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The Rapid Evolution of Emoji, a Wordless Tongue. The rapid evolution of a wordless tongue.

The Rapid Evolution of Emoji, a Wordless Tongue

Illustration by Zohar Lazar Consider the tilde. There it is, that little squiggle, hanging out on the far-upper-left-hand side of your ­computer keyboard. The symbol dates back to ancient Greece, though tilde comes from Spanish, and in modern English it’s used to indicate “approximately” (e.g., ~30 years) or “equivalence” (x ~ y) in mathematics. And, as of this year, according to a breakdown of the website emojitracker by Luminoso, a text-­analytics company, the tilde was surpassed in usage on Twitter by the emoji symbol for “joy.”

The Joy emoji—also referred to on the ­Emojipedia website as “Face With Tears of Joy” or “the LOL Emoji” (emoji don’t have official names, just nicknames created by their users)—dates back, in North America, to roughly 2011, when Apple put a readily accessible emoji keyboard in iOS 5 for the iPhone. And that’s just one emoji. And Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes and Grinning Face and Winking Face and Kissing Face and Tram . The rise of the emoji for brand marketing. For years, brands have been chasing the coveted millennial market for their size, influence, growing incomes and their insatiable appetite for digital media.

The rise of the emoji for brand marketing

But now, the eldest millennials are in their mid-30s and we see marketers shifting their attention to Generation Z. Loosely defined as those born after the turn of the century, this cohort grew up in our social, mobile and digitally-connected world. They communicate with text messages and, increasingly, with emojis – single images that convey emotion such as a wink, a smile or a heart. Brands are using emojis to communicate with their target audience, to infiltrate their mobile phones, to demonstrate that they are on top of the latest communications trends, and also to convey messages in elegantly simple ways.

In this example, Budweiser used emojis to celebrate the American 4th of July holiday. What are emojis? Emojis are different from emoticons such as this smile :-) this wink ;-) and this OMG :-O. But we are also more impatient. The History Of The Emoji Told Entirely In Emojis. The age of the emoji. Our emoji obsession shows no sign of abating.

The age of the emoji

Last summer, Emoji Dick, a Kickstarter-backed emoji translation of Moby Dick, was accepted into the Library of Congress, while in December, the first all-emoji art exhibition was held in New York. The question now is how far this could go. Could what is now an ephemeral craze become core to our communications? To some extent emojis act like the best of poetry and literature, encapsulating a feeling or situation that you intuitively “get”; that means something even if you wouldn’t previously have been able to encapsulate it in words.

As speed and efficiency become ever more prized for “generation 140”, emojis provide a useful way of squeezing multiple words into one compact character. Oreo Bonding Emoji Campaign. Mobile Marketing Case Study: PETA Emoji Advertisement. PETA, a long-standing leader in mobile marketing, has just announced another innovative and compelling mobile campaign to increase customer engagement.

Mobile Marketing Case Study: PETA Emoji Advertisement

In what is a first for the mobile marketing industry, PETA has implemented a campaign powered by emoji. Cool right? Here’s how it works: Goal To capture people’s attention, PETA’s campaign elegantly conceptualizes “Beyond Words.” Once captured, PETA wants to mobilize (pun intended) supporters of animal rights to take action. Call To Action PETA’s design team deserves a round of applause. Running the call to action through the standard evaluation methodology, the two biggest reasons for its effectiveness are clarity and the secret sauce.

Coca-Cola innove avec des URL en émoticônes. Avec Emoticoke, la marque de sodas surprend avec une déclinaison très actuelle de sa signature « open happiness ».

Coca-Cola innove avec des URL en émoticônes

Le site mobile permets aux fans porto-ricains de Coca-Cola de créer leur propres URL à partir de smileys, et de participer ainsi à un concours. Ces URL pouvant servir de redirection enjouées vers les profils réseaux sociaux des fans. Le 24 février les gagnants se verront attribuer par tirage au sort une URL définitive avec leurs émoticônes. Des émoticônes humanisées pour « Innocence en danger » L’agence Rosapark signe cette nouvelle campagne pour sensibiliser enfants et parents aux dangers d’Internet.

Des émoticônes humanisées pour « Innocence en danger »

Face au décalage abyssal entre l’insouciance des jeunes adolescents sur les chats, et leurs dangers avérés, Innocence en danger et l’agence Rosapark lancent un appel à la vigilance. « D’après le rapport de l’ONU plus de 750.000 prédateurs rodent en permanence sur internet et un enfant sur cinq a été sollicité sexuellement sur le net » Disney recrée le film « Frozen » en émoticônes. Redheads should have emoji, too! Les emojis multi-ethniques arrivent chez Apple. Apple vient de livrer les nouvelles versions beta d’OS X 10.10.3 et d’iOS 8.3.

Les emojis multi-ethniques arrivent chez Apple

Des versions beta qui voient arriver des nouveaux emojis. Des tonnes, même. Des emojis placés sous le signe de la diversité. Fini les smiley jaunes et les emojis blanc chez Apple. Désormais, chaque icone sera décliné en « plusieurs couleurs ». Mais il n’y a pas que ça. GE Emoji Science.