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Wikilengua - Uso, norma y estilo del español

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Studying for Tests with Helpful Website Tools For middle and high school students, Sparknotes has a cornucopia of study materials. "SparkNotes", study cards and practice quizzes cover biographies of historical figures, biology, chemistry, computer science, drama, economics, film, health history, math, philosphy, physics, poetry, psychology, social, US government & politics and literature. SparkNotes special strength is its comprehensive literature resources. They include guides and comprehension quizzes for hundreds of books, short stories and poems most commonly studied in English literature classes. Victims’ Services Unit The Victims' Services Unit offers crime victims and their families support and information at every stage of the criminal process. Victims have rights, and the Attorney General is committed to ensuring that those rights are protected. The Victims' Services Unit provides appeal notification to victims and their families, as well as assistance and outreach when the Attorney General’s Office is prosecuting a case. Additionally, the Victims' Services Unit has a state-wide toll free number for victim inquiries.

Archive Torrents : Free Audio : Download & Streaming collection eye The Web Archive of the Internet Archive started in late 1996, is made available through the Wayback Machine, and some collections are available in bulk to researchers. Many pages are archived by the Internet Archive for other contributors including partners of Archive-IT, and Save Page Now users.

About Wonderopolis Welcome to Wonderopolis®, a place where natural curiosity and imagination lead to exploration and discovery in learners of all ages. Brought to life by the National Center for Families Learning (NCFL), our Wonders of the Day® will help you find learning moments in everyday life—ones that fit in with dinner preparations, carpool responsibilities, a stolen moment between breakfast and the bus, or within school curriculum and education programs. Wonder is for everyone. It can happen anywhere and at anytime.

Free Online Classes 2010-08-22 06:00:00 A college education will get you far in business, but according to Bill Gates (a college dropout himself), a place-based college education system that is so prominent today will soon be shadowed by what you can teach yourself online. During a recent interview at the Techonomy conference in Lake Tahoe, CA, the former Microsoft CEO predicted that in the next five years, you'll be able to find the best educational lectures for free online, which will make the Internet "better than any single university." I'd have to agree with him on one point — there are an amazing number of ways you can get a quality educational experience online, without ever having to fork over any cash. The cost of a college education is pretty remarkable these days, and not everyone can afford to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a degree from an Ivy League school. But nearly everyone can afford the cost of an Internet connection, or even a library card. To see the list, just keep reading!

Thesis Builder - The Original Persuasive Essay Maker ElectraGuide is a tool that wants to help high school students: find a topic (see example topic questions?)create a good thesis statement (see an example?)and generate an outline (see an example?) To use Thesis Builder, you'll need: a topic opinions about the topic reasons for your opinion and a main reason others might disagree 500 Free Online Courses from Top Universities Advertisment Take online courses from the world’s top universities for free. Below, you will find 1,700 free online courses from universities like Yale, MIT, Harvard, Oxford and more.

12 Excellent iPad Word Game Apps In response to some of the requests I received this week regarding iPad apps for early literacy. I decided to arrange apps into different categories and in different posts. Today's list features apps to help your kid or student temper with the notion of words. These are basically word games and puzzles that scaffold vocabulary and grammar learning. Enjoy 1- Letterpress Laws vs. Color Revolutions in Latin America March 10, 2012: Thousands of Chávez supporters held demonstrations on to show support for their ailing leader while he recovers from cancer surgery. Photograph: Fernando Llano/AP Strategic Culture Foundation Nil NIKANDROV | 11.03.2012

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