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While looking through etsy the other day, this wonderful shop caught my eye . I seem to be drawn to old books used in interesting ways these days. Perhaps it's my subconscious attempting to prepare me to return to school in the next few days. Ahhh, but let's not think about that, let's look at all of these wonderful things that can be made from old books, instead of discarding them. The creator of these lovely pieces, Lisa, informed me taht she has created a book that will be released in spring of 2011 called The Repurposed Library. Related:  Paper

Scrapbook Paper We finally have coasters! Whoo hoo! As I mentioned in the Linky Love post last Saturday, we have been needing some drinking coasters for a while now. I have been perusing the internet for a DIY coaster tutorial that was easy with a beautiful result. Well, I found out that there are a lot. But I really wanted to take a stab at the ceramic tile coasters. Fortunately enough, I already had almost all of the supplies on hand! Le Supplies (No, I don't speak French.) First, trace the tile onto your paper and cut it out. It was my intention to pick one theme or the other (yellow or the blues and purples), but I loved them both so I chose to do four in the yellow and four in the blue/purple/flower theme. Next, take your Mod Podge and podge up that tile. Let the tiles dry for 15-20 minutes, then apply another coat on top. Isn't our baby beautiful? The next step is to make felt circles for the bottom of your coasters. Glue them on! Here is the yellow set. And here is the other set. And that's all!

How To Tuesday: My Sweet Josephine. 28Jun/11 After seeing Kristin's friendship bracelet giveaway on Idle Wife, I've hauled out my old bracelet books and thread from when I was a kid. Naturally I've been furiously making all sorts of bracelets. And now you can too! All you need is... 2 pieces of fabric about 18 x 6 inches Scissors Pliers 2 ribbon clamps (found at Michaels) 2 jump rings 1 clasp Cut 2 pieces of fabric from your t-shirt about 18 x 6 inches. Make a loop with the first scrap and lay it over top of the second. Take that end and alternate weaving it under and over the remaining fabric lengths. Pair up the ends of fabric and wrap it snugly around your wrist. And there you have it!

Cherry Blossom Lantern Chinese New Year 2010 (Year of the Tiger) is just 9 days away, and I have not gotten any single lantern up! The ones sold at Green Gallery that I want is RM169 each :O (yupe, crazy, rite?), so I decided to make my own using Ikea's rice paper japanese lantern @RM15.90 each! With a RM1.00 chinese calligraphy brush, some black watercolour paint, and 2 packets of RM0.80 faux cherry blossom blooms, I started my create MY lantern! First started off with cherry blossom branch randomly as it looks natural! Let the paint dry a bit (I was too lazy to wait till it totally dried off really), using hot glue gun, I attached the blooms one by one to the branches....but you have to snip off the 'butt' so it's flat enough to be glued! Tadaaaaa!!!! Mum and dad came over to my place last nite.....Mum loved it and said she'd like the same we'll be asking my littlest sis to get 2 such lanterns from Ikea!

Recycled Magazine Page Nesting Bowls I love recycling crafts, and finally had a chance to try making some bowls from recycled magazine pages. It's really quite simple and even youngish kids can help fold the pages while those old enough to handle a glue gun can make these themselves. And there are really no steadfast rules, so you can use this technique to make many kinds of shapes. And though I hesitate to mentions Passover cleaning, since it's still Purim in Jerusalem today, I thought I'd introduce this craft before some of you toss all the old magazines into the recycling bin! You'll Need magazine or catalog pageshot glue gunbone folder or small ruler for scoring along edgesmodge podge or white glue/water How To: Fold magazine pages according to the following instructions: Fold page in half vertically, unfold and fold the two edges towards the center and score the edges.Fold those edges again towards the center, and score. To assemble bowl proceed as follows:

DIY Project: Roll with Me, TP You use toilet paper. We all do. There's no getting around it. Unless you kick it old school and use a corn cob or leaves or even your hand to wipe. I just threw up in my mouth. Youtubethis song & sing along as you go through the steps. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. I found that when I started picking up the pieces to glue them together that my shape started to shift little by little. 7. Do you know of any TP roll crafts/art? Linking this post to: DIY Bobby Pins This year, I'd really like to stay on top of birthday gifts. It seems like I'm always making a last-minute run to the toy store on the way to the birthday party. Not this year. I'm going to stay ahead of the game by making birthday gifts ahead of time so they're ready to go well before the party arrives. I've given these bobby pins to several of my friends' daughters and they're always a hit. I've seen these selling online for as much as $2.50 each. Step 2: Cut circles of fabric to fit the button form. Step 3: Cover the buttons according to package directions. Step 4: Using needle-nose pliers, gently remove the shanks from the buttons. Step 5: Use a small amount of glue to to adhere the buttons to the bobby pins. (Tip: The glue expands as it dries, so take it easy on the glue.) All done. Do you like covering things with fabric? ***UPDATE*** I've received a lot of specific questions about this project.

