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How to Clean Oven Glass - it seriously is that easy

How to Clean Oven Glass - it seriously is that easy
So here is what my oven glass looked like when we moved in. And here is what it looks like now Want to clean your oven? Ingredients: Water Baking Soda Add about a 1/4 cup of baking soda in a dish and mix just enough water to make a thick paste. Spread your mixture all over your glass (and the door if it needs it too. Wait 15-20 minutes (or if it is really, really bad like mine you can wait 30 minutes. After 15, 20, or 30 minutes wipe off. And Voila... For even more amazing life hacks check out the Tips & Tricks tab located at the top of the page. If you enjoyed this post, share it on pinterest! You may also be interested in... Stay up-to-date on any new tips, tutorial, recipes, family fun, and much more by joining DIY Home Sweet Home's social networks. Stay up-to-date on any new tips, tutorial, recipes, family fun, and much more by joining DIY Home Sweet Home's social networks.

Liten vitlök blir stor vitlök | Skillnadens trädgård | Sara Bäckmo Under några år ägnar jag mig åt ett experiment; att följa vitlök från liten topp- eller halslök till något som ska likna en skördeklar vitlök med klyftor och allt. Sedan 2012 har jag varje höst planterat ett helt gäng av de små lökar som bildas i toppen av vitlöksplantan. På de lökar som saknat topplök har jag satt smålökarna som bildas på plantans stjälk, de kallas för halslök.Jag har satt och skördat de små lökarna samtidigt som storlöken. 21 Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks Have you completed your spring cleaning? If not I'm here to help with these 21 amazing tips and tricks to make your spring cleaning routine go as smooth as possible. Fill a dish wand with half vinegar and half dawn dish soap. To clean fan blades, toss a pillowcase over the blade then slowly pull off. Clean your burners without scrubbing. . Spend less time shining your facuets, sinks, and tiles by polishing them with turtle wax . Mix a few drops of essential oil with one cup baking soda. Make your own citrus vinegar cleaner. Use a lemon to remove hard water stains from your faucet. Make your sink shine by mixing borax with lemon juice to make a paste. Fill ice cub trays with vinegar then drop a lemon slice into each one. Use a binder clip to air dry your sponges and keep them smelling fresh longer.Source Clean your pans with tea tree oil. Use a q-tip to cleat tight spaces in your window tracks then wipe with a clean paper towel.Source Make your floors look new again.

Scientists Theorize Inflammation May Trigger Some Mental Illnesses Katherine Streeter for NPR Sometime around 1907, well before the modern randomized clinical trial was routine, American psychiatrist Henry Cotton began removing decaying teeth from his patients in hopes of curing their mental disorders. If that didn't work, he moved on to more invasive excisions: tonsils, testicles, ovaries and, in some cases, colons. Cotton was the newly appointed director of the New Jersey State Hospital for the Insane and was acting on a theory proposed by influential Johns Hopkins psychiatrist Adolf Meyer, under whom Cotton had studied, that psychiatric illness is the result of chronic infection. Meyer's idea was based on observations that patients with high fevers sometimes experience delusions and hallucinations. Cotton ran with the idea, scalpel in hand. This 1920 newspaper clipping from The Washington Herald highlights Dr. Following his death in 1933, interest in Cotton's cures waned. Symptoms Of Mental And Physical Illness Can Overlap Eye of Science/Science Source

16 Cleaning Tips That Will Make Your Home Sparkle Nothing is more annoying than a house that still feels dirty no matter how much you scrub. You can have house cleaning service do it for you, but there are still some stuffs you have to deal with yourself or some accidents happen especially you have kids at home. Here are 16 cleaning tips that will help you get every nook and cranny in your house clean. Sometimes getting grimy glassware clean seems like mission impossible. Especially if it’s a flower vase with a narrow mouth. Microfiber couches are a magnet for dirt and grime — I know firsthand. Cast-iron pans are a pain in the butt to get clean, but scrubbing with coarse salt and a soft sponge will do the trick. via Martha Stewart Get rid of that gross, sticky skin of grime on your toaster using cream of tartar. via A Real-Life Housewife Use white vinegar to remove hard water buildup from your shower head. via the Thrifty Home Over time, your pillows develop an unsightly yellow tinge that just looks gross. More tips via the link:

Solar-powered Floatwing home in Portugal generates a year's worth of energy in just six months An off-grid adventure awaits daring couples on the Floatwing, a floating romantic getaway for two. The Portuguese design firm Friday developed the beautiful self-sufficient home, which was created with a focus on energy efficiency and environmentally friendly materials. The eco-conscious Floatwing boasts a small environmental footprint and can produce up to 100 percent of its annual energy needs over six months. Friday offers four different models for Floatwing, each providing different levels of autonomy depending on the type of installed equipment. Related: Floating solar-powered Waternest eco-home is nearly 100% recyclable The Floatwing is made up of two levels: the long floating deck and the accessible upper deck that doubles as a roof. While the structure has a six-meter-long fixed width, the house can be customized from 10 meters to 18 meters in length. + Floatwing Via Domus Images via Friday

How To Clean Your Computer Keyboard Safely - The Mama's Girls Ad Disclosure Have you looked at your keyboard lately? I know that I hadn’t until tonight. It was gross! I am embarrassed to show you all these photos, but maybe this tutorial will help you get your keyboard looking new again. . To clean your computer keyboard, you will need: Simply take the corner of the Magic Eraser and rub gently. to blow it away to avoid the dust from getting into the keyboard. Can you believe how great it looks? Do you have any other amazing uses for a Mr. Recommended For You:

