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Best Horror Movies

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Suspiria. 3fe0629a7 elreydeamarillo. Häxan - La brujería a través de los tiempos (1922) Subtitulos en Español. Kenneth Anger - Lucifer Rising (1970-80) Kenneth Anger: how I made Lucifer Rising. This was the first really big film about black magic or white magic or whatever you want to call it.

Kenneth Anger: how I made Lucifer Rising

I'm a member of the OTO – Ordo Templi Orientis – an occult order founded by British genius Aleister Crowley, who was maligned by the gutter press. The Express's rightwing jerk Lord Beaverbrook sold a lot of papers calling Crowley a satanist, with headlines like "The man we want to hang", to provoke people to murder him. Crowley's like a bogeyman, which was unfair. He wrote wonderful books and poetry. Lord Beaverbrook loved to call Crowley a cannibal: eating human beings makes good headlines, and Crowley couldn't countersue.

Lucifer Rising was about Egyptian gods summoning the angel Lucifer – in order to usher in a new occult age, in accordance with the principles of OTO. I'd taken pictures of Black Saturday, the anti-British riots in Cairo in 1952. Marianne Faithfull [the film's star, playing the goddess Lilith] says I hypnotised her and forced her to do things against her will. Las endemoniadas de Loudun. En la localidad francesa de Loudun, en una época en la que el cardenal Richelieu se erigió como el hombre más poderoso del país galo, tuvo lugar un oscuro y escandaloso suceso relacionado al parecer con las fuerzas del mal que sembró el caos y la confusión en una congregación de religiosas lideradas por el carismático sacerdote Urbain Grandier.

Las endemoniadas de Loudun

Un escándalo que haría correr ríos de tinta y costaría demasiado caro a su principal protagonista… A lo largo del siglo XVII fue más común de lo habitual ver al maligno haciendo acto de presencia en alguna que otra casa del Señor. El diablo en el convento: las poseídas de Loudun. En 1626 se fundó en la ciudad de Loudun, 300 kilómetros al suroeste de París, un convento de monjas ursulinas.

El diablo en el convento: las poseídas de Loudun

Eran 17 religiosas, casi todas muy jóvenes, que llegaban para reforzar la presencia del catolicismo en una población donde los protestantes hugonotes eran mayoría. Una de ellas era Jeanne de Belcier, en religión Juana de los Ángeles. Nacida en una familia de la baja nobleza de Poitou, de niña había padecido una enfermedad que la dejó encorvada y de talla diminuta. A los 20 años ingresó en las ursulinas de Poitiers, y desde su traslado a Loudun reveló un carácter intrigante y ambicioso que la llevó a ser elegida superiora del convento con sólo 27 años.En Loudun, el destino de Juana de los Ángeles se cruzó con el de Urbain Grandier, cura de una de las principales parroquias de la ciudad, adonde había llegado en 1617, cuando tenía 27 años. Fantasmas y exorcismos. The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Although largely panned upon release, it soon gained notoriety as a midnight movie when audiences began participating with the film at the Waverly Theater in New York City in 1976.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Audience members returned to the cinemas frequently and talked back to the screen and began dressing as the characters, spawning similar performance groups across the United States. Still in limited release nearly four decades after its premiere, it has the longest-running theatrical release in film history. Today, the film has a large international cult following and is one of the most well-known and financially successful midnight movies of all time.

It was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress in 2005. The story centers on a young engaged couple whose car breaks down in the rain near a castle where they seek a telephone to call for help. Plot[edit] In his lab, Frank claims to have discovered the "secret to life itself". Cast[edit] Production[edit] Hanns Heinz Ewers. The Synagogue of Satan by Stanislaw Przybyszewski 1897 Translated by Joe Bandel 2011 Part Six The church was happily finished with nature.

Hanns Heinz Ewers

The hypocritical priest was torn away from his wife and began to perpetrate unmentionable sexual obscenities. His marriage was dissolved and now he began to rape and put horns on his male sheep. Now the church had to deal with logic and reason. “Every word corresponds to an idea and every idea is the essence of reality. With that logic and reason was settled. Man gave up thinking about the physical world and with enthusiasm turned to some fragments of Aristotle that Harun al Rashid had translated into Arabic.

An airhead from Avicenna became the prince of thinkers and both great church doctors became sterile mules. Eliphas Levi.

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