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Perma Pak - frequently asked questions page

Perma Pak - frequently asked questions page

100 Amazing How-To Sites to Teach Yourself Anything | Rated Colleges Posted by Site Administrator in Online Learning May 7th, 2009 Learning new skills and expanding your knowledge doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. There are loads of free resources on the Web that can help you find instructional videos, tutorials and classes to learn a wide variety of skills from fixing basic car problems to speaking another language. With 100 sites to choose from, you’re bound to find something here that will help you learn just about anything you could want. General Tutorials These sites offer a wide range of tutorials and videos. Around the House Want to know how to fix that broken cabinet or hang up some great wallpaper? Business and Management If you feel like you’re seriously lacking on business and management skills at work, no need to worry. KnowThis? Language and Writing Those who want to learn a new language, improve their writing skills or just learn more about literature will be well-served by these instructional sites. Technology Math S.O.S. Science Creativity

Animated Knots Tutorials By Grog Free electronics projects and circuit diagrams (schematics) for hobbyists. Build your own electronic gadgets Iridescent Sneakers Dear fashion, lately we’ve been noticing a special glow about you, and P.S.- we love it. From iridescent Dior frocks to Burberry’s shimmering trench coats, Spring style is getting its gleam on. Slip into your own shine with this sneaky DIY that cranks up the wattage on a simple pair of kicks. To create: Cover the rubber rim and tag of the sneaker with paper tape. Get down with DIY and a dope playlistCLICK HERE for the P.S.- I made this..PlaylistCurated by The Jane Doze

MAKE HOMEMADE SCIENCE TOYS AND PROJECTS Blandito Is A Giant Pillow/Mattress Burrito We can't tell how comfortable (or uncomfortable) the Blandito is, but I have to say: it looks awesome. Not only will it make for a sweet wraparound pillow/mattress/blanket -- it can be repurposed for a whole lot of uses while chilling around the house, too. Created by Oradaria Design, it's billed as a "transformable pad for lazy living." The Blandito starts out life as a round and cushy mat that lies flat on the floor. Unfortunately, the Blandito is only listed as "coming soon" on the Italian outfit's website, without much details and specifics. Check It Out

Michael Davis Publishing - Mike's World. joon & jung: 'pillow blanket' mar 26, 2009 joon & jung: 'pillow blanket' korean born, dutch based designer jungyou of joon & jung has sent in images of her latest design ‘pillow blanket’. it is approximately 3 x 3 meters in size. ridhika naidoo I designboom reaDIYmate DIY Get lot's of great home, survival and emergency preparedness DIY projects How to Make a Concrete Fire Pit Bowl How to Make a Concrete Fire Pit Bowl I found a great article showing you how to make a concrete fire bowl and I had to share it with you all. There is nothing better than sitting around a fire on the warmer evenings, heck, even the cold evenings… SO I went hunting for a … Continue reading » Permanent link to this article: How to Make Tofu For Survival Protein How to Make Tofu For Survival Protein See How to Make Tofu For Survival Protein and have this great knowledge just encase you cant find meat in a survival situation. Continue reading » Permanent link to this article: DIY $20 Outdoor Cob Oven for Great Bread and Pizza Continue reading » Permanent link to this article: Home Decorating Ideas - Decorating Tips for Apartment - Home - Studio - Dorm - Rental Decorating Digest 101 Green Home Decor Tutorials - Pin It Having a beautiful home doesn’t need to leave your bank account in the red…GO GREEN! These fabulous and frugal green home decor tutorials are the best way to decorate while being eco-friendly! There’s a little something here for any style home. You can decorate your whole home with recycled materials! If you love creative ideas for you home, please subscribe to Remodeling Therapy. Here’s a little something to help with giving more green gifts… Check out this great list of Green Handmade Gift Tutorials before you head out on your next shopping trip. Feel free to share this with all of your friends…the world needs more green!!! Care to share a green idea??? ~Kim

I Believe I Can Fry: Reconditioning & Re-Seasoning Cast Iron Cookware I LOVE cooking with cast iron. As more reports come out about the dangers of nonstick pans and the toxins that they can emit, I appreciate my cast iron cookware more and more. They distribute heat evenly, can stand up to almost any abuse, and will last for many years - some of the pieces in my collection are around 100 years old! Most people I know think that cast iron skillets are solely for making cornbread or for frying. I seek out older cast iron pieces, made back when the pieces were machine polished to a smooth glassy surface after casting. Greg has a great restoration tutorial over on his Black Iron Blog. I picked up this Birmingham Stove & Range skillet and this Griswold skillet at a local junk store. All that is needed for the reconditioning process are a few inexpensive, readily available items: Heavy-duty Oven Cleaner (I used Easy-Off)* Steel Wool (#0000)*EDIT 05/2012* This post has become VERY popular recently thanks to Pinterest! This is where patience comes in.