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The GNU Privacy Guard

The GNU Privacy Guard

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OneTime  —  Encryption with One-Time Pads Note (2014-01-09): OneTime 2.0 is currently in beta testing. See the compatibility notes for details. OneTime is an open source encryption program that uses the one-time pad algorithm to allow two parties to communicate privately. It has features to assist with the bureaucracy of pad management, and comes with built-in help. ▶ Use OpenPGP to encrypt your email messages and files in the cloud Putting sensitive data in email messages or cloud storage should give you the heebie-jeebies, but a good dose of cryptography can give you peace of mind. Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) or its open-source implementation, OpenPGP, is the gold standard of encryption online, and when used properly, has the potential to thwart even the likes of the NSA. Encryption solutions like BitLocker and DiskCryptor don’t secure email messages or files in the cloud. OpenPGP's industrial-strength encryption can ensure secure delivery of files and messages, as well as provide verification of who created or sent the message using a process called digital signing. Using OpenPGP for communication requires participation by both the sender and recipient.

Encrypt Files on Windows, Mac and Linux with BestCrypt Container Encryption - Jetico Inc. Oy Benefits & Advantages Prevent unintended data leaks BestCrypt Container Encryption protects any selected files or folders from leaking out. Nobody can get access to your private data unless they have the right password or keys. How to Detect Apps Leaking Your Data One reason that smartphones and smartphone apps are so useful is that they can integrate intimately with our personal lives. But that also puts our personal data at risk. A new service called Mobilescope hopes to change that by letting a smartphone user examine all the data that apps transfer, and alerting him when sensitive information, such as his name or e-mail address, is transferred.

PGP For Linux It really only makes sense that you would enjoy encryption if you enjoy Linux--you're a geek and you can't help yourself. You love complexity. While the basics of using PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) encryption are not all that difficult, Linux's multi-user environment can sometimes challenge your security habits. An Encrypted Internet Is a Basic Human Right Nico Sell is co-founder and co-chairman of Wickr Inc. This Op-Ed is part of a series provided by the World Economic Forum Technology Pioneers, class of 2015. Sell contributed this article to Live Science's Expert Voices: Op-Ed & Insights.

WHERE TO GET PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) Revised 17 June 2014 This FAQ applies to Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), Gnu Privacy Guard (GPG), and some other OpenPGP implementations. Disclaimer: some of this information may be outdated or otherwise inaccurate. I don't update it very often, but you should by all means be able to find an appropriate copy of PGP and its documentation using the information contained herein. XOSLAB.COM Easy File Locker Easy File Locker is FREEWARE. Easy File Locker is a light-weight and easy-to-use file lock software product for Windows. Cross-browser fingerprinting test 2.0 While we browse the web, most web pages have an interest in observing our behaviour in order to achieve certain business benefits. Read more » For example, they would like to know what kind of content the visitor is interested in, and, more specifically, what to recommend to a user who has already downloaded certain page(s) (e.g. article(s)).

IBus IBus (Intelligent Input Bus) is an input method framework, a system for entering foreign characters. IBus functions similarly to Fcitx, SCIM and UIM. Installation Install the ibus package from the official repositories. hackme: Deconstructing an ELF File A friend recently asked me to find the password for a little hard-to-hack program he had written and I agreed to it. The short journey of a few hours that led me to its password were extremely interesting and this article describes the process as well as some of the new techniques learnt along the way. Few minutes after accepting his challenge, I received a binary called "hackme" in an E-mail and I got started! Those interested in giving it a shot can download the binary file and get back to this article later. Do let me know if you find anything interesting along the way that I did not think of or missed!

How PGP works How PGP works The following text is taken from chapter 1 of the document Introduction to Cryptography in the PGP 6.5.1 documentation. Copyright © 1990-1999 Network Associates, Inc. and its Affiliated Companies. Luksus by thomasfrivold LUKSUS is a text-based program for Linux and BSD which runs in a terminal window or console. LUKSUS lets you encrypt your files, hardrives, usb sticks and virtual container using your operating system's internal encryption mechanism and acts as the frontend to the internal encryption mechanism. It can use the following encryption facilities: LUKS, Truecrypt, GELI and GNUPGP. It works on Linux, DragonflyBSD and FreeBSD. LUKSUS can also encrypt single files with GNU Privacy Guard or OpenSSL.

Onion Browser Home | Help/Support | by Mike Tigas Enhance your web privacy Onion Browser is a minimal web browser that encrypts and tunnels web traffic through the Tor onion router network and provides other tools to help browse the internet while maintaining privacy. See more features & benefits. A note on Heartbleed. The Heartbleed bug (info site, Wikipedia) is a weakness in recent versions of OpenSSL, which may leak information that should have been encrypted by SSL transport encryption.

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