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Salads. Mains. Soups. Desserts. Snacks. Brunch. Breads and Muffins. Lunch Boxes. Drinks. GRILLING. DIY. Interesting. Sauces. Food Blogs. Christmas. A Winter Weekend Cleanse. Happy 2015, dear friends!

A Winter Weekend Cleanse

I wasn’t sure about doing a detox post this year simply because it seemed predictable, but over the past couple weeks, my body told my brain to stop thinking so much and just do what I feel. Smart body. There are many reasons people feel the need to press the reset button this time of year. Overindulgence, chronic stress, feelings of fatigue or sluggishness are the usual suspects, but there are also positive grounds for clearing out the cobwebs such as wanting to gain more energy and increase vitality, achieve higher levels of clarity, and realign with our internal guidance systems. I know the telltale signs for myself, and they usually involve a slight disinterest in eating (sounds crazy, I know), along with the desire to examine my food-body-mind relationship.

But how can we make this really easy? One smoothie. Detoxifying Habits Dry skin brushing: Dry skin brushing helps stimulate your lymphatic system, which is responsible for ridding the body of toxins.


BRANDING articles. A Checklist for Building and Marketing Your Mobile Application - Marketing Technology Blog. 5 Reasons You Should Hire an Intern. Social Marketers, Social Advertising Is Now Your Job (Ad Analytics) What Do Interns Want? 10 Characteristics That Attract Exceptional Interns - Intern Program Tips. What Do Interns Want?

What Do Interns Want? 10 Characteristics That Attract Exceptional Interns - Intern Program Tips

10 Characteristics That Attract Exceptional Interns Some employers believe that the current economy means companies have their choice of available interns. They think that, due to a shortage of employment opportunities, interns must be indiscriminately searching for any organizational opening. As a result, some companies have gotten lax in terms of learning what students really want in an internship; they’ve gotten lethargic about program development and promoting themselves to peak the interest of interns. While it is true that some companies have cut spending on internship programs, if you want to attract the top talent and achievers, you need to create a program that appeals to students. So what do interns look for when choosing a program? 10 Features Interns Look for in an Internship Program 1. Yes, many of these criteria are outside a company’s control. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Youtube. Elevation Church - Intern Video.

AIESEC: Everything You Need to Know. AIESEC - It Makes A Difference. AIESEC OGX Exchange/Internship Promotional Video. How To Finish A Presentation (Speeches) Having trouble getting the reaction you want from an audience after finishing your presentation?

How To Finish A Presentation (Speeches)

This video from VideoJug will give you the tools you'll need to leave your audience wanting more. Hi, I'm Simon Bucknall and in 2008 I won the European Championship of Public Speaking. At the Art of Connection we help ambitious professionals to connect with their audience. And we do it by bringing world class communication's expertise into the training room. To enable our clients to persuade, influence and inspire others. It's true in part, but what's really important about the conclusion to any speech or presentation is the call to action.

That change could be large or small, but it has to be a change of some kind. And again, that's wrong. And that means that the last impression your audience has of you is the energy that was in the room for that final question. Six Ways to Control Your Stage Fright. Ep 10. How To Answer Questions On Your Presentation - Presentation Skills - Public Speaking.

Public Speaking - From Speaking Zero to Speaking Hero. Engage Through Storytelling. Engage Your Audience: How To Use A Story To Start A Presentation. How to Powerfully Begin Every Presentation. Hans Rosling: Debunking third-world myths with the best stats you've ever seen. Effective Presentation Skills: Using Vocal Energy to Excite Your Audience. Effective Presentation Skills: Using Eye Contact to Connect with Your Audience. How to Use Body Language to Improve Your Presentation Online videos for busy business professionals BNET Video. Be Your Own Therapist. Do you dare to dream? Top Documentary Films - Watch Free Documentaries Online. Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are.

Can You Really Improve Your Emotional Intelligence? - Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic. Who wouldn’t want a higher level of emotional intelligence?

Can You Really Improve Your Emotional Intelligence? - Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic

Studies have shown that a high emotional quotient (or EQ) boosts career success, entrepreneurial potential, leadership talent, health, relationship satisfaction, humor, and happiness. It is also the best antidote to work stress and it matters in every job — because all jobs involve dealing with people, and people with higher EQ are more rewarding to deal with.

Most coaching interventions try to enhance some aspect of EQ, usually under the name of social, interpersonal, or soft skills training. The underlying reasoning is that, whereas IQ is very hard to change, EQ can increase with deliberate practice and training. But what is the evidence? Nearly 3,000 scientific articles have been published on EQ since the concept was first introduced in 1990, and there are five key points to consider: Everyone can change, but few people are seriously willing to try. 2. 4) Some techniques (and coaches) are more competent than others. Richard Branson on Self-Awareness for Leadership Growth. Editor's Note: Entrepreneur Richard Branson regularly shares his business experience and advice with readers. Ask him a question and your query might be the inspiration for a future column.

Q: What are the key personal characteristics that go hand-in-hand with business success? -- Titto Mbuvi All sorts of people find success as entrepreneurs, in every profession and area of life. Social Intelligence Competencies Predict Transformational Leadership Style and Effectiveness. How to Use Eye Contact to Improve Your Business and Love Life.

In our first post in this two-part series on eye contact, we discussed the importance of eye contact and some of the reasons we don’t always feel comfortable looking someone in the eye.

How to Use Eye Contact to Improve Your Business and Love Life

But just because eye contact is a great thing and a vital tool for improving the quality of all your face-to-face interactions with others, doesn’t mean that more eye contact is always better or that all eye contact is created equal. You have to do it right—at the right time and in the right way. How to do that is what we’ll be exploring today. We’ll start off with a primer on how to make good eye contact in general conversational situations, and then we’ll tackle eye contact tips for specific scenarios.

Let’s get started. The Importance of Eye Contact. 60 Inconvenient Personal Development Truths. I know you want to be the best you can be.

60 Inconvenient Personal Development Truths

We all do. But sometimes we look for success in the wrong places or we try to achieve it in the wrong ways. Here are 60 inconvenient truths about personal development to help you stay on track. The acquisition of knowledge doesn’t mean you’re growing. And remember, the extra mile is the stretch of road that’s never crowded. How To Stand Out At Work.

Nowadays, it seems like many employees at work really zone in on the job requirements of their position.

How To Stand Out At Work

Some employees will make sure they stick within their job requirements and do not do much more. Others will work very hard at their job and excel in it. However, there is a minority group of employees who really step up and contribute in any way they can. Daniel Goleman - Working with Emotional Intelligence (Audio Ep1) History Channel Secrets of body language 720p.