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#MTFScandi Hack Camp presentations - YouTube. Map pins pop songs that mention cities. Declaration of a New Alternative. In the digital age, in the age of social media, in an age where the music business model has virtually disappeared, the silos between eras and genres no longer exist.

Declaration of a New Alternative

Commercial and non-commercial is the new paradigm. In a brief moment of inspiration I coined a new term, No Pop. Spotify Year In Music. DISCO.IO _ Stream, collect and secure Music. La start-up du jour : Prizm, le Nest de la musique. La start-up parisienne Ubithings commercialise Prizm, un objet connecté capable de diffuser de la musique sur mesure, adaptée aux goûts de l’utilisateur et à son environnement.

La start-up du jour : Prizm, le Nest de la musique

L’objet, qui fonctionne en bluetooth, ne se substitue pas aux enceintes, mais sert de relais entre elles et les comptes de streaming musical de l’utilisateur. Son design est particulièrement réussi, pour un objet qui n’est qu’en début de phase de pré-commercialisation. Le marché des enceintes connectées est par ailleurs occupé par des acteurs comme Cone ou Gramofon. Until AM - Online DJ Tool with soundcloud. Trak : le bracelet connecté qui vous per... Murakami turned a Pharrell music video into an ... LANDR, drag-and-drop instant mastering service ... 1st Web Audio Conference. Syntorial - The Ultimate Synthesizer Tutorial. - Web-Based Digital Audio Workstation. MZIIKI : Free online music streaming for Africa... Billboard Twitter Real-Time Charts Go Live. Music innovation. Music innovation. Music innovation. « Écoute voir » – La relation entre image numérique et son ! Penninghen & Hetic, une collaboration créative !

Ninja Jamm Presents: Build Me Up by Raffertie. Tumblr Announces Curated #Music Tag In Likely Bid For Music-Related Native Ads. Yesterday Tumblr announced the introduction of an official #Music page featuring content curated by handpicked editors.

Tumblr Announces Curated #Music Tag In Likely Bid For Music-Related Native Ads

With a related exclusive interview on, the news seems designed to attract music-related brands who wish to run native ads on Tumblr. Bondax - Gold (Snakehips Bootleg) by SNAKEHIPS. SeaLabs wins Music Techpitch 4.5 ‹ 4pt5. Posted by Charlotta on 12 Oct 2012 / 0 Comment Music technology start-up SeaLabs were the judges favourites at last night’s Music Techpitch 4.5.

SeaLabs wins Music Techpitch 4.5 ‹ 4pt5

The company were introducing their iPad app called AMIO (Augmented Movement and Interactions Orchestra) that uses a camera to track movement and create music in a live environment. AMIO provides you with four shapes, each of which is associated with a particular kind of sound. You are able to map the shapes onto the real world utilising the camera, and movement triggers the respective sounds represented by each of the shapes. The business model is freemium. The winner of the audience vote was BandWagon, a start-up inspired by the DIY approach that’s taken hold in the music industry. The company operates a freemium model. Bandwagon also came second in the judges vote. DATSOUNDSGOOD'S PLAYLISTS. NICE TO HAVE – NICOLAS JAAR / Aphex Twin + Notorious B.I.G. Mash-up. The Internet, 'Cocaine (Little Dragon Remix)'.

Articles: Maximal Nation. Read the reviews for Scottish producer Rustie's Glass Swords, one of the year's great albums, and there's this word that keeps on recurring.

Articles: Maximal Nation

Dummy's Chal Ravens hails its "no-genres-barred maximalism," The Wire's Mark Fisher situates the album in an electronic dance counter-tradition of "maximalism" and "managed overload," and Pitchfork's own Jess Harvell refers approvingly to the record's "maximalist zeal. " "Maximalism" is vague and capacious enough to contain a whole bunch of ideas and associations, but the general slant of these verdicts is that there are a hell of a lot of inputs here, in terms of influences and sources, and a hell of a lot of outputs, in terms of density, scale, structural convolution, and sheer majesty. loves music apps! It's just the beginning. Ulule s’associe à Noomiz pour donner un coup de pouce aux projets musicaux. La plateforme de crowdfunfing Ulule vient de conclure un partenariat avec Noomiz, site de découverte des artistes en devenir dans lequel chacun d’entre eux peut créer son propre blog, très personnalisé, via à une interface conviviale.

Ulule s’associe à Noomiz pour donner un coup de pouce aux projets musicaux

'The Smiths and Morrissey changed our lives' The Smiths existed for only five years, between 1982 and 1987, and so appealed to those born in the late 60s and early 70s.

'The Smiths and Morrissey changed our lives'

That was their soundtrack, and now they are turning 40, they are revisiting their youth. But what's interesting about the Smiths is how they have crossed the generational divide to appeal to current, real-time teenagers. Much of this has to do with the quality of the music. The eight albums remastered by guitarist Johnny Marr and reissued by Rhino last week display an extraordinary diversity of melody and mood – an outpouring of well over 70 songs.

Uniform Motion. Tour Report: how we earned minimum wage as musicians for 9 days.

Uniform Motion

We launched a gig funding (gigstarter) site a few months back called The idea was to see if we could get some concerts pre-financed to reduce the financial risk of touring. After one successful campaign for a solo gig in Gothenburg, Sweden, and two concerts with the full band in Zaragoza, Spain, which were indirect consequences of setting up the website, we decided to try and organise a tour in Germany. The campaign itself was not really that successful but it did help us communicate the fact that we were ready and willing to play some shows, which resulted in some of our friends and fans providing us with some assistance.

Documentary : PressPausePlay Trailer. Twitter Directory and Search, Find Twitter Followers. 5 Things We Learned From Bandito’s Music News Analysis of Our iPhone. Now that music journalism is online, developers can do all sorts of new things to deliver news and criticism that matters to you, as opposed to yesterday’s one-size-fits-all approach to music news.

5 Things We Learned From Bandito’s Music News Analysis of Our iPhone

The Bandito iPhone app (free) scans your iPhone’s, iPod Touch’s, or iPad’s music library in seconds to see what you listen to the most, then matches those artists against music blogs and other publications to present neatly-wrapped package of the latest commentary exclusively about the bands you care about the most. In many cases, Bandito (from Public Radio Exchange and powered by The Echo Nest, publisher of goes beyond just being a reading app. Nagui a fait suspendre le compte YouTube de Lady Gaga. En France, on ne plaisante pas avec le droit d'auteur.

Nagui a fait suspendre le compte YouTube de Lady Gaga

Si Lady Gaga ne connaît peut-être pas Hadopi, elle a découvert mercredi la défense du copyright à la française. Music innovation. Music Web Apps. The Word is Out: The Medium is the Massage. KDJ-ONE Features.