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Jacques Lewiner - L'innovation en France. L’innovation, une affaire de collaboration. Je partage avec vous mon article sur l’Innovation Ouverte publié dans le dernier numéro de i-LEAD, le journal d’innovation de Cascades.

L’innovation, une affaire de collaboration

Against "Innovation" #CNIE2014. Here are the notes and the slides from my keynote today at the Canadian Network for Innovation in Education conference.

Against "Innovation" #CNIE2014

When I first was asked a couple of months ago to let the conference organizers know the title for my keynote today, I quickly glanced at the theme of the event and crafted some lengthy, semi-provocative phrase that would, I hoped, allow me to make the argument here that I make fairly often: There’s a significant divide — a political and financial and cultural and surely a pedagogical divide — between the technology industry (Silicon Valley in particular) and the education sector when it comes to thinking about the future of teaching and learning and also when it comes to thinking about the meaning of “innovation.” Les trois piliers de l’innovation.

ParisTech Review – Dans une postface récente à L’Innovation ordinaire, vous écrivez que la nouveauté, pour « prendre », ne doit pas être en surplomb par rapport aux pratiques sociales.

Les trois piliers de l’innovation

Mais l’innovation ne consiste-t-elle pas précisément à se dégager de ces pratiques ? Norbert Alter – Sans doute, mais il me semble que derrière cette idée se cache un double malentendu. La Technopole de La Réunion Nos projets sortis d’incubation. Remaking the University: Christensen's Disruptive Innovation after the Lepore Critique. Must innovation disrupt everything so that society might have new and better things?

Remaking the University: Christensen's Disruptive Innovation after the Lepore Critique

Widespread fatigue with this idea inspired a number of headlines last week. "The Emperor of "Disruption Theory" is Wearing No Clothes," exclaimed one response. Paul Krugman described a "careful takedown," suggesting that the whole era of innovation might collapse from its own overhype ("Creative Destruction Yada Yada.

") Jonathan Rees referenced an "absolutely devastating takedown. " All three were talking about Jill Lepore's much-discussed New Yorker critique of prominent business consultant Clayton Christensen's theory of "disruptive innovation. " Steps for Applying Design Thinking to Build and Evolve Schools. By Lillian Mongeau, The Hechinger Report Students don’t usually get to design their own high schools.

Steps for Applying Design Thinking to Build and Evolve Schools

Neither do parents or community members who lack experience in education. But, in what could become a national model, all of these people have been asked to weigh in on the plan for a new high school in San Jose, Calif. That’s because the school, soon to be the first high school in the Alpha Public Schools charter network, is using a process called “design thinking,” which puts the user’s needs first. In this case, the users will be students and parents. “Every community is unique and presents unique assets and unique challenges and we needed to be ready to leverage those assets and address those challenges,” said Will Eden, who will be the principal of Alpha: Cindy Avitia High School. Design thinking is a method of problem solving developed largely by Stanford University professors who sought to codify a product design process that emphasized creative solutions to meet users’ needs.

Innovation-by-design.pdf. Communication methods supporting design processes. HBS Professor & Disruptive Innovation Expert. Les logiques de l'innovation , par Norbert Alter. Qu’il s’agisse de technique, d’organisation du travail, d’éducation ou de bien d’autres domaines, l’innovation est un processus permanent, au cœur de la dynamique des sociétés modernes.

Les logiques de l'innovation , par Norbert Alter

Comprendre et maîtriser ses mécanismes sont désormais des enjeux majeurs. Or ceux-ci sont plus complexes qu’on ne le pense. Which Myers Briggs type best describes the most innovative and productive R&D organizations? Amplify. Zone de confort : osez en sortir. Design of the Learning Space: Learning and Design Principles. © 2005 Chris Johnson and Cyprien Lomas EDUCAUSE Review, vol. 40, no. 4 (July/August 2005): 16–28.

Design of the Learning Space: Learning and Design Principles

Chris Johnson is Senior Consultant, Learning Technologies, at the University of Arizona. Cyprien Lomas is Director of the Learning Centre, Faculty of Land and Food Systems, at the University of British Columbia. Comments on this article can be sent to the authors at and The only true voyage . . . would be not to visit strange lands but to possess other eyes, to see the universe through the eyes of another, of a hundred others, to see the hundred universes that each of them sees.

When asked to define the "spaces for learning" on campus, most in higher education identify the classrooms or laboratories. Mountain Hazelnuts Group. We are a dedicated team of agricultural, business, and development professionals determined to build a world-class, triple bottom-line venture and become a major player in the global hazelnut market.

Mountain Hazelnuts Group

Over a five-year period, Mountain Hazelnut Venture (MHV) will plant 10 million hazelnut trees, which have been carefully selected from some of the world’s most productive, blight-resistant, and nutritious varieties. Our local partners in this endeavor are Bhutanese farmers, who will raise the trees and harvest the nuts according to international best practices. Upon collection of the hazelnuts, MHV will process them in its own, modern facilities. OpenLabTools. Publication à TICE 2010 de 3 articles sur les expériences innovantes menées à Centrale Nantes.

By Published:05/12/2010Posted in: Conférences et réunions, Nos projets, Tablets PC, Tests de concordance de scripts, ValorisationTags: blog, colloque, conférence, Tablets PC, tcs, Valorisation Les initiatives pédagogiques demandent souvent beaucoup d’effort et d’énergie pour être menées à bien.

Publication à TICE 2010 de 3 articles sur les expériences innovantes menées à Centrale Nantes

Et si elles aboutissent souvent à un « retour sur investissement » sensible face aux étudiants, leur impact sur une carrière est moindre. Car un enseignant-chercheur est généralement évalué en fonction de ses activités de recherches (publications, contrats) et de ses responsabilités administratives – éléments objectifs directement mesurables -, et non de son investissement dans ses enseignements – plus difficilement quantifiable. C’est en partie pour pallier à ce manque que nous souhaitons aider les enseignants innovants à valoriser leurs initiatives à travers la publications d’articles en colloques.

Chroniques en innovation et en formation. Dans plusieurs académies à l’occasion de la formation des formateurs et de l’accompagnement de nombreuses équipes de collège sur site , nous[1] constatons la distorsion importante entre la dynamique des pratiques à l’œuvre, couplée à l’évolution des organisations engagée depuis quelques années et pourtant les inerties des représentations, ou encore les résistances des discours produits par ailleurs.

Chroniques en innovation et en formation

Cette situation dialogique n’est pas inconnue ; elle marque une « transformation silencieuse » de l’Ecole, déjà évoquée dans un article précédent[2]. Un acronyme comme EPI cristallise l’attention comme les tensions. John Maeda: How art, technology and design inform creative leaders. Hank Lucas. A New Role for MOOCs and Online Education October 15th, 2013 by hlucas under Business and the Economy, Education. No Comments. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development administered a series of tests during 2011 and 2012 to thousands of people aged 16 to 65 in 23 countries. The tests covered literacy and basic mathematics, and in 19 countries there was a third test of problem solving in a technology rich environment. The top country in all the tests was Japan with Finland, the Netherlands, Sweden and Norway near the top.

To quote from the Times article: “…the American results were among the most polarized between high achievement and low. It is reported that a significant number of jobs that have been added since the peak of the 2008 recession have been in lower paying industries like food service and retailing. Enter MOOCs, online education and the flipped classroom. Graphic Organizers Maker. Graphic Organizer Library.