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The Shop House

The Shop House
While looking through etsy the other day, this wonderful shop caught my eye . I seem to be drawn to old books used in interesting ways these days. Perhaps it's my subconscious attempting to prepare me to return to school in the next few days. Ahhh, but let's not think about that, let's look at all of these wonderful things that can be made from old books, instead of discarding them. The creator of these lovely pieces, Lisa, informed me taht she has created a book that will be released in spring of 2011 called The Repurposed Library.

Recycled Magazine Page Nesting Bowls I love recycling crafts, and finally had a chance to try making some bowls from recycled magazine pages. It's really quite simple and even youngish kids can help fold the pages while those old enough to handle a glue gun can make these themselves. And there are really no steadfast rules, so you can use this technique to make many kinds of shapes. And though I hesitate to mentions Passover cleaning, since it's still Purim in Jerusalem today, I thought I'd introduce this craft before some of you toss all the old magazines into the recycling bin! You'll Need magazine or catalog pageshot glue gunbone folder or small ruler for scoring along edgesmodge podge or white glue/water How To: Fold magazine pages according to the following instructions: Fold page in half vertically, unfold and fold the two edges towards the center and score the edges.Fold those edges again towards the center, and score. To assemble bowl proceed as follows:

Paint Chip Crafts Edition Happy Saturday crafty pals! As of late, I have been hoarding collecting paint chips from my local hardware store. The people at the counter probably think I'm crazy as I haphazardly select random color samples, but I've been doing it for a reason. Next week, you'll see a new and original way I've come up with to use paint chips to decorate your home, but until then, here are some other fun paint chip projects. .Book Letters. Introducing: Book Letters For the complete tutorial click here. Today as the sun was reflecting from the beautiful white snow outside, I pulled out the husband's camera and captured my new DIY Craft Project. My inspiration came from my Father-in-law's job as a Librarian and his love for books--that's it! It's funny sometimes where an idea hits you and what causes your mind to wander from thought to thought. After visualizing this idea in my head, I nervously typed it into Etsy and Google hoping no one had made this exact craft before and guess what--I was in luck! This craft was simple with rewarding results..the best kind of craft in my book :) I hope you enjoy the following images: RLM: Randy Lee Miller, my Father-in-law W: Williams, my Sister-in-law Naomi and her family I have extra paper strips cut and the sides of these letters may need a little makeover ;) We shall see what tonight brings! Well, it's a day later and guess what..I had more fun with these book letters!

Frame wall Do you like my super creative title for this post? Today I'm going to share with you my wall of empty frames. I stole this idea from The Nester who made a similar one on the wall to the side of their stairs. Our living room wall was very bare. Here is our unbelievably bare wall [before] And here is our awesome frame wall [after] The concept is simple - 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Some notable tips - You can also incorporate oval frames to give your wall a different dimension and look. If you have a sad, bare wall, then vamp it up with this fun and interesting display of empty frames!

9 Cool Things to Do With Old Books & Written Word - StumbleUpon Bibliophiles and bookworms, English majors and lovers of literature: is it possible to have too many books? They accumulate so quickly! Every member of your family getting you the same three books you requested for Christmas. Seeing Don DeLillo marked half-off, knowing you dumped a half-caff latte on your copy of Underworld, and – even though only the first three pages are illegible – justifying its purchase. 15+ years of required reading lists stored in boxes in your basement, even though you can bet your bippy you will never willingly read the poetry of Robert Burns again. We are up to our waists in books, some of which we hate (really Master Burns? Scottish dialect? Update: Do to the overwhelming support (HA!) 1. It brings a whole new meaning to “audio book.” Use your old books to showcase your artistic side. Good for hiding passwords and codes, the key to your safe, and family jewels. 2. Your choice of ribbon can transform this wreath so it is suitable for every holiday – or every day!

Frame your own artwork For a while now I have wanted to make an art piece of my own to place above our humble dining room table. The problem? I am no artist. That's right, sometimes crafty girls cannot paint or draw.. or it may just be me. Either way, I have created a fabulous piece of "art" using scrapbook paper, ribbon, fabric, cardstock, embellishments, and any other scraps you have laying around the house. It's beautiful and sophisticated, and I didn't have to use a paint brush! What you need: Large Frame with the piece of glass insert (I got mine on sale at Hobby Lobby. Here we go! Here are some close-ups of the different types of textures I used. Here is the end result. This project is a little time consuming, so mommies - plan accordingly! This is where the completed artwork will hang. Hope you try this fun project. And let your husband hang your framed artwork up. ;) Ciao bella,