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Clmoocmb.educatorinnovator. Resources. Skip to main content Login/Join You are here Home Resources Independent Projects & Digital Literacy Project’ is one of those words with a meaning that hinges on whether it is used inside or outside of a classroom. ...


Innovation Hour Montage Author: Carrie Honaker The link below is to the video montage of our Innovation Hour Showcase. Balloonproject.jpg Independent Projects & Digital Literacy Author: Myles Curtis Project’ is one of those words with a meaning that hinges on whether it is used inside or outside of a classroom. ... Why should kids learn to be digital creators, and computer programmers?

Why should kids learn to be digital creators, and computer programmers? Author: Shannon Landin Codecraft Lab, a 501(c)3 public charity in Brevard County, FL, began working this school year with local public schools to create after-school clubs... Scribble Cover.png Scribble Machine Project Guide Author: David Perlis Testing Out 3D Printed Scribble Machines Skill-tree-v5-1024x930_0.jpg Games to Empower Pages.

CLMOOC Make Cycle #5: Stories & Spaces! Make with Me For this make cycle, we invite you to create a digital story about a public space - physical or digital - that holds an important meaning to you or your community.

CLMOOC Make Cycle #5: Stories & Spaces!

Here are some additional questions that you might think about as you’re exploring spaces: Why does this space matter? Digital Tools and Tutorials for Making. KQED_DStoryManual_Intro_08.pdf. Digital Tools and Tutorials for Making. CLMOOC Make Cycle #4: All Systems Go! Reflections and Connections. There is so much more we could say about the makes that are still in progress and all that happened during this make cycle, but you may have stopped reading already as a new make was inspired as you considered the makes of others.

CLMOOC Make Cycle #4: All Systems Go! Reflections and Connections

So at this point, we want you to know that we are grateful to everyone who decided to take a risk this week and dive deeply into systems and system thinking with us. Your contributions have made the conversation richer and have deepened our understanding of systems...and we hope yours too! What’s Ahead Next week, we will enjoy an exciting collaboration with KQED as we think about public spaces. We might even discover more about systems as we make with them! Until then, we at the San Diego Area Writing Project (SDAWP) challenge you to keep making, reflecting, and sharing your thoughts and experiences, and we encourage you to further connect by commenting on the projects and reflections shared by others. CLMOOC 2015 Subscriber List. Interactive Creative Writing Games and Gizmos. Visual Poetry. Explore your creativity by drawing word mosaics with your poetry.

Visual Poetry

How to use the Control Screen: 1. Enter your poem or other text in the "Text" field.2. Optional: Choose minimum size, maximum size, random angle, text color, and/or background color.3. Click anywhere on the page, hold down the mouse and draw a picture.4. Example Word Mosaic using the first few lines of Allen Ginsberg's, Howl: Blog Hub — CLMOOC 2015. CLMOOC 2015 Subscriber List. Ida Brandão Space for MOOCs. 4 July 2015 A new trial with EMAZE App with a poem by Fernando Pessoa - I’ve written a new short poem Homeless On the bed of time, homeless people sleep.

Ida Brandão Space for MOOCs

Under the cover of shy glimpses, the summer sky warms, where the water runs deep. And tried EMAZE App – and re-MEDIA-te in PIXLR A peer shared an animation she produced with DoInk Apps as well as the process with a tutorial It takes time but it has great potential. Make Hyperbolic Tilings of Images. The loaded image will be cropped to the centered hyperbolic polygon.

Make Hyperbolic Tilings of Images

Repeated hyperbolic reflections of the centered polygon make up the tiling. The option generate large generates a tiling that is larger than the image shown on the screen. The default scale factor for an enlarged tiling is four, this is a length factor. Another scale factor can be chosen below. Chrome may crash when trying to download a large image - "Aw, Snap! " Larger tilings take longer time to generate, mostly since the edge of the tiling gets finer. If change first tile is clicked, the rendering of the first tile will cycle through "no distortion", "Klein distortion", and "polynomial distortion". The hyperbolic tiling The tiling is made of regular hyperbolic polygons with sides. is the number of polygons meeting at each corner.

When a so-called Poincaré disc is used to model hyperbolic geometry, the entire universe is inside a circle . Polynomial distortion Pick a point inside the Euclidean polygon. When then.