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Technology Innovation & TRIZ

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Time To Innovate - Method and software for innovation based on TRIZ. Documentos de Google: crea y edita documentos en línea de forma gratuita. TRIZ Mosaic.


Technology. Generator - Evolution tree of tooth-brush. A simple and understandable object a tooth brush has innumerous versions.

Generator - Evolution tree of tooth-brush

Nevertheless, the versions can be classified and structured according to the trends of engineering systems evolution. Interactive tree of tooth-brush evolution: Civilization which likes very much to delight itself with pleasant but not at all useful delicacies, would have continuously suffered from caries if it had not understood in the earliest days of our history that one could avoid many troubles by brushing teeth after meals. Corporate Solutions - MindTree Blog. Terninko domb and miller - the 76 standard triz solutions with examples - section 1. 7. Centrifugal Governor Example. TRIZ Tutorial #1 (print version) Every engineer, in effect, solves technical problems: designing a pump, calculating a heat exchange process, etc.

TRIZ Tutorial #1 (print version)

Solving technical problems is necessary to keep a company going. And to grow, a company must come up with something new, more effective, and exciting -- that is, it must innovate. Several years ago we were introduced to a Japanese book about successful inventors. The authors, in an effort to help readers to succeed as inventors, had gathered helpful advice from past "winners. " Some of this advice was pleasant enough: listen to the sounds of the sea, gaze at Mt. Since the beginning of the 20th century, various sets of innovation "hints" have been offered. The first set of principles to prove extremely useful was developed by Genrich Altshuller in the 1950s and 60s.

Invention 1. Invention 2. Ariz85c_en.pdf (application/pdf 物件) Applying TRIZ to Business Process Reengineering. By Shree Phadnis and Aditya Bhalla Abstract There is a misconception that the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) is applicable only in technological processes or products.

Applying TRIZ to Business Process Reengineering

This case study will showcase the use of problem flow technology as a way to identify a list of key problems that if solved improve business processes. Using S-curve analysis one can identify the current state of processes and then use the recommendations of the S-curve analysis to identify appropriate strategic directions for the processes. The team involved was able to use flow analysis and the law of completeness to identify various problems in the processes. Introduction When an organization embarks on an improvement initiative to improve its business processes the use of Six Sigma is the first improvement initiative used in order to identify important projects that the organization needs to embark on to ensure that such strategic initiatives lead to success. TRIZ Teaching Materials. Free TRIZ learning platform for inventors and innovators. Articles and Books. Untitled. TRIZ - 學習加油站. 教育Wiki:這裡是一個屬於教育領域的專業知識庫,資料是由熱心的網友提供。

TRIZ - 學習加油站

Design News - Serving the 21st Century Design Engineer. Energy « Athousandgreatideas. Airnergy The RCA_airnergy is a USB-connected device that converts Wi-Fi antenna signals into usable power for your gadgets.

energy « Athousandgreatideas

The device is completely self-sustaining — it automatically charges whenever a Wi-Fi signal is close by and stores the power in a lithium-ion battery. While it may not be practical for emergency charging in the woods, the Airnergy could be invaluable in on-the-go situations when your cell phone’s power is petering out. via:: inhabitat Coke Phone As a general rule, cell phone batteries are costly, resource-intensive, and difficult to dispose of properly. Via:: inhabitat The human powered energy revolving door. New Scientist Invention Blog. The threat of terrorism has made reliable detection of explosives an important goal.

New Scientist Invention Blog

While there are many methods for doing the job quickly and reliably, few of them are truly portable. This is because, before an explosive can be detected, many techniques require significant preparation of a sample, such as dissolving explosive residue in a solution, or collecting large volumes of air containing explosive vapour. Now, Rolf Hummel and colleagues at the University of Florida in Gainesville, US, have developed a portable technique that requires little or no sample preparation, based on the way explosives absorb and reflect light.

Their device shines ultraviolet, infrared and visible light onto two sample areas at the same time then calculates the difference in reflectance between them for each part of the spectrum. If explosives are present at one sample area, but not the other, the characteristic signature of reflected light should show up clearly in this difference measurement. MoreInspiration » Innovations to inspire your thinking. CREAX - Function Database. TRIZ,Innovation,Creativity,Innovation Certification,Idea Generation,Concept Development,New Product Design,Value engineering-Triz Association of Asia. New inventions, innovations and products. A TRIZ Inventive Design Method without Contradiction Information. Chih-Chen Liu, Ph.D. student Department of Mechanical Engineering National Cheng Kung University Tainan, 701 TAIWAN Lecture, Department of Mechanical Engineering Far East College, Tainan, TAIWAN Jahau Lewis Chen, professor Department of Mechanical Engineering National Cheng Kung University Tainan, 701 TAIWAN Abstract The 40 inventive principles and contradiction table of TRIZ techniques are a good method for solving engineering innovative design problem with system contradictions.

A TRIZ Inventive Design Method without Contradiction Information

This paper describes an inventive design method for the designer to solve engineering innovative design problem without contradiction information by using TRIZ 40 inventive principles. Some examples will illustrate the usefulness and convenience of proposed approach. Introduction. Inventables: Find new materials. Institute of Innovative Design. Free TRIZ learning platform for inventors and innovators. Application Catalogue of Physical, Chemical and Geometric Effects Many good technical solutions are based on the application of physical, chemical, geometrical or other phenomena and effects.

free TRIZ learning platform for inventors and innovators

The Effects Catalogue has been built upon several years experience of applying these effects for inventive problem solving. Its primary function is to encourage the user in the search for further solution approaches. In the column "Action - Effect" different effects are listed according to the desired effects or properties. The application of physical and chemical effects for measurement and detection purposes is summarized in a separate sub-directory. For those effects that are frequently used to solve inventive problems, their most common fields of application are listed in the column "Effect - Action" . - Physical effects.