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25 Useful Brainstorming Techniques by Celes on Feb 9, 2009 | ShareThis Email This Post Caught with a problem you cannot solve? Need new ideas and solutions? The process of brainstorming requires you to think out of the box that is keeping you in the problem. Workshop Bratislava Rooms with a view Home Workshop Bratislava Socrative NNEC (Capacité réseaucentrique de l’OTAN) The NATO Network Enabled Capability (NNEC) programme is the Alliance’s ability to federate various capabilities at all levels, military (strategic to tactical) and civilian, through an information infrastructure. But the main objective of the NNEC programme, illustrated by the slogan “Share to Win”, is to initiate a culture change that begins with people. Interacting with each other and sharing information will lead to better situational awareness and faster decision making, which ultimately saves lives, resources and improves collaboration between nations. Components of the policy The networking and information infrastructure (NII) is the supporting structure that enables collaboration and information sharing amongst users and reduces the decision-cycle time.

Build Experiences not Features, part 2 of 2 – Design at IBM During the workshop At this point you’ve done all your pre-work, and now you’re ready to get the rest of your team together. In this section I’ll be sharing specific examples from a workshop I ran with an IBM team. Showing real work is a great way to explain the process. Touch Screen coffee table DIY with 32" TV and low cost CCD sensor I have already talked about the great hardware specifications of the Teensy board. But combined with the Arduino software environment, the Teensy also offers some great possibilities. But first let's install the plug-in Now you should see a category "Teensy" when you choose your board. And if you select it, you have access to several other options like the "USB Serial Type" to instantly transform your board into a USB keyboard or mouse (some possibilities can be found on Arduino Leonardo).

Sketchnotes 101: The Basics of Visual Note-taking Welcome to the second article in the the new Core77 "Sketchnotes Channel" ( where we'll be exploring the application of visual thinking tools in the worlds of design and creative thinking. So you say you're ready to start sketchnoting. Maybe you're not much of a sketcher but you take a lot of notes, and are interested in making them more meaningful and interesting, but you're afraid your drawings are too crude. For you, it's important to stress that sketchnotes—although they are inherently a visual medium—do not require drawing ability of any kind. Essentially they're about transforming ideas into visual communication; structuring thoughts and giving hierarchy to concepts can be completed with strictly text and a few lines. Maybe you're perpetually drawing and want to try and make your notes more useful and engaging but you are afraid of imposing structure to your normally freeform way of sketching.

QR Code Generator, 2d Barcode Generator, QR Code A QR code generator is a software or online application that allows you to create QR codes. QR codes are probably the most popular and flexible two-dimensional barcode that is used by most businesses and individuals for anything from their marketing campaigns, education and even in ordinary lives and lets not forget just for fun! They’re widely used by any web design agency As QR codes gain popularity, more and more Web sites are offering free QR code generator services. With all the choices, and because they are all similarly free, most people just use the first QR code generator they find.

OAS in crisis as it tackles Venezuela and budget in the red SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic — As Venezuela teeters on the brink of economic collapse, its problems are roiling the Organization of American States, an institution that faces its own dire financial crisis under a new leader who is pushing it to focus more on human rights and democracy. The Washington-based OAS convened its general assembly here this week amid a spiraling economic and political crisis in Venezuela that has brought the transformation to the forefront. Secretary General Luis Almagro has accused the government of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro of violating the organization’s Democratic Charter requiring members to uphold democracy, and OAS member states are deeply divided between those that support Almagro and those that see his charge as an unwarranted intervention in Venezuela’s domestic affairs. [Venezuela accuses Washington of fostering a coup] “He’s saying, ‘If we’re not going to do this, what are we going to do?’” [Venezuela hovers near the brink of collapse]

Using Customer Journey Maps to Improve Customer Experience Following on the first article on defining customer experience, this second installment looks at the first essential step of improving the experience you deliver, which is mapping out your customer journey. A customer journey map is a very simple idea: a diagram that illustrates the steps your customer(s) go through in engaging with your company, whether it be a product, an online experience, retail experience, or a service, or any combination. The more touchpoints you have, the more complicated — but necessary — such a map becomes. Sometimes customer journey maps are “cradle to grave,” looking at the entire arc of engagement. At other times, journey maps are used to look at very specific customer-company interactions. By way of example, let’s look at a customer journey that doesn’t work well: home theater.

ESP8266 Successor – ESP32 released with CAN support  ​o, the interesting little ESP8266 WiFi SoC finally has a younger brother which appears to be even more capable. Among other interesting updates, the 32 bit Dual Core microcontroller still supports WiFi, but also Bluetooth Low Energy, a DAC, many more ADCs, GPIO pins, etc. etc. Lots of good details here: The ESP32 is now avaialble to buy directly as a chip, or on small development boards. Unfortunately however, everywhere is currently sold out, so it will be a while before I get one. The feature which particularly piqued my interest, however was the mention of CAN 2.0 support.

Your Cheat Sheet for Re-creating the Hottest Graphic Design Trends Your Cheat Sheet for Re-creating the Hottest Graphic Design Trends I’m a strong believer in hiring a professional designer to brand one’s business as soon as financially viable. In the meantime however, with a little Photoshop savvy, artists and crafters can take advantage of the abundance of quality Photoshop tutorials and free resources available online. In this post, I’ll point you towards six of the hottest design trends together with beginner-level Photoshop tutorials that show you how to do it yourself.

10 ways to use Nearpod in the Classroom - Last week, Nick Acton, Primary Apple Specialist Trainer and Apple Curriculum Coordinator at JTRS, shared ideas on how to make the most out of Nearpod in the classroom. We are re-posting the original article he posted at Learning Inspired. Nearpod is an interactive presentation and assessment tool that can be used to amazing effect in the classroom. The app’s concept is simple. What Happens When Drones Return to America A few months ago I borrowed a drone from a company called Parrot. Officially the drone is called an AR.Drone 2.0, but for simplicity's sake, we're just going to call it the Parrot. The Parrot went on sale last May and retails for about $300. It's a quadcopter, meaning it's a miniature helicopter with four rotors; basically it looks like a giant four-leaf clover designed by Darth Vader. It's noisy and a bit fussy: it spits error messages at you from a comprehensive menu of them, and it recovers from catastrophes slowly and sulkily.

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