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Minimalism and vegan clothes

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SOUS-VÊTEMENTS – Happy new green. Vegan Shoes that are Fashionable, Fair-trade, and Affordable. Finally, vegan shoes that are fashionable, eco-friendly, and affordable.

Vegan Shoes that are Fashionable, Fair-trade, and Affordable

I remember how difficult it was to find stylish vegan shoes when I first became vegan. On my weak salary I couldn’t afford the Stella McCartney’s I so longed to buy (still can’t, for that matter), and I hated the fact that my cheap Forever 21 shoes would only last one season (how wasteful!). So instead of caving and purchasing leather shoes, I stopped caring about what was on my feet. Too quickly my love of shoes, accessories, and fashion became a relic of the past. Though not entirely. In this video I’ll show you a few brands that I love, and currently have in my closet. I’m obsessed with these simple and comfy Bianca sandals from Beyond Skin. 50 ways to wear a men’s shirt: I did it! Hi everyone!

50 ways to wear a men’s shirt: I did it!

Since my last post, I have dedicated my time fully to the book, but I am happy to say that I completed my manuscript and I am back to blogging! Thanks so much for your patience for the past four months (I can’t believe it has been that long!) The shirt experiment sure was a fascinating and wonderfully creative project. X-Bionic : vêtements techniques innovants. Contenta Robe / Femme / Robes/Jupes. 4 months, 3 weeks ago by Kansas, USA 0points.

Contenta Robe / Femme / Robes/Jupes

W's West Ashley Dress - Dresses & Skirts - Women's. Search results for: 'women's ultralight apparel' The North Face. Monarch Convertible Pants - Women's from Prana. BugsAway Ziwa Convertible Pant - Women's from ExOfficio. Patagonia Morning Glory Dress - Women's (Closeout) Hiking & Climbing Pants. Ultralight Makeover - Dress Down — Backpacking North. But hey, it's cheaper ($90 / €70), and they ship worldwide for $10.

Ultralight Makeover - Dress Down — Backpacking North

Unfortunately the website is "unusual" so I can't link to it directly, and I/O Merino have a habit of changing designs and names frequently. Hunt down their latest variation on it here, but be warned that whenever I've looked recently they've never had it. There are more available alternatives out there, albeit heavier ones. The Ibex Hooded Indie is the likliest contender, and meets all the requirements (zip, thumb loops et al) at a respectable – and probably harder wearing – 195 g/m2. My Ultralight Backpacking Clothing System - Erik The Black's Backpacking Blog.

I have used this clothing system for three-season hiking (spring, summer, fall) in temps ranging from 110 degrees down to 25 degrees Fahrenheit… and it weighs just 2 pounds.

My Ultralight Backpacking Clothing System - Erik The Black's Backpacking Blog

Clothing Packed (included in pack weight) Clothing Worn (excluded from pack weight) And here’s how it works… Warm Weather Hiking. Womens Outdoor Trekking Clothing. Quandary Pants - Women's from Patagonia. The North Face. Camino Femme. Pour les trails ensoleillés ou les randonnées plus longues, la Camino est une sandale hors-route super flexible avec une semelle extérieure en caoutchouc robuste, qui protège vos pieds de tout ce que la nature peut leur infliger.

Camino Femme

Eclipse Femme. Trail Freak II Waterproof Femme. Libérez votre potentiel intérieur.

Trail Freak II Waterproof Femme

Montées, descentes, pas d'inquiétude ; les chaussures de course à pied TRAIL FREAK WINTERPROOF seront votre meilleur allié pour l'hiver, peu importe les éléments qui se mettront en travers de votre chemin. Le modèle TRAIL FREAK WINTERPROOF est une chaussure légère, avec une tige extérieure en maille et inserts 3M qui agissent comme une seconde peau en apportant confort et maintien. Hiker Femme. Légèreté et robustesse à toute épreuve.

Hiker Femme

Notre nouvelle botte de randonnée, synthétique et légère, permet à vos pieds de sentir le terrain, vous aide à garder un bon équilibre, en meme temps que les languettes résistantes vous permettent de garder une parfaite emprise au sol. Légère, aérée et résistante; notre nouvelle botte synthétique tout-terrain est conçue pour laisser vos pieds agir comme que la nature l'a voulu. Plate et large, Hiker vous permet de garder un équilibre naturel, pendant que la doublure HydroGuard garde vos pieds au sec.La semelle ultra-fine, flexible et résistante, est recouverte de solides crampons de 4,5mm, qui donneront à vos pieds l'emprise nécessaire sur les plus boueux et les plus difficiles des terrains.

Tracker Femme. Confectionnées selon le principe que vos pieds renferment toute la technologie dont vous avez besoin, la chaussure TRACKER, qui fait partie de notre gamme extrême vous apporte les outils nécessaires pour courir hors des sentiers battus et sans risque.

Tracker Femme

La doublure Hydroguard entièrement imperméable vous protège quelles que soient les conditions et privilégie la liberté de mouvement du pied tout en les protégeant des éléments. La chaussure Tracker est adaptée à tous les terrains et tous les temps, et convient aussi bien à la marche et à la randonnée qu'aux expéditions, à l'alpinisme, aux voyages extrêmes ou aux festivals les plus boueux. Primus Trail Femme. Servez-vous de vos capacités de chasseur-cueilleur sur les terrains les plus rudes.

Primus Trail Femme

La semelle résistante aux perforations, ultra adhérente et entièrement flexible est un outil indispensable pour courir hors route. Respirante et légère, c'est notre chaussure de trail la plus fine à ce jour. Avec sa protection renforcée au niveau des orteils, la Primus Trail laisse votre mouvement naturel prendre le dessus. Charactéristiques. Voyager ultra léger ou comment mon sac fait moins de 8kg ordi compris. Si vous êtes un lecteur assidu de mon blog, vous aurez sans doute compris que j’adore voyager léger. Matériel de voyage 2013 : édition nomade. Osprey Farpoint 55 Travel Backpack: Sports & Outdoors. Voyager très léger : l'ultra minimalisme.

Video Tutorial: How to Pack Light Using eBags Packing Cubes. Shareshareshareshare Join our community of 500,000 stylish female travelers! The Ultimate Round the World Travel Packing List. I wanted to make a quick and easy round the world travel packing list visual for girls. This 15 piece packing list can be used for trips of varied duration and climate. YAY convertible clothing — Clothes to travel in: Poppy Convertible Classic Dress. YAY Convertible Clothing offers the Poppy Convertible Dress, a dress that can be worn in multiple ways: as a batwing, boatneck short dress, an off shoulder tunic with a slit or as drop crotch harem pants!

This timeless piece can be easily converted into something modern and edgy by opening or closing a few snaps. *Batwing short sleeved, boat neck, short dress with draped sides and pearl snap details *Convert to off shoulder dress by opening up a few snaps on one shoulder and adjusting neckline so sleeve drops. *Adjust length of dress by closing or opening snaps at hem *Convert into drop crotch harem pants by closing all snaps along neckline and sleeves and turning garment upside down. YAY convertible clothing — All in One Infinity Belt: Brown. YAY convertible clothing — Clothes to travel in: Lilia Convertible Kimono Dress. YAY convertible clothing offers Lilia Convertible Kimono Dress that has multiple ways to wear as a Halter to Tank dress. Unsnap one side and turn around the neck to wear it as an edgy poncho. Completely unsnap for a wrap or simply a scarf to complete your look.

Convert your world! It is a must have piece in every closet and are perfect clothes to travel in. Women's Earthing Shoes - Ballet Flats, Shoes, Boots, Sandals. Courir pieds nus ou en chaussures minimalistes.