Off Grid RV-ing - 22 Styles: Which One Suits You? Okay, so there's a lot of cool stuff here! But there's one trait in common among most of them! There has been a big shift in recent years even in RVing! How to Wash Hats Without Jeopardizing The Shape - The Mama's Girls Ad Disclosure My husband is a hat-wearer and when I say “hat-wearer” that is an understatement. He wears hats everyday. Needless to say, we get some pretty grimy looking hats in our house. Some of his hats have become so dirty, that I didn’t even know what to do with them besides throw them in the washer with the darks to agitate the dirt out of it. You will need: Take a leak proof rubber top tupperware container, Place your hat inside. Add Blender Bottle Shaker. Make sure to leave some space for the water to really move around. I have even had success with getting the sweat line out of the hat brim (let the line soak in a thin layer of dishsoap overnight first)! I have heard that you can do this with other delicates in a mason jar. I am always looking for a place to get replacement hats for cheap when they wear out too. Was this washing technique helpful? Recommended For You:

How to Put Rheumatoid Arthritis into Remission By Dr. Mercola If you or someone you know has rheumatoid arthritis (RA), you'll want to watch this video. In it, Sarah Allen, who is a former patient of mine, shares how she put rheumatoid arthritis into remission, and it's a remarkable success story.Rheumatoid arthritis was a passion of mine while I was still in active practice. I treated over 3,000 patients with this disease. I estimate 80 to 85 percent of them experienced significant recovery, if not remission, like Sarah did. "I thought I was very healthy,' she says. Hallmark Signs of RA One of the hallmark symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis is pain in your hands and/or feet. RA Is Typically Treated with Toxic Drugs Traditional care also doesn't have a lot of good hope for RA sufferers. "I was really afraid of what that drug was going to do to my body,' Sarah says. Dr. The book she's referring to is The Road Back: Rheumatoid Arthritis, its Cause and its Treatment, written by Dr. Sarah's Treatment There IS Hope for RA Patients

Must Try Cleaning Tips for Every Day Everyone dreams of having a spotless home every day. While some don’t manage to make their goals a reality, some make an effort to finding relevant information to make their dreams come true. If you want your home to look great and attractive you need to clean it and ensure not a single stain is visible. To achieve this you need to get help from professionals who have extensive knowledge on cleaning. This post offers you cleaning tips for everyday to help you get you home spotless and make it more appealing. You will get to know various ways and ideas you can employ today and make your dreams worthwhile. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. why not clean your leather purse? 16. Want more? Cleaning Tips for Every Day Via Thirty and Made Days

The Wall Outlet Personal Space Heater This is the compact space heater that plugs in flush with a wall outlet and heats the immediate area of small intimate spaces. Only available from Hammacher Schlemmer and ideal for workspaces, such as beneath office and home desks, workbenches, and reading nooks, the device supplements a home’s existing heating system. Prongs built into the back of the heater plug directly into a three-prong outlet, freeing up floor space and eliminating the need to run cables. The 350-watt heater has a digital thermostat that allows users to easily select a precise temperature between 60° F and 90° F, not merely “high” or “low” heat settings like lesser models. A timer can be set to turn the heater on automatically to warm up a small area before you enter, and an automatic cut-off prevents overheating. Lifetime Guarantee The Wall Outlet Personal Space Heater comes with The Hammacher Schlemmer Lifetime Guarantee at no additional charge.

14 Things You Didn’t Know You Needed to Spring Clean Deposit Photos Although we may not like doing it, spring cleaning is a necessity. Winter is over, it’s time to come out of hibernation, air out those windows that we’ve boarded up, and open our homes back up to the nice weather. While you might know (begrudgingly) what needs to be cleaned, like the kitchen floors and the living room windows, you might be missing some smaller parts of your home that need a good cleaning, too. 1. Grease and grime tends to build up in washing machine drums, both top and front loaders. 2. If you don’t know them by name, fridge coils are the bars underneath the fridge. 3. Like your washing machine, you don’t want this appliance bogged down with grease and grime. 4. A clean bathroom exhaust fan actually helps to prevent mold. 5. Just like the bathroom exhaust fan, the range hood filter in your stove draws airborne grease out of the air that flies about while you’re cooking. 6. It’s disgusting to hear, but your laptop can get terribly dirty. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

Dream Retreats: 15 Rustic, Reclaimed and Remote Cabins Who doesn’t dream of getting away for a while to a remote, private nature retreat? While some rustic and nature-centric cabins are just for vacations, there’s no reason you can’t make this a permanent, eco-friendly way of life. Let these 15 cabins, which are often off-grid, made of reclaimed materials and designed for the best views possible, tempt you into making some plans. Phantom Ranch Cabin, Grand Canyon, Arizona (image via: grand canyon nps) Deep down in the bottom of the Grand Canyon, 4,600 feet below the South Rim, is a place known as Phantom Ranch. Blaise Rustic Cottage, Bristol, England (image via: crabchick) Once a fairytale cottage with a thatched roof and a warm glow from the windows, Blaise Cottage – part of Blaise Hamlet in northwest Bristol, England – is sadly not quite what it used to be. Sunset Cabin, Ontario, Canada (image via: archdaily) A private retreat on the shore of Lake Simcoe in Ontario, Canada, this little cabin is simple but sophisticated. (image via: archdaily)

How To Organize Your Canned Goods Elisa Bernick The last place you need to be cluttered is your cabinet! My logic? The answer? This project is also a fairly easy and cheap DIY that you can spend an afternoon finishing up! YOU’LL NEED – Wire shelving – Hack saw or bolt cutters – Screws STEP 1: Measure the bottom of your cabinet.