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The Anatomy of an Amazon 6-pager. A deep dive into writing detailed… Dave Snowden — How leaders change culture though small actions. The following is a set of notes, indexed by time, of Dave Snowden’s talk, How leaders change culture through small actions.

Dave Snowden — How leaders change culture though small actions

Lean management or agile? The right answer may be both. Has there even been a time when customers were more demanding of the companies serving them?

Lean management or agile? The right answer may be both

Industry 4.0 technologies—many barely imaginable only a decade ago—have already enabled genuine breakthroughs in cost, convenience, and customization, creating extraordinary value for buyers while raising the performance bar for producers ever higher. Hoe echte leiders de ijsberg van onwetendheid laten smelten door nederigheid - Management Impact. How to extract maximum value from a zero-based design approach to customer journeys. In recent years, the business landscape has undergone massive changes thanks to shifting economic conditions, heightened customer expectations, and technological innovation.

How to extract maximum value from a zero-based design approach to customer journeys

This reality has put additional pressure on businesses to improve performance and redesign their products, services, and even organizations. Zero-based design has emerged as a potent approach. If done right, the principles of zero-based design—which essentially encourages people to cast aside assumptions to expand the scope of discovery—will help organizations achieve step changes in performance compared with traditional approaches. Typical results include an increase of 30 to 50 percent in operational productivity and a rise of 10 to 20 points in customer-satisfaction scores, fueled by enhanced responsiveness of up to 80 percent. How to Make EPICS Decisions - NOBL Academy. In the workplace, few activities are as stress-inducing—and common!

How to Make EPICS Decisions - NOBL Academy

—as decision-making. From the politics involved in getting the right people onboard, to the risk of making the wrong choice, decision-making is fraught with potential pitfalls. Using a framework can reduce the uncertainty inherent in the process, and over time, lead to more consistent, better-informed decisions. We’ve developed the EPICS Decision-Making Framework to address the five key aspects of decision making: Start with a Skateboard: How Spotify Builds Products. When building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), the faster you learn, the better the final product.

Start with a Skateboard: How Spotify Builds Products

But how do you learn quickly (i.e. "fail fast") without turning off your customers? At streaming music service Spotify, engineering teams sprint to develop new features that they hope their users will love. Hoe doorgeslagen bureaucratie tot willekeur leidt. SQUID & Sketch — The Ultimate Guide to User Flows Creation. ⚡️ Create Flows SQUID promises that we will be able to create flows in just minutes.

SQUID & Sketch — The Ultimate Guide to User Flows Creation

It is not a marketing slogan. I have created SQUID and use it during my work and it saves me a lot of time. Let’s check out SQUID in action! Note: For the demo purpose, we will demonstrate template usage on the example of UI mockups created for iTunes Connect for iOS — Case Study Article. Boosting Performance Through Organization Design. Effective Use of Shared Services Companies able to move transaction-heavy administrative functions from individual business units to centralized shared services are more than twice as likely as their competitors to become top performers.

Boosting Performance Through Organization Design

Seventy-four percent of our respondents outsource shared-service operations from divisions or business units to dedicated centers. They use shared-service centers for IT (68% of respondents), finance and accounting (58%), human resources (52%), procurement (38%), legal services (32%), communication and marketing (29%), and real estate services (26%). Sixty percent of those that use shared services run them as individual entities, while 40% move multiple services to cross-functional shared-service centers.

QualityImprovement. EFQM. Makigami. Using a SIPOC to Leverage Control and Influence - We spend countless time in meetings discussing roles, responsibilities and accountabilities.

Using a SIPOC to Leverage Control and Influence -

Yet, I find managers and associates still have misunderstandings about what they’ve been asked to do and what it is they are responsible for. A tool I use when implementing Lean Six Sigma that leaders, managers and associates have found clarifying in facilitating these discussions and in making concrete performance responsibilities is the SIPOC. SIPOC is the acronym for Suppliers/Source, Input, Process, Output, Customer. Lean Development Road Maps. The Flattening of Corporate Management. "Layers of intervening management are being eliminated, and ... the CEO is coming into direct contact with more managers in the company.

The Flattening of Corporate Management

" U.S. corporate hierarchies have become flatter over the past two decades, according to new research from the NBER by Raghuram Rajan and Julie Wulf. Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) are increasing the number of managers who report directly to the top while there has been a reduction in the ranks of middle managers. As organizations become flatter, salary and bonus profiles across the hierarchy become steeper, and long-term incentive pay, including the use of stock grants and stock options, spreads through the organization. Four Influence Modes for Leaders – Jay Gordon Cone. Every leader develops a point of view about the relationship between influence and change.

Four Influence Modes for Leaders – Jay Gordon Cone

Some perspectives are well-reasoned and rooted in leadership philosophies, others emerge from some combination of trial-and-error, habit, and values. The modes of influence described below will help leaders clarify their approach to influence and identify the skills and strategies needed to increase effectiveness when operating in each mode. A Norwegian primary school is experimenting with the use of lean management principles to improve both learning and teaching. By: Torbjørn Netland Hits: 3981 Posted on 08 Oct 2015 CASE STUDY - A pioneering school in Rogaland, Norway, is proving that some elements of lean thinking can successfully be adapted to the education system to create better conditions for both teaching and learning. Words: Torbjørn Netland, Associate Professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology Lean is an alternative management model that traditionally has not been a top concern for the education system.

Hoshin Kanri X Matrix Template for Lean Policy Deployment. If you’re here to download the Hoshin Kanri X Matrix, you’re at the right place. But, go here if you want to learn more about Hoshin Kanri in general. The purpose of the Hoshin Kanri X Matrix Template for Lean Policy Deployment is to develop and implement plans that are both strategic, tactical, and coordinated across people across the organization. Annetgoltstein. The Karen Martin Group, Inc. Lean and the Corporate Agenda. Introduction to Agile & Lean for Entrepreneurs.