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60. Privnote - Send notes

60. Privnote - Send notes

58. Sendoid- File Transfers create your own font from your handwriting | Ask The Admin This is a cool little 10-15 minute activity that will keep on giving back to you for years to come. That’s right add that final customizing touch to your Windows, Linux or Mac machine – Your handwriting as a font! With some free time a visit to a website called, a scanner and a printer you can create a font for use in any application on your computer. To me this sounded way too cool to pass up. The template looks like this: You print it out and add your letters to each corresponding box. So if you just wanted to have a font contain numbers, letters or characters just fill in those. I was pretty excited, I grabbed a sharpie and went to work on my page. Now I messed around with the scanning properties and decided to use the grey scale you see above at 200dpi. Most scanning programs can save as for you. They ask you for your file and to name your font and add a copyright line to the file as you can see below: You hit that download your font now button to do just that.

NoteScribe Create your tilt-shift picture Move the vertical slider on the right of the original photo to select the area in focus. Use the "Preview" button to see the results, then click on the required image size and press "Download" when done to process the image and get a download link. Site members get unlimited downloads up to 21MP (5700 pixel length/width) and can access over 50 bokeh styles, click here for details. Processing and downloading hi-res images may take a few minutes, depending on original photo size and other factors. A download link to the most recent hi-res file processed this session will appear in the "Recent hi-res:" area. The size of the main selected area can be adjusted using the horizontal slider, from "narrow" (focusing on a small area) to "wide" (focusing on a larger area). If you're using a display resolution of 1280x1024 or higher, try clicking on the "Large" button on the left to switch to large preview mode. Tilt-shift miniatures often look better with vivid colors. Strength 0-5: Strength 5-8:

52. FollowUpThen- Email Reminder Create your own Wallpaper - X3 Studios Springpad textorizer Textorizer allows you to make pictures formed with text. It is best described by the sample images below. Although there are many versions around, the only one that is continuing to supported is this one. The previous version of Textorizer came as a downloadable application. Right now, textorizer/excoffizer works in Firefox, Chrome and Opera. Some browsers will however struggle with larger output images. Choose a mode examples Here are a few pictures produced with textorizer/excoffizer (click to see the text) There is even a Textorized Group on Flickr, with many more examples. Documentation Click on textorizer, textorizer2 or excoffizer Select a picture on your computer Play with the controls or enter new text, and press preview Source & Licensing The source can be browsed on github. Textorizer and excoffizer are © Max Froumentin 2008-2011. All Rights Reserved. Support Please email max @ froumentin . net for help. Acknowledgements

Crée des notes qui s’autodétruiront quand tu les auras lus. Tu peux les utiliser pour ta correspondance ultrasecrète d’espions. Bien sûr ! by nopanic Jan 29

daha sonra okumak için notlar yazın. siteyi yer imlerine ekleyin. by orbitalderaks Jun 30

1) Créer une note ; 2) Obtenir le lien et l'envoyer à un destinataire unique ; 3) une fois lue la note est détruite (une seule lecture possible) by castorp Dec 1

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