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Learn these trumpet pieces!!!

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Over The Rainbow playalong for Cornet Trumpet Vocal or any Bb instrument with lyrics. "Star Trek" Original Series Opening Title for Brass Quintet. Free Trumpet Sheet Music! All pictures are best if printed out using Paint Shop Pro!

Free Trumpet Sheet Music!

Download the latest version here. Use the printing function to size it to the page, or whatever shows up the best. (All the music here printed well on my Epson Stylus 500 at full page, so...). Patriotic Music In honor of the lives lost on that horrific day, 09/11/01, I have posted some patriotic songs. Jazz and Blues All of Me - Simons and Marks (110 k jpg)Anthropology - By Charlie Parker ( 107k jpg ) As Time Goes By - By Billie Holiday (117k jpg)Big Nick - By John Coltrane ( 110k jpg) Birdland By Joe Zawinul (119k jpg) Blueberry Hill By Louis, Stock and Rose (119k jpg)Blue Monk - By Thelonius Monk ( 93.4 k jpg) Salt Peanuts - By Gillispie and Clark (109k jpg) Some Skunk Funk, pg 1 - By Randy Brecker (316 k jpg) Some Skunk Funk, pg 2 - By " " (316 k jpg) Some Skunk Funk, pg 3 - By " " (316 k jpg) Spanish Flea - By Herb Alpert (133 k jpg) Take the A Train - By Billy Stayhorn and the Delta Rythm Boys (105k jpg) Other Instructional.

ARBANS SINGLE TONGUE EXERCISE #26. Armstrong Louis, 'La Vie En Rose' Trumpet Solo Transcription (Version Bb) Ave- Maria Schubert, for Trumpet. I just wanna make love to you - Etta James. VIDEO TRUMPET LESSONS. How do I build up my endurance on the trumpet? Playing until you can't play anymore is not really a good way to gain endurance, well actually it is, but you have to make sure not to overdo it.

How do I build up my endurance on the trumpet?

A lot of people say playing trumpet is like being a marathon runner, which is true. If your training for a marathon, your not just going to run 24 miles, because if you did that... uh, it's pretty obvious it wouldn't turn out well. So if you decide your going to play seven hours on trumpet one day, when you usually practice 1 hour, that would damage your lips a lot. On the other hand, if you go to light on your chops there won't be any progress.

So I suggest when you are trying to improve your endurance, to be patient, and maybe in a month, you will have great endurance. results aren't going to happen right away. Whatever, I'll just give you some tips to help you in range and endurance: --Make sure that you are using your corners of your mouth. --It is a good idea to have heavy and light days. Alleluja, from "Exsultate Jubilate" - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, on Solo Trumpet. Alleluia Exultate - Mozart - Performed By Frank Balon (Trumpet) Alleluia Exsultate, Jubilate. Exsultate jubilate - Alleluia (Maurice Andre) Wynton Marsalis - Leonard Bernstein: Rondo for Lifey. Lora Georgieva trumpet Bernstein Rondo for Lifey. Wynton Marsalis - A Trumpeter's Lullaby. Ennio Porrino: Preludio, Aria e Scherzo (1942)