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Layout Planning - Lean Sigma Supply Chain The process of arranging a work space for a factory or office is often done informally. The people working in the area all have opinions about who should be where or what equipment goes here or there. Here’s a better way, Richard Muther’s Simplified Systematic Layout Planning: 10 consigli per una comunicazione visiva efficace Se qualcuno al mondo non lo avesse ancora capito (dalla lettura degli argomenti del mio blog), io faccio parte della minoranza della popolazione mondiale che non è fatta di visual learner. Forse è per questo che mi sono buttato a capofitto nella parola scritta: perché preferisco sempre capire un problema leggendo, e riesco anche più facilmente a spiegare un concetto (a me stesso in primis, e quindi agli altri) ricorrendo alla scrittura. Non è un caso, quindi, che ogni volta che presento un’infografica su questo blog la commento con un articolo di mille parole. Perché in fin dei conti, se è vero che un’immagine vale mille parole, è anche vero il contrario: che mille parole valgono un’immagine. Per me, materiale prezioso, quindi: un utile vademecum per essere sicuro che le mie scelte siano appropriate.

Top Agile and Scrum Tools - Which One Is Best? There are many different types of Agile tools out there. Some are free, some are paid, some are going by the new business model called “Freemium” in which you get a distilled version of the software but to get all the awesome features and scaleability you have to pay. So which Agile tools are out there? Which Scrum tools are the best for your business? Kanban Calculation - Lean Sigma Supply Chain “That’s not the formula I use” was the start of the debate. So looking at a few reference books and searching the web here’s what I’ve come up with. How can something so simple have so many variations? Let us count the ways … Blendspace - Create lessons with digital content in 5 minutes Make mobile learning awesome! Student creation Share materials Free! Get our new app! Save time by using free lessons & activities created by educators worldwide! Be inspired!

Makes agencies agile : easyBacklog Searching for Superman – why CI/Lean initiatives often fail (Part 2) « theleansubmariner Failure is not an option… but most of the time it is assured One common set of factors that can affect success or failure for a Continuous Improvement/Lean Initiative is the recruitment, selection process, and use of a CI/Lean leader. Leadership at all levels has an impact on every initiative but this becomes more critical during a cultural change initiative like CI/Lean. Selecting the wrong CI/Lean leader can set the organization up for failure. Worse yet, a poor start can actually make it harder for the next time when it is even more important for success.

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