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Unclutterer - Daily tips on how to organize your home and office.

Unclutterer - Daily tips on how to organize your home and office.

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9 Incredible Books to Phenomenally Boost Your Productivity Books on productivity can be great investments, rewarding us with better ways to work, stay creative, and reduce stress. Here’s a list of 9 Incredible Books to Phenomenally Boost Your Productivity. Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity In today’s world, yesterday’s methods just don’t work. In Getting Things Done, veteran coach and management consultant David Allen shares the breakthrough methods for stress-free performance that he has introduced to tens of thousands of people across the country. Organize and Decorate Everything — Organize Your Life and Decorate Your World Here is another garland I made for Emilee’s birthday and to decorate her bedroom door. This is another great way to give money as a gift. To make the Dollar Bow Garland you can make as many bows as you like and in any denomination. My folding skills aren’t amazing so I decided on making a simple bow. Start by folding the bill in half length wise.

Power of Attorney: Plan ahead in case you lose mental capacity One in three over-65s develop dementia. Yet don't assume relatives can just walk into a bank and access your money, even to pay for your care. Unless you've a Power of Attorney already, loved ones need to apply through court, which can be long and costly. This guide shows you how to sort it in advance. What is Lasting Power of Attorney? Align Your Time Management with Your Goals At the end of a busy day, sometimes it’s hard to figure out where the time went. The following excerpt from the book Getting Work Done provides a simple process for you to prioritize your work and understand how you’re actually using your time. What goals are you aiming for in your work? Does the way that you are spending your time actually correlate to those goals?

Blog Organized Menu Planning Menu planning is one of the most important aspects of home keeping. It should take priority on your schedule. If you don’t have a plan, you will feel the stress every single day (I know, I’ve been there). You will eat less healthier and you’ll waste money. Death happens - plan for it: 20+ crucial checks to minimise financial trauma Death can cause financial tragedies as well as grief. Yet planning for the end isn't about being morbid. It's about making crucial financial preparations to lessen the impact when it happens.

The Secret Weapon For Better Focus Advertisement Are you looking for a more efficient way to organise your work-days? Try Time Blocking. A few months back, I came across Cal Newport’s illuminating post on Time Blocking — a productivity “hack” that helps you to make the most of your work day by assigning very specific tasks to very specific blocks of time. This is loosely based on Parkinson’s Law, the idea of which is that work will simply expand to fill the time available for its completion. For some, the idea of scheduling tasks in such a rigid way may be counter intuitive.

Simple Dimples: Organization Binders DropBox download added/Updated Photos Dec. 10,2012 How the Binders are Organized Here are a few FREE PDF's of the templates I made to use inside my binders. Please check back as I will continue to update this list as I design more pages ;) I’ve added a DropBox download option since so many had problems with Google Drive. Barclays Bank and the Bereavement Con Following my Dad’s death, Barclays Bank’s immediate response was to present my devastated mum with a form which, if she’d signed it, would have in effect authorised them to unload their corporation debts onto her personally when in fact she owes them nothing. My father died recently, and under unexpected circumstances. Naturally, my mum and I were stunned, dazed, shocked, lost. As people do, we chose to distract our minds while our hearts mourned the horrible new truth. To this end we made an early start on the slew of administrative tasks that follow a death. Early among these was a visit to Barclays Bank to tell them about my dad’s passing.

The S.T.A.R. Method: A More Effective, Less Stressful Way to Process Email Do you struggle with having a manageable email Inbox? Are you worried that you’re missing something important because you can’t keep up with the volume of email traffic you’re getting? Don’t worry, you’re not alone – and there’s an easier way to get have less stress and overwhelm without being anal-retentive that doesn’t require you to learn to be anal-retentive about clearing your Inbox. I’ve written a lot about effective email habits, and I’ve recommended using the R.A.F.T. (Read-Act-File-Trash) method to process your Inbox.