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Introducing Kanban through its Values. In this article, Mike Burrows is taking us through the basics of Kanban, starting with underlying of the foundation rules, often disregarded as less relevant than Kanban core practices.

Introducing Kanban through its Values

Therefore, Mike will identify the values that stand behind Kanban practices. Kanban Cadences. Posted on April 23, 2015 by David Anderson.

Kanban Cadences

Scrumban Beyond Teams. Are you implementing Scrum but realize you are better suited for Kanban? I have found that very few organizations are starting out with Kanban as their first choice for their Agile implementation.

Are you implementing Scrum but realize you are better suited for Kanban?

Almost every organization that I have been exposed to through training and coaching began their Agile implementation with Scrum. Unfortunately, many companies have significant organizational impediments to being a true Scrum shop. Agile 2.0: Embracing Lean and the Rise of Ultra Light Methods. The Essence of Agile Over 12 years ago the single most important event in recent software development history took place: the birth of the Agile Movement, and the publishing of the Agile Manifesto.

Agile 2.0: Embracing Lean and the Rise of Ultra Light Methods

The dictionary reminds us that agile is an adjective, it means nimble, quick, light, and able to move with ease. Theory of constraints. The theory of constraints (TOC) is a management paradigm that views any manageable system as being limited in achieving more of its goals by a very small number of constraints.

Theory of constraints

There is always at least one constraint, and TOC uses a focusing process to identify the constraint and restructure the rest of the organization around it. TOC adopts the common idiom "a chain is no stronger than its weakest link. " This means that processes, organizations, etc., are vulnerable because the weakest person or part can always damage or break them or at least adversely affect the outcome. What Exactly is Agile? Is Kanban Agile? Case Study: How Kanban Increased Conversation And Improved Flow. Shared by: Dan Rough Date posted: September 18, 2012 While writing the content for our course, we scour the web for case studies to support the points we’re making.

Case Study: How Kanban Increased Conversation And Improved Flow

Frequently we find information telling us how something is being done; we rarely find information describing why people have decided to use one practice or another. We feel understanding the why is often the most important aspect. We’ve decided to start including experience reports/case studies sourced directly from the community. In the first of those case studies, we spoke to Tom Howlett (@diaryofscrum) one of the members of the Development team at Biomni. Creating software to assist large organisations structure and manage their IT services to different business user groups, Biomni is now in the 6th generation of its service catalogue offering.

Main Page - Flow. Discover Problems and Waste in Kanban – 2 Years Later. Almost 2 years ago I published the Flow.

Flow. Discover Problems and Waste in Kanban – 2 Years Later

Discover Problems and Waste in Kanban post. Agile LEGO – Toyota Kata an alternative to Retrospectives « Hakan Forss's Blog. My name is Håkan Forss and I’m a Lean/Agile Coach at Avega Group in Stockholm.

Agile LEGO – Toyota Kata an alternative to Retrospectives « Hakan Forss's Blog

In this short story I want to introduce Toyota Kata as an alternative or as a complement to agile retrospectives. But let me first introduce you to the team. This is a tightly knit, cross-functional and very experienced team. They have been working with agile for a few years, mostly using Scrum. The team consists of developers, testers, operations and business representatives. Kanban Kata – Kanban Leadership Retreat 2012 session #klrat « Hakan Forss's Blog. Kanban « Benjamin Mitchell's Blog. A challenge with software product development is visualising the work so that you can spot where there are delays in the process of converting ideas from “concept to cash”.

Kanban « Benjamin Mitchell's Blog

This post shows how a cumulative flow diagram helped identify a pattern of queues over time. Removing these queues had many benefits such as fewer errors, increased team communication and improved team capacity. Make the work visibleThe first task is making the work visible. Lean und Kanban: What the F*** is Pull? (This text was written collaboratively by some of the people named at the bottom.

Lean und Kanban: What the F*** is Pull?

Special thanks to Yuval Yeret!) Making promises you can keep WITHOUT Scrum Sprint Commitment using Classes of Service. How can we make promises we can keep without a commitment to the sprint content? So I convinced you that the Scrum Sprint Commitment is not such a great idea. I convinced you it is mainly there for learning. You want to move to a commitment to try to meet the forecast instead of committing to deliver the whole forecast.

But your Product Owner has a real problem with this. He understands all this learning rationale but his stakeholders want to know whether he can promise then a certain delivery on a certain date. Making promises to deliver certain backlog items in this sprint Sometimes a Scrum team is expected to deliver certain backlog items for a specific sprint. The Product Owner's Dilemma. Agile coaching and training Navigation It seems the page you’re looking for cannot be found. O oops! It seems the page you’re looking for cannot be found. That’s makes me sad. Well, never mind. You might also like to signup for the Scrum Addendum , our free email on advanced Scrum topics. Scrumblr.

Equanimity. I’ve recently been using a newer language to describe the model I apply when introducing Kanban to teams, which has been generally working well. I now talk about: Studying – understanding the current system structureEnvisioning – creating a common mental model of the systemLimiting – bringing the system under controlSensing – having an awareness of the system’s performanceLearning – improving the system’s capability At the Kanban Leadership Retreat in Reykjavik this week, I talked about sensing and was teased by Daniel Vacanti about how fluffy it sounded.

(To be fair, I was giving as good as I got). Later that evening in the bar, I was chatting with Katherine Kirk, and I realised why it sounds fluffy. And that brings me to quad biking. Kanban Tool – Online Kanban Boards. 6 Measures – itkanban. Measures play a significant role within the IT Kanban Framework. It is only when we measure the development or implementation process against a set of clearly defined and actionable metrics that continuous improvement becomes an achievable goal rather than an abstract concept. A carefully selected and clearly defined set of measures is a first step in the creation of a working environment that rewards a rational and logical approach to both value delivery and process improvement. When we establish measures we create an environment where the results of decisions and actions are quantifiable and can be evaluated as having a positive or negative effect on the things that matter to the organisation as a whole.

This environment creates a level playing field between leadership and implementation teams, where all suggestions for innovation carry equal weight on condition they result in measurable benefits that deliver value. Up and Out Kanban. Tools Journal - Kanban Portfolio Management Next Trend Says LeanKit. Your Family, Agile, and You. Kanban « The Agile Executive. Last week’s post “The Devops Triangle” demonstrated the extension of Jim Highsmith‘s Agile Triangle to devops. The extension relied on adding compliance to the three traditional constraints of software development: scope, schedule, cost. A graphical representation of this extension is given in Figure 1. Figure 1: Compliance as the Fourth Constraint in Devops Projects.

Agile Coaching Group News. What are Vanity Metrics? Portfolio Management using Kanban and critical chain. Kanban for customer portfolio management. My business focuses on lean-agile coaching, consulting and training, not on software development services, and I successfully use Kanban to manage my customer portfolio. Itkanban. In The Brain of Kevin Ryan: Kanban For Agile. Kanban in its portfolio context (idea for LESS 2011) Agile Portfolio Planning. Exploring Lean and Kanban for Portfolio Management. CMMI Principles and Values. By David J. Anderson. David J. Anderson is the author of two books, “Agile Management for Software Engineering: Applying the Theory of Constraints for Business Results” [1] published in 2003, and “Kanban: Successful Evolutionary Change for your Technology Business” [2] published in 2010. Lean Software Development. By David J. Anderson. IT Kanban Group News. Kanban boards for software development.