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Open Middle - Challenging math problems worth solving

Open Middle - Challenging math problems worth solving

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GO Math! K-5 Guidance Documents These documents provide guidance for implementing GO Math! K-5 in ways that best align to college and career ready standards. Each document includes general guidance for teachers to support implementation of the program across all grades along with lightweight grade-level specific guidance, both across the year and for individual chapters. When supplementary resources are suggested, links are provided to free lessons or materials. Rationale for all of the suggestions is provided and is grounded in the instructional shifts required to help students learn mathematics for college and career readiness. Fluency guides are provided for each grade-level to support students’ mastery of the required fluency standards in K-5.

'Taught right, every maths pupil could be a Countdown winner' In 1997, James Martin, a quietly unassuming Oxford maths PhD, entered television gameshow folklore with his stunning solution to a maths problem on Countdown. The challenge: make 952 using the numbers 100, 75, 50, 25, 3 and 6. You may use the four standard operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. You do not have to use all the numbers and you cannot use the same number more than once. Oh, and you have 30 seconds. James' solution has made it on to YouTube – well worth four minutes of your time:

What Makes A Good Resource Classroom resources alone cannot guarantee effective learning and teaching. But they do have the potential to trigger new approaches and behaviours – i.e. changes in our classroom. In this way good resources can provide a great source of professional development. The activities have been written and devised by real teachers determined to find better ways of teaching mathematical ideas and topics. You will find everything you need to teach the lesson and you will also get some insight into what the teacher wanted to achieve, how it went in practice and, often, an insight into a pedagogical issue and an opportunity to engage in some professional thinking yourself.

Questioning My Metacognition Check out Dan’s Blog or watch Math Class Needs a Makeover ***click here for the question and big idea of each task *** Recording Sheets Kindergarten Recording Sheet 3-Act Recording Sheet Want more of the good stuff? Dan Meyer’s 3-Act Tasks (6-12) Tuition & Costs NJ EXCEL Program Schedule NJ EXCEL cohorts typically begin in January and July and meet one evening per week (3 hour sessions), one or two Saturdays per month, and some weekdays during the summer (5 hour sessions). The total number of required program hours varies according to each NJ EXCEL model. NJ EXCEL Tuition & Fees Tuition for each NJ EXCEL Model includes all fees for E-mentors and Field Supervisors, individual accounts for on-line portfolio/assessment system (Chalk & Wire), technology training, and various instructional materials. Required textbooks are not included in the tuition.

The 5-4-3-2-1 Challenge from Will Shortz and NPR On Sunday morning, Nancy Swank tweeted me a link to a puzzle on NPR's website. This shouldn't come as a surprise because Nancy is the entire reason why NPR spent an entire day in my classroom in 2014. I followed the link and started reading the puzzle. Within about a minute, I knew I HAD to do this puzzle with my students this week.

Welcome to the Mathematics Assessment Project “And I’m calling on our nation’s governors and state education chiefs to develop standards and assessments that don’t simply measure whether students can fill in a bubble on a test, but whether they possess 21st Century skills like problem solving and critical thinking and entrepreneurship and creativity.” President Obama, 1 March 2009. New for 2013: Ten new 'Classroom Challenge' formative assessment lessons for Middle School are now available, including the first five lessons for Grade 6 . A draft Brief Guide for teachers and administrators (PDF) is now available, and is recommended for anybody using the MAP Classroom Challenges for the first time. Project goals The project is working to design and develop well-engineered assessment tools to support US schools in implementing the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM).

MathVIDS! Home Welcome to MathVIDS! A Resource for Teaching Mathematics to Struggling Learners MathVIDS is an interactive website for teachers who are teaching mathematics to struggling learners made possible through funding by the Virginia Department of Education. The primary theme of MathVIDS is to help educators connect why struggling learners have difficutly learning matheamtics to effective instructional practices for these students.

Counting, Maths, Key Stage 1 - Interactive Whiteboard Resources Underwater CountingTablet friendly Can you find the treasure? You need to count the underwater creatures. This game has two levels: Count to 5 and Count to 10. Maths Starter / Pos Mathemateg MondayLlun TuesdayMawrth WednesdayMercher ThursdayIau FridayGwener SaturdaySadwrn Norfolk Maths PI Scheme Created by Maths Teachers and Educators in Norfolk This mathematics scheme is based on the 2014 Key Stage 2 and 3 National Curriculum for Mathematics and the 2015 GCSE Mathematics. The Norfolk Progressive Inclusive Scheme is divided into twelve topics to be taught across the academic year. It is designed so that each term pupils will be taught four topics from the scheme, in order to receive a balanced diet of the components that make up the mathematics curriculum of number, algebra, geometry and statistics.

Coping With Math Anxiety What Is Math Anxiety? A famous stage actress was once asked if she had ever suffered from stage-fright, and if so how she had gotten over it. She laughed at the interviewer’s naive assumption that, since she was an accomplished actress now, she must not feel that kind of anxiety. She assured him that she had always had stage fright, and that she had never gotten over it. Maths Starter / Pos Mathemateg MondayLlun TuesdayMawrth WednesdayMercher ThursdayIau FridayGwener

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