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12 habits of exceptional leaders. Daniela Pinedo. Why Your Facial Expressions at Work Can Affect Your Career. What’s the first thing you notice about a person?

Why Your Facial Expressions at Work Can Affect Your Career

It’s generally their facial expression. And when you meet someone for the first time, you’re likely to remember if they greeted you with a big grin or a disappointing sulk. First impressions do matter, and your facial expressions can affect how people perceive you. Dr. Alan Fridlund, professor at University of California Santa Barbara, says that expressions are inherently social; they give others clues to how you’re feeling. Facial expressions can forecast how a person’s feeling: “The face is like a switch on a railroad track,” Fridlund says. 1. Our general reaction to someone we don’t like is shown directly through the expression our face makes. 2. You just got three more projects dumped onto your lap when a coworker decided to take a last minute vacation. 3.

Voyager dans un hôtel de luxe à moins de 100 euros, c’est possible ? Savourer tout le confort d’un hôtel 5 étoiles à moins de 100 euros, une mission impossible pour vous ?

Voyager dans un hôtel de luxe à moins de 100 euros, c’est possible ?

Vous vous dites qu’il y a un piège ou que cela relève du fantasme irréalisable ? Pourtant c’est le défi que VeryChic relève chaque jour en proposant à ses membres privilégiés des chambres d’hôtels de luxe à prix réduit partout dans le monde. The 5 Daily Rituals That Will Make You Happy. You know what percentage of people are really happy?

The 5 Daily Rituals That Will Make You Happy

Not “oh, life is pretty good”, I mean people who are flourishing. Social Media: The Free Beginner's Guide from Moz. Chapter 1. La Princesa Sofía: "No estoy lista para ser Princesa" ¿Cuántos minutos vale viajar sentado? Lunes 2 de marzo, 8.15 AM.

¿Cuántos minutos vale viajar sentado?

En la parada del flamante bus de la RTP que hace el recorrido Miguel Ángel de Quevedo – Santa Fe (EcoBús es su nombre artístico) se pueden apreciar dos filas: una larga, bastante larga, y otra corta. El paisaje se repite en las horas de mayor demanda en gran parte de los centros de transferencia modal y terminales de microbuses de la ciudad: una fila larga, que se despliega de la puerta del bus hacia atrás, y otra corta que se coloca de la puerta hacia adelante.

El esquema organizacional es muy simple: en la fila larga esperan los que se quieren ir sentados. La fila corta, compuesta por gente que está dispuesta a irse de pie, comienza a correr una vez que ya no quedan asientos disponibles en el microbús y por lo tanto se detiene el flujo de la fila larga. En la fila larga de Miguel Ángel de Quevedo y Universidad cuento 80 personas. Coursera. Quiero escribir en El Espectador. Luego de la publicación de “¿Y si lo hacemos juntos?”

Quiero escribir en El Espectador

16 Maps That Explain Barcelona. At night in Barcelona, Gaudi's Parc Guell lights up, and the little restaurants in Las Ramblas hop with energy.

16 Maps That Explain Barcelona

People move around, catch cabs, tweet thoughts, take pictures, laugh with friends. Aside from the laughter, these other evening activities can leave a data trace that researcher Mar Santamaria Varas, architect Pablo Martínez Díez, and engineer Jordi Bari Corberó have used to create 16 beautiful maps of the city. The trio's atNight project offers a fresh presentation of social media activity and open data collected across Barcelona after dark. They hope the project leads to insights about when, where, and how city folks interact with their environment—and perhaps even helps urban planners design the city more intuitively. But the images can be enjoyed in their own right, too. This first map superimposes locations of personal tweets (the little spots) onto nighttime routes of Barcelona buses (the fuzzy lines) to examine the contrast between collective and individual behavior.

Junior Transport Analyst/Modeller, Paris. ( closed ) The OECD's mission - Better Policies for Better Lives - promotes policies that will improve the economic and social well-being of people around the world.

Junior Transport Analyst/Modeller, Paris

It provides a unique forum in which governments work together to share experiences on what drives economic, social and environmental change, seeking solutions to common problems. The International Transport Forum (ITF) is a global intergovernmental organisation within the OECD family which presently brings together more than 50 Transport Ministers to discuss the strategic and policy challenges of the sector and foster a deeper understanding of the essential role played by transport in economies and in society.

The ITF is looking for a dynamic and experienced Junior Transport Analyst and Modeller to contribute to the work of the International Transport Forum's Research Centre and in particular contribute to the production of the ITF's annual Transport Outlook. Main Responsibilities. Sans titre. (Junior) Research Analyst − Travel, Transport & Logistics (m/w) − Düsseldorf. Travel Transport and Logistics - Junior Research Analyst - NA - Waltham - McKinsey & Company. Overview McKinsey & Company's Travel, Transport and Logistics Practice (TTL) is seeking a full time Junior Research Analyst ("JRA").

Travel Transport and Logistics - Junior Research Analyst - NA - Waltham - McKinsey & Company

The entry-level research position will be based at the North American Knowledge Center in Waltham, MA. Detailed Description The TTL Practice develops and implements solutions for clients across all the industry’s subsectors. The focus areas of the Practice include: airlines and airports, travel and tourism, trucking, third-party logistics, postal services, rail and public transit, and shipping and ports. The TTL Practice Junior Research Analyst works with research colleagues from around the world, supporting McKinsey consultants by: Desired Skills The ideal candidate will have a strong interest in the TTL industries and be willing to quickly gain deep industry knowledge. Background: McKinsey & Company’s TTL Practice is a team of 22 researchers located across the globe including Waltham, San José, Shanghai, Düsseldorf and Wroclaw.

