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Ejercicios de español

Ejercicios de español

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Ricitos de Oro y Los Tres Osos - Children's stories in Spanish and English Érase una vez que había tres osos: un Papá Oso, una Mamá Osa y un Bebe Oso. Ellos vivían juntos en una casa amarilla con un techo rojo en medio de un gran bosque. translation ▼▶ Once upon a time there were three bears: A father bear, a mother bear and a little bear. They lived all together in a yellow house in the middle of a big forest.

Spanish Language Exercises - Instructor-Check - Verbs In this section you will find categories for instructors-check exercises covering different aspects of the Spanish verbs. Choose from the index on the left to access the exercises. When you click on the exercise a new browser window will open. urn:nbn:se:su:diva-124411 : Motivationer, attityder och moderna språk : En studie om elevers motivationsprocesser och attityder vid studier och lärande av moderna språk Motivationer, attityder och moderna språk: En studie om elevers motivationsprocesser och attityder vid studier och lärande av moderna språk 2015 (Swedish)Doctoral thesis, monograph (Other academic) Abstract [en] Motivations, Attitudes and Modern Languages. A study of students’ motivational processes and attitudes while learning foreign languages.

What is italki Apps, flashcards, and books are all useful, but do they really prepare you to SPEAK a foreign language? With italki, you can get access to the best tool for foreign language learning -- a personal foreign language teacher. Studies have shown that taking 1-on-1 classes with a personal teacher is the fastest way to learn a language. You can use italki to:

Foreign Language Lesson Plans and Resources for Teachers Joy's Second Language Launch Pad. Provides resources for teachers and students which include lessons and syllabi, computer assisted language learning, mailing lists, links to research information and job opportunities. Kokone. Los Tres Cerditos - The Three Little Pigs in Spanish and English Érase una vez que había una mamá cerda que tenía tres cerditos. Ella los amaba mucho, pero no había suficiente comida para alimentarlos, así que los cerditos tuvieron que ir a buscar su suerte. translation ▼▶ Once upon a time there was a mama pig who had three little pigs. She loved them very much but there was not enough food to feed them, so the little pigs had to go seek their fortune.

Spanish Grammar Home / Grammar Find topics in left sidebar. Frankly, when most people think of "grammar" they don't get very excited. But grammar can teach you something in minutes that might take days to figure out by immersion alone. Cultura Diaria SPANISH Version by Sra Cruz Cultura Diaria - Daily Hispanic Culture Facts for Each Day of Spanish Class SPANISH VERSION Are you looking for ways to include more culture in your Spanish classroom? Cultura Diaria is a great way to introduce students to a wide variety of Hispanic culture!

10 Benefits of Learning a Second Language Benefits of learning a second language include brain growth, staving off dementia, boosting memory, improving attention and more… “To have another language is to possess a second soul.” –Charlemagne People used to think that learning two languages created confusion in the mind. Far better, it was thought, to get one right than bother with two. Spanish Beginners syllabus support These sample units of work and assessment tasks were developed collaboratively by teachers, consultants and advisers from the NSW Department of Education and Training. People, places and communities (Preliminary):- Sample unit of work- Sample assessment task (Speaking)- Sample marking guidelines Family life, home and neighbourhood; People, places and communities (Preliminary):- Sample assessment task (Reading and writing)- Sample reading and responding task- Sample marking guidelines for reading and responding Personal descriptions, family and friends, pastimes and expressing preferences (Preliminary):- Sample assessment task (Speaking and writing) Holidays, travel and tourism (Preliminary):- Sample assessment task (Writing)- Sample marking guidelines For more advice, support and resources related to the Spanish Beginners course, go to

Basic Spanish vocabulary - Adjectives (with pronunciation!) Adjectives in Spanish The following English-Spanish and Spanish-English word lists contain the most important adjectives. An interactive practice tool is also available on this site that helps you learn the following list of words. All vocabulary topics, including this, can be found listed in the "Word practice" menu. Spanish game – Printable cootie-catchers - Spanish Playground In Spanish, this game is a comecocos or a sacapiojos. In English, it is called a cootie-catcher, a chatterbox or a fortune teller. This is an excellent language activity and it can be adapted in lots of different ways to use with Spanish language learners. It involves folding paper to make a toy that fits over your fingers and opens and closes. A friend chooses a series of pictures or words to arrive at the answer to a question.

Best Authentic Resources for World Language Teachers Cultural items like food are just some of the ways that #langchat participants are using authentic resources in their classrooms. “Authentic resources can be anything from the target culture that exercises their senses, from visuals to food,” newcomer @weslotero explained during Thursday night’s #langchat. While many teachers know the value of using authentic audio and video resources in their teaching, there are a variety of different kinds of authentic resources that can be effectively used in the classroom.

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