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QualityImprovement. EFQM. Makigami. ‘Makigami’ is het Japanse woord voor ‘rol papier’.


Een Makigami is vooral goed bruikbaar voor administratieve (informatie intensieve) processen. Binnen de Makigami worden vier gebieden onderscheiden: Activiteiten: korte beschrijving van de activiteiten binnen het proces, uitgevoerd door de verschillende functies.Documenten en systemen die in het proces worden gebruikt.Tijdsanalyse op de doorlooptijd, waardetoevoegingen en verspillingen in het proces.Knelpunten in of tussen processtappen. Het opstellen van een Makigami kan het beste plaatsvinden door medewerkers die het betreffende werkproces kennen (1-3) plus medewerkers (1-3) die het werkproces niet kennen (zodat zij de ‘stomme’ en kritische vragen kunnen stellen, plus iemand die helpt met om de Makigami op te stellen. 1. Using a SIPOC to Leverage Control and Influence -

We spend countless time in meetings discussing roles, responsibilities and accountabilities.

Using a SIPOC to Leverage Control and Influence -

Yet, I find managers and associates still have misunderstandings about what they’ve been asked to do and what it is they are responsible for. A tool I use when implementing Lean Six Sigma that leaders, managers and associates have found clarifying in facilitating these discussions and in making concrete performance responsibilities is the SIPOC. SIPOC is the acronym for Suppliers/Source, Input, Process, Output, Customer. Lean Development Road Maps. The Flattening of Corporate Management. "Layers of intervening management are being eliminated, and ... the CEO is coming into direct contact with more managers in the company.

The Flattening of Corporate Management

" U.S. corporate hierarchies have become flatter over the past two decades, according to new research from the NBER by Raghuram Rajan and Julie Wulf. Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) are increasing the number of managers who report directly to the top while there has been a reduction in the ranks of middle managers.

As organizations become flatter, salary and bonus profiles across the hierarchy become steeper, and long-term incentive pay, including the use of stock grants and stock options, spreads through the organization. The number of managers in a company who report directly to the CEO has increased from an average of four in 1986 to an average of seven today. Rajan and Wulf show that these patterns do not simply reflect a change in corporate structure, whereby companies have regrouped into fewer, larger operating divisions. -- Andrew Balls.

Four Influence Modes for Leaders – Jay Gordon Cone. Every leader develops a point of view about the relationship between influence and change.

Four Influence Modes for Leaders – Jay Gordon Cone

Some perspectives are well-reasoned and rooted in leadership philosophies, others emerge from some combination of trial-and-error, habit, and values. The modes of influence described below will help leaders clarify their approach to influence and identify the skills and strategies needed to increase effectiveness when operating in each mode. A Norwegian primary school is experimenting with the use of lean management principles to improve both learning and teaching. By: Torbjørn Netland Hits: 3981 Posted on 08 Oct 2015 CASE STUDY - A pioneering school in Rogaland, Norway, is proving that some elements of lean thinking can successfully be adapted to the education system to create better conditions for both teaching and learning.

A Norwegian primary school is experimenting with the use of lean management principles to improve both learning and teaching

Words: Torbjørn Netland, Associate Professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology Lean is an alternative management model that traditionally has not been a top concern for the education system. I recently visited Baerland Skole outside Stavanger, perhaps the only primary school (of almost 3,000) in Norway to have made a serious attempt at learning from lean thinking. Many teachers simply reject the idea of learning from the automotive industry, where high-speed assembly lines and standardized work procedures represent a very different environment than a primary school.

Baerland Primary School employs 25 teachers and 10 teaching assistants, who teach about 300 children from first to seventh grade. Share this post. Hoshin Kanri X Matrix Template for Lean Policy Deployment. If you’re here to download the Hoshin Kanri X Matrix, you’re at the right place.

Hoshin Kanri X Matrix Template for Lean Policy Deployment

But, go here if you want to learn more about Hoshin Kanri in general. The purpose of the Hoshin Kanri X Matrix Template for Lean Policy Deployment is to develop and implement plans that are both strategic, tactical, and coordinated across people across the organization. The X-Matrix also ensures there is ownership at all levels and accountability; this approach to strategic planning also encourages organizational learning, faster course corrections, and cross departmental coordination. Annetgoltstein. The Karen Martin Group, Inc. Lean and the Corporate Agenda Why is it that even the most successful lean projects often go unrecognized in the executive suites?

The Karen Martin Group, Inc.

The issue may be lack of alignment – […] Kaizen Event Case Studies In this webinar, Karen shares a case study for a Kaizen Event she has facilitated that addresses the following questions: What was the driver for the […] Value Stream Transformation: 10 Keys Value Stream Mapping is a powerful, leadership-level improvement activity that looks at how work flows across an organization from a customer request to delivering on […] Holding Effective Kaizen Events Kaizen Events offer not only an effective means for achieving rapid results, but also a powerful venue for teaching new mindsets and behaviors. A3 Management: Effective Problem Solving A3 management is a fundamental Lean management practice for making effective improvement, solving problems, developing people, and building a learning organization. Respect for People: The Lean Way Reducing Resistance to Change.

Introduction to Agile & Lean for Entrepreneurs. The Karen Martin Group, Inc.