Junior Energy Analyst Jobs, Employment. Las cifras de la bicicleta en Santiago: respuesta a Louis de Grange. GIS Cloud Map Editor - Map 'Valores del Suelo - LAC' New Map Map Properties.

GIS Cloud Map Editor - Map 'Valores del Suelo - LAC'

10 MITOS sobre movilidad urbana (6/10): no hay más demanda para los modos sostenibles. ¡Cuantas veces no habremos oído que no hay suficientes ciclistas o usuarios del transporte colectivo para invertir en estos modos de transporte!

10 MITOS sobre movilidad urbana (6/10): no hay más demanda para los modos sostenibles

Ideas Archive - Shell Ideas360. 9 tips for waking up earlier. One thing you must do at your job interview. Abierto al público The IDB launches a new MOOC on Sustainable Cities. Medellín vs. Bogotá en movilidad. 16 Maps That Explain Barcelona. Instagram City Guides: Carin Olsson's Guide To Paris. ¿De dónde salió Ernesto Yamhure? Urban Observatory App.

Jóvenes y estudiantes colombianos residentes en Francia. International Vacancies: Becas y Convocatorias: Curso virtual y gratuito sobre Cambio Climático - BID y Banco Mundial. El Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID) y el Banco Mundial ofrecen un curso virtual y gratuito sobre Fundamentos del Cambio Climático. Igualmente, el curso hace especial énfasis en los desafíos en Cambio Climático de América Latina y el Caribe. El curso está abierto para todas las personas interesados en ampliar sus conocimientos sobre el cambio climático. Se encuentra disponible en idioma español. Consejos para ser un bloguero exitoso. Plan anual de convocatorias 2015. These Are the Two Most Important Words in a Job Interview. So many qualified job applicants, so little time. How can you be sure you’re picking the right people to join your team if you’re too busy with the rest of your job to spend more than, say, 20 minutes interviewing each one?

You might consider what Steve Pogorzelski has found. He’s spent the past 25 years vetting hundreds of candidates for leadership jobs, notably as group president of Worldwide, where he helped the career site more than triple its revenues to $1.4 billion. Last August, Pogorzelski stepped in as CEO at sales and marketing data analytics firm Avention (formerly OneSource), where he has since replaced six out of eight of the company’s C-suite executives.

UN-Habitat launches call for Urban Youth Fund applications. Nairobi, 26 February 2015- UN-Habitat on Thursday launched call for applications for the Urban Youth Fund. In its seventh year, the Fund provides grants to projects led by young people aged 15-32 years who are piloting innovative approaches to employment, good urban governance, shelter, secure tenure and risk rehabilitation. The Fund aims to assist youth-led organizations in designing and implementing projects that will contribute to sustainable urbanization in the developing world. UN-Habitat launches call for Urban Youth Fund applications. Youth For Public Transport (Y4PT) » 3rd Y4PT Youth Awards Milan 2015. In the framework of the 10th Anniversary of Y4PT (2005-2015), Y4PT Foundation resumes the Y4PT Youth Awards series (started with Helsinki 2007 and followed by Vienna 2009), for praising best youth-related projects/initiatives in the transport-related mobility sector worldwide, initiated and supported by UITP Members and other transport/youth-related stakeholders.

The Y4PT Youth Awards series is meant to provide deep inspiration for taking further actions in favour of sustainable mobility and young people; it is an effective way to share best practices and lessons learned, and to transfer meaningful knowledge and experience in a see-through way among the wide range of transport-related mobility stakeholders. Every two years, Y4PT settles a core topic based on current critical challenges facing the transport-related mobility sector and the youth. Further information at ; Contact person: Mr. Sebastián PERNET ( with copy to .

UITP Awards 2015. The Global Public Transport Awards During the 61st UITP World Congress & Exhibition in Milan we will be honouring public transport actors and stakeholders whose mobility projects are not only the most inspiring, but that get us closer to our goal of doubling the market share of public transport by 2025 (PTx2). This strategy values the role public transport plays as the backbone of current and future urban and local mobility systems, boosting economic growth and sustainability in cities and regions, and provides guidance on how to successfully develop a sustainable mobility system based on public transport. Read more about the Strategy for public transport. The UITP Awards 2015 will reward ambitious and innovative projects carried out in the last two years in cities and regions around the world.

Call for applications. Sea bloguero de Publicaciones Semana. Análisis del 'usted no sabe quién soy yo' en Colombia - Justicia. M-19 25 años por Citt Consultores. Selorecomiendo - Profesionales recomendados para un trabajo perfecto - Selorecomiendo. Yo salí de la San Martin. Por @karlalarcn Hay cosas que es mejor no preguntar, pero también hay cosas que cuando la gente pregunta es mejor cambiar de tema.

International Vacancies: Socialter, le magazine de l'économie nouvelle génération - Accueil. Société. Ces Japonais qui nettoient Paris. 7 consejos para entrevistarte en inglés - Agenda - Foro Económico Mundial. 50 fonctions Excel à connaître absolument. Nous avons rassemblé 50 fonctions Excel variées, permettant de tirer profit de l'ensemble des fonctionnalités du logiciel. Découvrez 50 fonctions du logiciel Excel pour améliorer votre productivité. Crédits photo : PixieMe / Adobe Stock.

Moovit, la revolución del transporte público. How to get a free MBA. Anti arrugas lifting facial medio V frente a línea Slim Adelgazante mejilla máscara correa cinturón.