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ElectroCity - Game

ElectroCity - Game

Sleuth: Shades of Mystery Educating Scientists: 6 Science Websites for Kids and Teens | Blog Curiosity is an innate feature on which learning is based, and which, unfortunately, loses intensity and passion in many people as they become adults. Most school systems do not help at all to stimulate curiosity, quite the opposite: they bury it under the standardization, the tyranny of the curriculum and the acquisition of skills. Scientific thinking, asking questions, seeking explanation of the world around us is in our DNA. Fortunately, thanks to technology, today the acquisition of knowledge is not limited to school. I propose a selection of educational science websites, both in Spanish and English (and some in other languages) to wake up the young scientists who inhabit our children. Cernland (English and Spanish, among others) CERN website, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics. ESA Kids (English and Spanish, among others) European Space Agency web intended to students. Elesapiens Learning and Fun (English, Spanish and Portuguese) NASA's Space Place (English and Spanish)

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