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May 11 2013 Pharaoh's Descent WorldWorksGames delves into the world of crumbling tombs and occult mystery with Pharaoh's Descent! Explore twisting passages of forgotten crypts, ruined temples, mighty mastabas and even build towering pyramids of any size! From fantasy necropolises to pulp adventures to ancient alien landing sites, there's something in Pharaoh's Descent for you! Dec 26 2012 Post Apocalypse MEGA Sale! Climb out of the bunker (or order from within your bunker) and join us for our after Christmas, Post Apocalypse, mega sale!!! Dec 24 2012 Deadfall: Building Essentials Updated A roofing part in Deadfall: Building Essentials was missing. Note: Don't worry about the download counter. Happy holidays to everyone! Nov 18 2012 Sector Sigma Released! WorldWorksGames returns to the emergency tape covered rustscapes of the industrial underworld with SECTOR SIGMA! Grab it here! Oct 29 2012 Halloween MegaSale!!! Related:  Ron & BonesMaps/Dungeonsdécors

Ron and Bones Terraclips::Home Townhouse III ouses in the medieval towns reflected the rank of those living in them. Although stone building was encouraged, expense meant that most houses were built of wood. Those built of stone, were the homes of the rich people such as merchants and renown craftsmen. Highly detailed building, with both interior and exterior. Great addition for any medieval or fantasy table. The model is very easy to use. The model is supplied unassembled and unpainted. Make sure to check the instructions page on how to prepare and paint resin kits. PICTURE GALLERY (click to enlarge): Note: 28mm miniatures on the last photo are ©Pro Gloria Miniatures and are there only for size comparison. price: 63€ (VAT not included) dimensions: 12x10x22cm (4,7x3,9x8,7inch) weight: 550g

Category: Arduino My older son recently started school and needed his own desk for doing homework. I wanted to make something nicer than a simple tabletop with legs, and realized that I could also build in a bit of fun for when the homework is finished. Both my boys and I still had space travel on our minds from our summer trip to Kennedy Space Center. The desk resides under my son's loft bed (which I also built), and stays closed until the homework is finished: When playtime begins, the lid flips up to reveal the Mission Control console: As I mentioned in the video, I painted the underside of the lid with magnetic primer. The programming of the console, which I posted to GitHub, has the Arduino and the Raspberry Pi working cooperatively. The EECOM panel contains four potentiometers that are each mapped to a 12-segment bargraph display. The CAPCOM panel has connections for the headset as well as volume controls. "C&WS" stands for Caution and Warning System.

Ron&Bones La grotte ou la caverne Voici le premier set de plateau modulable que je mets en ligne: "la grotte" ou "la caverne". Parfait pour l'antre d'un dragon ou des mines infestés ! Il s'agit d'un plateau modulable à imprimer et fabriquer soi-même. Vous pouvez facilement importer les images dans votre traitement de texte favoris, les redimensionner à l'échelle désirée et imprimer le tout sur papier laser, puis coller sur du papier cartonné fin. Merci de laisser un commentaire si vous aimer mon travail pour m'encourager svp ! Ce plateau est proposé sous licence creative commons, merci de vous reporter à la section licence à droite si vous désirez modifier ou redistribuer ce contenu sur votre blog!

Dave Graffam Models This site and all model designs and graphics © 2009-2013 David Graffam. Graphics and other content related to Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Ecardmodels, One Monk Miniatures,Paizo Publishing, RPGNow, DriveThruRPG,. Wargame Vault, OneBookShelf, Beasts of War may be copyrighted and/or trademarked and property of their respective owners. No challenge to their status is intended. Ron and Bones - TALE of WAR miniatures Welcomes to the world of the miniatures of TaleOfWar. Exigency, quality and originality. These are the words that have guided our work in the design and production of our miniatures from our birth in the dawn of 2007. During these years we have not stopped to work and to improve trying to show a new vision, that is nowhere in the saturated world of the miniatures of game and collection. Lines like Photograms, Glamour or Tale Revision, based in the adaptation of personages of most classic stories of fairy tales and legends. They have taken to us to be one of the young more promising marks within the present panorama. After more than 60 surprising miniatures in the market. of show you Ron& Bones our last and more impressive project. In these pages you will be able to find all the information about our game Ron&Bones, its world and its Range of figures until MAY of 2010. All our miniatures excepting the limited editions sold are available in your local store or our online shop in the following link:

Boards The Old World | Norsca | Lustria New rooms and passageways for the warriors to explore. Now the adventures can be even larger and more treacherous! The following board sections can be used to represent the Ice Caverns of Norsca. The initial deck should contain 6 Passageways, 6 Ice Rooms, 3 T-Junctions, 2 Long Icy Passageways, 2 Large Ice Rooms and 1 each of the rest of the cards. The following board sections can be used to represent the Pyramid Temples of Lustria. Some board sections here have been scanned in from the game HeroQuest by Milton Bradley & Dungeon Floorplans and Advanced Heroquest by Games Workshop.

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