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Citoyenneté et empire à Rome

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Paris, ville antique. List of Roman emperors. Augustus (Octavian), the first Roman Emperor of the Principate Era whose ascension ended republic rule at Rome.

List of Roman emperors

The Roman Emperors were men who ruled the Roman Empire and wielded power over its citizens and military. The empire was developed as the Roman Republic invaded and occupied the majority of Europe. Under the republic, regions of the empire were ruled by provincial governors answerable and authorised by the "Senate and People of Rome". Rome and its senate were ruled by a variety of magistrates – of whom the consuls were the most powerful. Portraits impériaux / Parcours thématiques - Musei Capitolini. Gemma Augustea - Google Art Project. Museo della Civiltà Romana. Timgad. Timgad Timgad lies on the northern slopes of the Aurès mountains and was created ex nihilo as a military colony by the Emperor Trajan in AD 100.


With its square enclosure and orthogonal design based on the cardo and decumanus, the two perpendicular routes running through the city, it is an excellent example of Roman town planning. Les tables claudiennes. Histoire 2de. Plan de Rome.