I have a question- not a demand or request, you're doing awesome work already- but I was wondering if you're planning to do top-down tokens at any point. Like don't feel obligated to or anything, I was just curious. Thanks.

SeaWorks: Legend of Skull Cove PDF Skull Cove awaits! A place of mystery and adventure, strange beauty... and sudden death! SeaWorks: Chapter One, The Legend of Skull Cove is a modular tropical island construction set with over 197 unique items! At its heart is the innovative and unique system of cliffs, offering a variety of stairs, paths and levels. Inked Adventures Square Dungeon Tiles - Inked Adventures Description: Inked Adventures Square Dungeon Tiles Welcome back to the illustrated dungeon! 31 square dungeon themed tiles with hand-drawn elements with doors and scenery counters. Suitable for use with 25/28/30mm figures (1in = 5ft). The zip file includes:

Avast! Ye Lubbers: A Pirate Ship in 28mm [Part 1] Arrr! A Pirate Ship Ye Say… Avast! Ye Lubbers and Bilge Rats! Tale Of War - Ron & Bones - Nouveautés Hi to all!!!! Another month again, we are here to show you this month's new release!. After almost 2 years to get out the first boxed set of Ron & Bones and thanks to the support of the entire gaming community and Ron & Bones fans, this month was to sea the second Starter set of Ron & Bones. 3D Dungeon Tiles The Dungeon Tiles series consists of seven supplements to the 3.5 edition of the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. Contents[edit] DT1 Dungeon Tiles, the first set in the series, contains six durable, fully illustrated dungeon grids, featuring rooms and passages of various sizes, plus doors, walls, and other terrain features that can be used for D&D encounters. DT2 Arcane Corridors contains six dungeon grids, featuring arcane chambers, corridors, and passages of various sizes, plus doors, magic circles, and other terrain elements.

LITTLEROLLER papertoys: PLAY PHANTOM CAPSULE! Littleroller Phantom Capsule is now entirely playable! This is just a simple directory so anyone who wants to try out the game can get right to it! All the stuff on this list has been previously posted on the blog, so it's probably a good idea to browse around on there for new things that I haven't added here yet. (plus there's lots of pictures!) Here's all the things you actually need • The rulebook (Version 1.2) available here • Templates to build a couple basic CRADLE UNITs Colored and blank • templates for some monsters.