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Chicken Egg Dinosaur. Treehouse Innovation. Creative Dynamics - Generate. Urses - The Maydays. Upcoming London, UK 6th December 2017 Three hours of improvisation fun!

urses - The Maydays

The Innovation Beehive - Inspiring companies and bringing out creativity. Team - Synergy lab. The art of asking questions - BracketBracket - Image by Raymond Bryson on Flickr I remember when I was growing up, I’d ask my mother how to do something and she’d often respond with “what do you think you should do?”.

The art of asking questions - BracketBracket -

We’d then have a conversation about the various options and solutions. Even though she clearly knew the answer, she also was aware that I could find it too, and was encouraging me to reflect and think for myself. This is always in my mind when I’m facilitating workshops. Download the cards - Design with Intent Toolkit. Thinking Hats – Development Impact and You. Thinking Hats allow a range of different viewpoints and perspectives to be brought into a discussion, whilst still keeping the focus on the issue at hand.

Thinking Hats – Development Impact and You

It’s a technique which can be used to encourage people to look at a topic from a number of different perspectives, making what might be a very complex issue a stimulating focus point for conversation. The team learns how to separate thinking into six clear functions and roles, getting them to look at all sides of an issue. Structuring the conversation around these different viewpoints helps avoid endless, free flowing debates around topics, and instead helps create a meaningful, focused discussion. This technique was popularised in the book Six Thinking Hats (De Bono E. 1985). Each hat is a different colour, which indicates a particular viewpoint. Qualnet. What We Do – Knowinnovation. Contact Information. Rudy De Waele - cambridge, london, Speaker, Innovation Strategist, Wearable Technology, Wearables, Internet of Things, Lifestyle, Emerging Markets, Robotics, Futurist, Smart Cities. Rudy propels leaders to stay ahead of what will transform their business through hosting innovation events, speaking live at conferences, and facilitating senior executive brainstorms.

Rudy De Waele - cambridge, london, Speaker, Innovation Strategist, Wearable Technology, Wearables, Internet of Things, Lifestyle, Emerging Markets, Robotics, Futurist, Smart Cities

Over the past 18 years, Rudy has coached CXOs on how to unpack grassroots innovations that pose a risk to core business and how to predict staying ahead of the early adopter to mass-market conversion. He has helped diverse global brands such as BMW, IBM, Louis Vuitton, PayPal, Samsung and World Bank. The Mobile Collective. The Experience Business. Creative training — KILN. To Our People. Anatellô > Innovation Consultancy > Find Out About Our People. Trudy Lloyd is the founder and Managing Director of Anatellô.

Anatellô > Innovation Consultancy > Find Out About Our People

Trudy has extensive experience in innovation and growth, having consulted in the field for over ten years. She was a partner at the Synectics Innovation Consultancy for five years. Contact - Ludic - Leaders in Design Thinking. Bracket. LAUNCH!


Our new Bracket Salon publication We’ve been holding regular events – Bracket Salons – which bring together a team of selected experts from our network to discuss and brainstorm around a specific topic. The Salons are always fun, but also extremely productive in generating some great ideas. We’ve been sharing some of this content on our blog, but decided that a better way to pull the content together is to produce a handy publication with top tips for that subject, and information on the team. Read more » Building Innovation Capabilities. We are a small but growing team of innovation consultants and marketing professionals bent on delivering our clients with the insights they need to grow their company.

Building Innovation Capabilities

At the end of the day it’s all about working with the right people! Adrian Cole Partner & Co-founder Adrian is our systematic innovation expert with a significant background in the automotive industry. Bridge Collaboration - Design Thinking for Continuous Innovation. Managing technical professionals. Author: Elisa Warner Trusting and supporting your tech team helps them to achieve collaborative goals.

Managing technical professionals

Although your technical knowledge is limited, you must effectively manage a group of technical professionals. Earn the respect of your team by utilizing your unique perspective and abilities, while acknowledging your limitations. Help your team to shine by enlisting their participation and investing in their development. The onsite office techie no longer spends the day hunched over a computer in a dark corner near the server closet. 74 videos. View Upcoming Classes, Courses, and Workshops. What Would Happen If Tinder Existed In Real Life? (Video) Technology• Robert Gordon • Tinder has pretty much taken away all of the traditional aspects of dating and hooking up, from getting to know people and learning their interests, to even what their voices sound like, an often overlooked trait that can be a deal breaker.

What Would Happen If Tinder Existed In Real Life? (Video)

What Tinder does is pair you up with random people in your general area. BRAIN POWER (new 10 min film and TED Book) Sites To Visit. The Anywhere Organisation. Philip is a consultant, commentator and writer on emerging technology and its impact on work, the workplace and people’s lives.

The Anywhere Organisation

He has worked with organisations such as Ernst & Young, Allen & Overy, McKinsey & Co, Cushman & Wakefield and Royal Bank of Scotland on future concepts and opportunities for innovation Philip has spoken at conferences around the world including the Wall Street Journal Europe CEO Forum on Converging Technologies, in the USA and Corenet’s Global Summits in Beijing and Melbourne. Meet the Envisioners « The Envisioners. Dave Coplin Dave Coplin Since joining Microsoft in 2005, Dave Coplin has worked across a wide range of industries and customers, providing strategic advice and guidance around the impact of technology on a modern society both at work and in play.

As an established thought leader in the UK and having spent a considerable amount of time in both the public and private sectors providing leadership and guidance around key technology issues like Cloud Computing, Privacy, Big and Open Data, Social Media, Open Government, Advertising and the “consumerisation” of IT. Dave is currently working as the Chief Envisioning Officer for Microsoft UK, helping organisations and individuals envision the full potential that technology offers a modern, digital society and has recently authored “Business Reimagined” a book about the future of work – a new working environment based on collaborative and flexible working and on technology that used correctly, liberates rather than constrains.

Competence self-assessment. Professor David Gann. Index of / Products & Services. IE&D Projects Programme Do you have a novel idea for a potential product or service and an interest in getting it to market? Our IE&D Projects programme gives you and your organisation the opportunity to join our students on an entrepreneurial journey designed to provide you with insights into the challenge of introducing novel products and services to market... Our Call for Projects is now closed. Click here for more information. FAQs. Accrue* Creative Thinking. The Creative Balls™ are six steps that outline a comprehensive approach to creative thinking and problem-solving. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to problem solving. The Creative Balls™ give us all a chance to see where our natural strengths lie, develop our weakness – or perhaps improve improve where we’ve become lazy.

The six balls are: Excitement – Wake the brain to the problem at hand Possibility – Create a higher goal to deliver greater solutions. Think - Global innovation management. £1m Meetings In the current Western economic climate a really popular workshop is to “find the money”. Organisations work with think to gather stakeholders from across their organisation with the aim of either making more money or saving more money.

We explore innovative ways to achieve the goal of finding one million pounds, euros, dollars, yen... Power of Three (Po3) The Po3 workshop fully embraces the need for fresh input of new ideas. Curious Lunchtimes. NESTA - The Innovation Edge Conference 2008: How innovation will help the UK retain its competitive edge.