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How To Hire a Great Developer [FLOW CHART] Thomas Edison once said that "genius" is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. In the world of technology startups, that 99% involves a heck of a lot of coding and wireframing. If you've got an idea for a startup, that's great — but odds are that an idea is all you have. (Well, maybe you have passion and some savings, too.) But you'll need more than that to bring your idea to life — you'll need a developer who can transform your vision into an elegant app or website. If you're just foraying into the land of entrepreneurship, you may wonder where the to even start looking for such a person. From trolling your network to attending meetups, there are myriad ways to meet skilled developers. Throughout the search, there's plenty of room for missteps, and you might not know the right questions to ask. Image courtesy of iStockphoto, nullplus, Infographic courtesy of General Assembly

open source shopping cart. IDE An Absolute Beginner's Guide to Node.js There's no shortage of Node.js tutorials out there, but most of them cover specific use cases or topics that only apply when you've already got Node up and running. I see comments every once and awhile that sound something like, "I've downloaded Node, now what?" This tutorial answers that question and explains how to get started from the very beginning. What is Node.js? A lot of the confusion for newcomers to Node is misunderstanding exactly what it is. The description on definitely doesn't help. An important thing to realize is that Node is not a webserver. Installing Node Node.js is very easy to install. I've Installed Node, now what? Once installed you'll have access to a new command called "node". $ node > console.log('Hello World'); Hello World undefined In the above example I typed "console.log('Hello World')" into the shell and hit enter. The other way to run Node is by providing it a JavaScript file to execute. hello.js console.log('Hello World'); $ node hello.js Hello World

Merrick Christensen - Grunt.js Workflow In this article I'm going to show you how to leverage Grunt.js to completely refactor your workflow. Follow in the footsteps of some of the most prolific open source projects in the world and leave the grunt work to Grunt.js. What is Grunt.js? Grunt.js is a fantastic task-based command line tool written in JavaScript on top of the wonderful Node.js platform. What are these tasks I keep referencing? Why should I use Grunt.js? Consistency Grunt.js provides a consistent interface for configuring and using any task. Utility Grunt.js allows you to run your tasks when monitored files change or manually using the command line. Community Grunt.js has a strong and rapidly growing community. Power & Flexibility Grunt.js provides all the power of Node.js for your tasks. Who is using it? Lots of excellent projects are leveraging Grunt.js. A Grunt.js Workflow The project structure we are going to use in this example is straight forward. Installation npm install grunt-cli -g grunt --version Project Integration

How to Communicate Your Software Needs to a Developer Brett Miller is the president of Custom Software by Preston (CSP). For more than 10 years, CSP has impressed clients with highly effective software solutions and teams of multi-talented software engineers. It might seem obvious, but effectively communicating your project needs to software developers is more than just important. Having an idea in mind and being able to discuss it intelligently isn’t always enough to efficiently communicate all the critical nuances and required details. SEE ALSO: HOW TO: Hire a Designer or Developer Below are some techniques and exercises that can be used to help you document the vision for your software project. The good news is that you can’t do this wrong. Let’s Get Started List a few websites you like. Existing Applications Application Users Planned System Users: Categorize them into types when needing certain application capabilities wherever possible.Features Needed: Describe the major features you want. Where is this feature accessed and how is it used?

960 Grid System Tutorials Simple REST Service with Node.js and Express - QAT Global Introduction This is a simple tutorial showing how to create a REST service with Node.js using Express. This first tutorial will assume you have already installed Node.js, but it will walk you through installing Express and setting up a project. We will also show how to setup a simple REST service and how you can test it. If you are unfamiliar with Node.js, please visit their official website. The code for this tutorial is available here on github. Setup The Environment If you don't already have express installed, you can install it with the following command: npm install express -g You will want to create a new directory for your project, so create your project directory and then from within that directory, run the following command to create your new project shell. express The express command generates a project using the jade template engine. npm install -d This command will download and install all of the dependencies into your project. node app.js Coding The Service app. Testing The Service

nodemon KidsRuby Teaches Your Children How to Program You’ve got to start them young, right? With kids picking up on how to use a computer faster than ever before, why not teach them how to program too? Kids Ruby is a piece of software and set of tutorials that teaches kids the art of development, with Ruby as its programming language of choice. Forget science fairs, your son or daughter could be the next Mark Zuckerberg. The software is available for Mac or PC, or if you’re feeling really adventurous, you can install the KidsRuby OS, which is built on Ubuntu. Now that’s a cool weekend project, especially if you’ve purchased a new household computer for Christmas. Teach your kids how to program The KidsRuby site speaks about programming in a way that kids can understand. When we say “hack your homework” we mean “learn how to write a computer program to help you with your homework”. How adorable is that? With the KidsRuby editor and curriculum, children can jump right in and start creating simple programs in Ruby: ➤ KidsRuby