Backlit Canvas Art Do you have one project that you've been longing to do, but just haven't found the time yet? This is it for me. I call it my Backlit Canvas Art and the inspiration piece has been pinned in my "Crafts to try" Pinterest board for ages. My "pin"speration is an artist's piece made from metal that has hand cut flowers all over it. So I decided to give it a go and create my version. There are two main differences between the two: 1. 2. The idea of the canvas is that during the day (ie. with the Christmas light off) you have a beautiful sculpture while at night (you guessed it, with the Christmas lights on!) How about a tutorial? Supply list Mounted canvas (mine is 10"x10") cardstock to fit on your canvas (mine is 12"x12") stamps ink pad X-acto knife light source* *I wasn't sure if I wanted to use a single bulb or Christmas lights so that is why both are in the above picture. I decided to go with the same flower theme as my inspiration piece. I randomly stamped various flowers across my cardstock.

.Book Letters. Introducing: Book Letters For the complete tutorial click here. Today as the sun was reflecting from the beautiful white snow outside, I pulled out the husband's camera and captured my new DIY Craft Project. My inspiration came from my Father-in-law's job as a Librarian and his love for books--that's it! It's funny sometimes where an idea hits you and what causes your mind to wander from thought to thought. After visualizing this idea in my head, I nervously typed it into Etsy and Google hoping no one had made this exact craft before and guess what--I was in luck! This craft was simple with rewarding results..the best kind of craft in my book :) I hope you enjoy the following images: RLM: Randy Lee Miller, my Father-in-law W: Williams, my Sister-in-law Naomi and her family I have extra paper strips cut and the sides of these letters may need a little makeover ;) We shall see what tonight brings! Well, it's a day later and guess what..I had more fun with these book letters!

Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art « Made2Style Well that’s a mouthful! So the time has come, it’s Pinterest Challenge time again! Every season Sherry from YHL and Katie from Bower Power throw a little link party to get people to stop pinning things and actually start making. This couldn’t have come at a better time because I have wanted to start this project forever and once Miss Kelly made her way into my kitchen I knew it was time to start it. This was the image I saw that sparked me to start saving my toilet paper rolls. You can find the post here. I literally have been saving my rolls for. ever. Here’s what my toilet paper wall art turned into! Ok let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Next, I cut them up. Then, I took 4 pieces and glued them together using a hot glue gun. I continued doing this until I had about 40. Then I took the mirror I was going to use (10″ mirror purchased at Joann’s for $8) and placed it on the floor and started adding all the circles around keeping in mind that I wanted to keep it in a circle. Linking Up To:

D.I.Y: Recycled T-Shirt Scarf // Gettin' Crafty! | Ninth and Bird D.I.Y: Recycled T-Shirt Scarf 1} Gather a few old t-shirts you don't wear anymore; thrift them or buy new -- but choose thin, soft (preferably worn out) t-shirts. Find two t-shirts of different colors that go well together. 2} Lay the shirt flat on the table or floor. 3} Cut 1 1/2 inch strips, remove the hemmed edges. 4} Cut off the sleeves of the shirt and save them for the end. 5} Organize the strips by length and gently pull on them. 6} NOW GET CREATIVE! 7} Tie together, trim ends, and wrap with the excess sleeve fabric you saved.

Watercolor paper flowers Finally. I did promise. I'll be honest here - these flowers are time consuming and if you want lots of them, you'll want to start several months ahead and work steadily. This is the method I used for most of our wedding flowers. You can make the flowers look vastly different, just by tweaking a little. Boiled down process: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. And, creating the arrangements ... {cocktail table centerpiece, with vase} I just laid down sheets of white cardstock, plopped a vase on them and then started gluing the paper flowers to the paper, making a carpet.

9 Cool Things to Do With Old Books & Written Word - StumbleUpon Bibliophiles and bookworms, English majors and lovers of literature: is it possible to have too many books? They accumulate so quickly! Every member of your family getting you the same three books you requested for Christmas. Seeing Don DeLillo marked half-off, knowing you dumped a half-caff latte on your copy of Underworld, and – even though only the first three pages are illegible – justifying its purchase. 15+ years of required reading lists stored in boxes in your basement, even though you can bet your bippy you will never willingly read the poetry of Robert Burns again. We are up to our waists in books, some of which we hate (really Master Burns? Scottish dialect? Update: Do to the overwhelming support (HA!) 1. It brings a whole new meaning to “audio book.” Use your old books to showcase your artistic side. Good for hiding passwords and codes, the key to your safe, and family jewels. 2. Your choice of ribbon can transform this wreath so it is suitable for every holiday – or every day!

Free Mandala Designs to Print: Get Your Free Printable Mandala Coloring Pages Here Looking for free mandala designs to print? You are invited to download and print the 2 free mandala designs below! The 2 mandala designs below are free samples from my $8 Mandala Coloring Pages e-book (shown right), which contains 23 printable mandalas to print and color. If you like the mandalas on this page, check out the full Mandala Coloring Book! What is a mandala? Visually speaking, a mandala can be typically described as an abstract concentric form with intricate designs that emanate from a central point. On a spiritual level, mandalas are useful devices for centering yourself and getting in touch with your own inner reality. Free printable mandala coloring pages I am offering you these free mandala designs to print and color in any way you choose. You can print these free mandala designs as many times as you want. Free printable mandalas These free mandala designs to print will open as gif files in a new window or tab. Do you want to learn how to create your own mandalas?