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Three recipes good for a campervan kitchen. July 12, 2017 Living in a campervan is not a new thing for me, at lease not exactly.

Three recipes good for a campervan kitchen

I used to travel with my parents each year when I was a kid. It was a bit more complicated for my mom because we had a caravan and there were three kids (I have two sisters), but I have Tomasz, so it’s like cooking for 4. My mom made a great work, it was so obvious to me that each day we have meals on time and it’s all yummy. When I started to travel with Mia by myself, I noticed, that it’s not so easy, because there are space and pots restrictions. Healthy Eating On-The-Go. One of the questions people always ask me is how do you stay healthy when you’re busy or out at work all day.

Healthy Eating On-The-Go

It might seem like an impossible task, but trust me it’s way easier than you think! Plus taking your own food almost always tastes better than any store brought sandwich or unexciting salad, it’s much less expensive and it makes you feel so much more energised. So how do you do it? Every weekend I make big batches of the foods that will be the basis of my lunch. This starts with either quinoa, brown rice or buckwheat – I change my grain each week so I don’t get bored but I normally cook them in the same easy way.